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  1. I have a set of KG 1.2 bookshelf speakers that have been sitting for many years, and I now have a use for them. Not currently hooked up to anything, but I remember that one of the tweeters was inoperative. Is there a source to replace it with a new unit? Or, is there a suitable non-factory replacement I can use? I know these are not state-of-the-art, but the cabinets and covers are near perfect, and they will fill my need for a small setup. Thanks! P.S. To the person in NE Iowa who sold me his Klipschorns in 2014 or 2015, they are still perfect and my wife has stopped complaining (about the speakers).
  2. I have a pair of factory shipping boxes and jigs or frames for the horn section tops. Located in Western NY State. Free to someone who can use them. 1998 build year. Shipping from zip code 14032.
  3. Who's the dork on the right? Oh, that would be me. Joe, thank you - great transaction.
  4. Clarence, NY, just east of Buffalo. Paul
  5. I've received some very attractive offerings. Keep them coming! Paul
  6. Looking for one pair only of any of the four styles above. The must-haves: Any finish except black; Cabinets must be in excellent condition; Seller must be wiling to cooperate with my mover/shipper; No "industrial" cabinets, i.e., having the capped corners and handles; Internals in operating condition. Less important - my preference is to have the later, fabric-covered uppers if in the cases of LaScalas and K-horns. I will be doing a road trip in early January, and willing to go out of my way to see the right equipment. Route will take me from Upstate NY, over to Indiana, then to Mississippi, then on to Central Florida, then returning to Western NY. Also, I am near the Canadian border and, upon return, can make a subsequent trip to the lower Ontario region. It seems that many of you are located in the Southwest and West Coast. If you are not on the route described above I'd like to see what you have by way of high quality pictures. Cash is in-hand, and I'm willing to "pay-up" for the right pair of speakers.
  7. I swapped the tubes - power and preamp, and the hum moved to the other channel. That would mean that the tubes need replacement - correct?
  8. A few weeks ago, one of my speakers - a Heresy II, was playing distorted and at low volume. Checking the connection, I found that the speaker wires were touching. Now, a low hum has developed in that one channel only. The amp is a low power, modern tube amp - a Jolida 102B. The power tubes were newer, but the preamp tubes are original, about five years old. What have I done, and how do I fix it? Thanks to all who reply. Snug
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