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  1. Picked up a sony dvp 7700 at goodwill for 25.00 just for cd playing . nice copper on the inside and sounds great.
  2. Hate to see good equipment just sitting unused...............125.00 trade
  3. Tug boat captain, Twenty eight days on fourteen days off
  4. I had the 4.0 T for a long time still miss it. Very nice craftsman work.
  5. For trade, one silver rotel pre amp. Works well, comes with remote,manual and is in average shape. Value is about one hundred fifty dollars. NO HDMI Will trade almost anything audio, records,cds,bluray,hard drives but please NO house cats.................well maybe a maine coon cat Thanks, John last bump for a 7.2 preamp
  6. Shipping is high, add 9.00 to the 16.00 price on a t-shirt....
  7. Thank's I'll check out their site
  8. Corpus Christi, TX The folks at SVS said pb-2000 over the sb-2000. Not much of a craftsman, do good just trying to hit a nail !
  9. The room is 20' x 13', my budget is around 1500.00 dollars. Checked out Behringer 18",1000 watt in budget but not sure of the brand.
  10. That would mean going to pro subs to stay in budget..... no W.A.F. in pro gear!
  11. Velodynes are 12" DLS series, mainly listen to music but do enjoy gaming too. Guess the PB would better choice for two hundred dollars more. My room is 20' x 13' rears are kg5.2 sides are S6 s klf c7 for the center
  12. Thinking about replacing my dual 12' velodynes with dual svs sb- 2000s, velodynes are ported, svs are not. Main speakers are klf 30s. Worth it or not ? Thanks, John
  13. Very nice, kinda makes my KLF 30s look small,
  14. How old is it and what kind of shape is it in? Do you take paypal
  15. Nothing as nice as a new amp but I got a Bosch pb360s jobsite radio for beach and BBQ use.
  16. Check out aixrecords.com for high rez music, bought John Gorkas Gypsy Life on blu-ray and its just amazing .
  17. Remember it's a dvd audio player too, discs are getting kinda hard to find but worth it.
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