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  1. Didn't like it for two channel ? I was thinking about Emotiva or Rotel .Would like C J but its over my price range. Anyway back to the top John
  2. I have a Whalen model bbhc50cc,on sale at best buy 189.99. It holds my klf c7, 55'' toshiba,xbox, ps3, cable box, 2sets of control chargers with controls with one shelf left over. Nice stand for the price ,very sturdy. John
  3. I get offers from HD tracks all the time. So I will try your way. You have been very helpful, Thank you John
  4. no, just dvd-audio. They were the other high rez format like sacd. Have three players and only about six discs.
  5. Looking to add to what little I have, just pm me. Thanks
  6. Sears catalogs, splinters and the smell ! My how times have changed.
  7. >THERE IS LIFE IN SOUTH TEXAS!! all the Toshiba gear are silver faced 70s , no pictures but Google is your friend. Should be an easy fix on the amps? Integra is black with remote, opti turntable can be found on vinyl engine model sr-50 Buy it all a discount
  8. Projects, all need a little work or repairs Toshiba opti turntable, walnut case is nice Toshiba amp sc665 with meters with matching tuner Toshiba sb 420 intergrated amp with matching tuner Integra dtr 7 price one dollar per pound no shipping
  9. For my Integra DHC 40.2 to my Rotels, Radio Shack or on line monoprice just make sure they are mono not stereo John
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