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  1. I have a oppo bdp 83 that works well. If interested pm me.
  2. No, it weighted eighty pounds after it was packed and was pretty large, wasn't worth the effort.
  3. The only damage proof packaging that I got came from Audio Classics a sixty pound McIntosh amp triple boxed ! Took an hour to unbox, glass face with no damage. UPS delivered that.
  4. Wooden crate made out of 2x4s !
  5. I'm trying to file a complaint now. Driver said it was the other sorting distribution center fault but who knows , just glad the cartridge was not damaged.
  6. Just reasonable care is not to much to ask for.
  7. Yes it is ok, came from Japan and they pack it very well. I can't believe they crushed the fragile label !
  8. Got my new phono cartridge today, thanks Fed -ex
  9. Already replaced all three with Crites Ti diaphragms. Haven't done any crossover changes yet as I'm electronically challenged. Thinking about upgrading my Nagaoka cartridge to a mc as I already have a phono stage for a moving coil.
  10. I found out that a few adult beverages will smooth out the high frequencies !
  11. Being I turn 70 in a couple months it's probably My hearing that's changing ! I will just have to turn it up a little more and use the 5 band equalizer on the pre-amp. Cheap fix.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. They still sound great, only time I use them with subs are movies and games. Two channel ( vinyl and cd's ) listening I use older McIntosh solid state equipment. Any speakers would have to blend in with the C7 and S6 surrounds. Budget would depend on what I could get for the KLF 30s.
  13. Don't have the space for the Klipschorns , my room is 20x13 with everything on the long wall along with two 12'' svs subs. Might look into the Forte's.
  14. Just curious about what Klipsch speakers would a upgrade from the KLF 30s. Bought them new in 1999 and was wondering what model would be better.
  15. Already talked to Bjorn's, Guess a road trip is in order.
  16. Have McIntosh 31v pre-amp in need of service, Don't want to ship it off. Anybody know of a reputable shop in south Texas ?
  17. End of the problem Want to thank everyone that replied to my problem. Turns out the problem was my 30 year old McIntosh pre-amp that needs a little service. Thanks again, John
  18. Waiting to hear back from Bobby Crites about restoring both of my crossovers. After twenty years they could use a rebuild.
  19. Thanks I will check the all connections. The left speaker sounds fine.
  20. Well changed tweeters out same problem violin sounds very faint. Guessing my problem is in the crossover. Bought the speakers new in 1999 and the only thing I have done is put Crites titanium tweeters in both mains. I am not able to rebuild the crossovers myself so must find somebody to do it for me. Looking for a place that will do the rebuild. Any Ideas ?
  21. Thank you, I still have the factory one ( it has a titanium one from Crites ) I'll swap it out to find out. If it's bad hopefully B&K will have some in stock.
  22. While listening to music I noticed I Wasn't hearing any violin out of my right speaker. Checking it out I found my jumper wires touching on the back of the speaker. After I fixed the fixed the wires and went back to listening still no violin. Did it short my tweeter out or damage something in my crossover ?
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