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  1. Okay guys, so holy thread renew, I haven't finished updating the rest of my journey for my first restoration job... I got them all done and loaded with the ALK Universal crossovers, Crites tweeters, and upgraded the speaker cable to silver plated KASA Kable for the inside. For the looks, I got the Ebony Macassar veneer ironed on and trimmed, as well as a good 7 coats of Polyeurythane. And here are the final results for those interested in a guys first resto job. First I stained the backs, and risers to match closer to the veneer. I tried to save what little bit of serial numbers I had left after the previous owner decided to strip them off..
  2. I have a pair of B&K Ref 220M mono bloc amplifiers. the pair is in good condition, one was recently returned from Deltronics in Chicago IL where it was recapped and had some work done. I have receipt available. Both sound excellent. They are 250WPC. Comes with Original boxes, copy of owners manual, packaging, and receipt from original purchase. I am the second owner. The one 220M that was not sent to Deltronics has a hum from the unbalanced inputs, this was one thing I had fixed at Deltronics when I sent the other one in, the ground came disconnected over time, if you are tech savvy, it should be an easy solder job. I will include a balanced to unbalanced RCA adapter. The amp works flawlessly in this way. ASKING 600 for the pair. LOCATED in Watertown WI
  3. I have a single MONSTER Cable M2.2 Center speaker cable 10' long. Excellent condition, has not been used and sitting in storage since I bought this along with a pair of 15' M2.2's from a fellow forum member about a year and a half ago. Amazing cables...I just have no need for a single center channel. Comes with banana plugs, original hard plastic case and manual. Could also be a killer cable for a passive sub.. ASKING $125 OBO Located in Watertown, WI
  4. I sent you a PM about the La Scala's. I am also in Wisconsin. Thanks
  5. Apologies, I have been so incredibly busy with work getting into heavier season (7up Bottling Co.) and my work days have turned into 12-15 hr days with little time for my projects in between. I did recieve the cable though! The KASA kable I got was the 10awg, since I have recieved it I first used it to listen on my yaqin MS-20L and Quartets in my bedroom system. I first listened to my MONSTER m2.2's on three songs, then I switched out the M2.2's and put in the KASA kable, and first impressions were at first listen, the KASA's didn't play as loud as the M2.2's did, as I didn't touch the volume dial and both my father and I agreed the KASA's were a tad quieter. Overall, the sound was awesome though, the high's sounded a little more tinny I think, but nothing to be disappointed about, it really did sound beautiful. After listening to the KASA kables, just for fun plugged back in my old no-name brand speaker wire that I had been using for years just to see what the difference would be... THIS... was the greatest difference which I suspected to find, and honestly, made me that much more happy with my purchase. The KASA was definately louder and the highs that I loved in my other cables were gone with my old wire installed.. The magic I love about the M2.2's and KASA's was really taken out when I went back to these cables, and the bass felt so lifeless. (the M2.2's by a good margin give out the best bass extension). Anyways, since this test (about 2 weeks ago) I have since installed half of the KASA kable into my dad's '78 Cornwalls replacing the original cables used, and that was another pleasant surprise It still has the cornwall sound... But we could certainly tell a difference in the mids and highs, sounding crisper, and the bass sounded about the same to my ears.. I look forward to doing the same into my '83 cornwalls when I finnish the cabinets, -WHICH btw my Ebony Macassar veneer arrived today . Will post pics when I get more work done on them, I hope to finnish them by the end of this weekened.
  6. I most often listen at loud volumes, where I heard the extreme slope does very well.. But perhaps it would be too small of an improvement over the cornscala networks to make it logical for me to put in the extra $400. Also, if I would decide to change these into cornscala's sometime in the future, having the cornscala networks would make that much easier to do.. hmm, or maybe I ought to just do that now? New ideas...
  7. That's pretty much what I needed to hear.. I was already pretty certain this was the way to go, and after speaking with Al Klappenberger I am just waiting to give him a call back and put in the order.. However! He raised another peculiar thought in my mind. He also recommended the AP12-600 + ES5800 combo.. Which is a step up from the Cornscala networks.. However its more than twice the price.. So here's what I'm looking to find out.. Is there anyone by some chance who has heard BOTH these networks on a pair of Cornwalls, who can encourage me to either justify the $400 price jump, or tell me I don't need it and the Cornscala Universals will keep me equally as happy without going broke? ANYBODY? [:|]
  8. I never knew either, and in fact, when I had heard about people spending more for better cable, I thought it was a person being delusional, or just proud being able to boast about having "expensive" cable, it took alot of convincing from a friend who knows much more about audio than me to even consider spending more on cable. I knew thicker gauge would maybe be better just because it can carry a higher current.. But pretty awesome what I found in these M2.2's. Anyways, looking forward to hearing the KASA. Tracking has it on "Out for Delivery" status here today any minute. [H]
  9. That's pretty much what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for your inputs.. As far as "bright" sound, I have found I actually like my music a little on the bright side.. So perhaps the silver KASA is just what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help, I think I'm gonna jump on it and order some of the 10AWG KASA. I will inform you on my thoughts of the sound/quality of them after I get a chance to check 'em out.
  10. even though everyone I knew thought I was insane, I made the spontaneous decision to spend $200 for a pair of Monster M2.2 cables, and now whatever setup I use them in.. that setup becomes the best.. It really is crazy and I had no idea cables could possibly make any difference. Anyways.. Since then I've been obsessed with learning more, and discovered the differences in silver and copper, the conductivity and effects and so on, and Im intrigued.. Silver seems to be rediculously higher priced than copper, so I was looking around for a cheaper Silver cable.. I came across KnuKonceptz KASA kable. I am aware it is silver plated copper, and not pure silver. My main question is, is anyone familiar with Knukonceptz and KASA kable in particular?
  11. They are indeed. haha sure thing, I got these from Parts-express. Here's a copy of the link http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=260-314... Enjoy.
  12. It's time to order new Networks for my CW project... After thorough reading I'm pretty sure the ALK's will best suit me after reading several comments about superior sound at higher listening levels, which is usually how I listen to my music.. However, I'm unsure of which ALK network will work in my Cornwalls.. I have the k-52 mid and E-33 driver along with the Crites CT-125 tweeters. Is the Universal network the one to work with all CW's? Or which networks do I need?
  13. a comparison of the Old and New speaker terminals
  14. finnished trimming the hole in order for the new terminals to fit flat.
  15. Been incredibly busy the past couple weeks with zero time for my CW project! It's a good thing I have my pops pair of '78's to listen to in the mean time. Anyhow, got to spend a little time figuring a way to install my new speaker terminals.. After recieving them in the mail a couple weeks back, my father immediately wanted me to purchase him a pair after I showed him because they're just something I've never seen before.. Absoloutly huge. Laughed at them at first thinking I'd ordered the wrong thing, but here's what I came up with... they needed a full custom job in order to work properly. And even though it felt sinful taking a jigsaw to the back of a Cornwall... It had to be done......... You can see the screw holes from the original terminals in between the holes for the new ones.
  16. I have yet another question... the previous owner thought it wise to rip off the back sheet with the serial numbers and signature and everything... However, he didn't get ALL of it off, so they were still defineable as true Klipsch.. However, here's the problem, I'm looking to paint the backs of the cabs black.. But want to keep what little tags I have left. Here are some photos of what I mean. http://photobucket.com/CabBacks ...... Is there a safe way to get the stickers off without ripping them, and still be able to put them back on after it's been painted? If not... I'll likely just not paint the back in order to keep the stickers.
  17. ended up with some big boys from parts-express.. went out on a limb and am completely blown away. Check these behemoths out! http://photobucket.com/CWprojectTerminals
  18. btw.. If you didn't take from above, I have decided to go the veneer route.. Looking at all the exotic veneers pushed me to spend the cash to make these somethin else. I decided to go an ebony macassar route.
  19. I did as you suggested and read that entire page of his restoration on those beautiful Khorns... Absoloutly awesome.. since then I've ordered the same MinWax wood filler, the Heatlock veneer glue, and also after seeing what he did with the urethane and how that really made the veneer look so good, Im toying with the idea of doing the same.. But we'll see. Anyways, Haven't had much time the last few days to work on it at all now that I'm back at work with 12 hour days and up at 4A.M. my projects gonna be stilled until I get some free time this weekend. However, had to post today because my package arrived with my new speaker terminals... My jaw just dropped when I opened the package.. I had no clue what I was getting.. Check out the size of these terminals. I tried to take pictures that would show their size. I had to put them in a Photobucket link because the forums uploader said each file was too large. >>> http://photobucket.com/CWprojectTerminals
  20. -Marty actually! I did look at a couple of those, and found some I really like.. I'm so torn in picking the right veneer so that's kind of where I'm at. In the mean time I just applied the last coat of Klean Strip to the cabinets as Im waiting here for them to bubble, the prices on veneers are starting to discourage me and lean me towards stain... Even though I won't be as happy with them, I might have to this time, go the cheaper route.. A Questions I have though, for all the knicks and craters in the cabinets, what is a good putty wood fill to use for this sort of thing?
  21. That stuff did the trick! I didn't read your recommendation for this stuff until after I got home from Walmart with it. Definitely ended up getting gloves and a facemask, and using raquetball goggles as eyeprotection. The stuff was burnin me man! serious stuff. But is proving to be worth the battle wounds.
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