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  1. I'm looking for a Peach preamp. If you have one that's not in use, please let me know, thank you. Cory
  2. Lowered the price to $1200 SHIPPED to lower 48
  3. no thanks, looking for a single amp, I don't have much space.
  4. Wow, that's a big slab! I do like labrodorite, I have a smaller polished piece on my mantle. The only trade I'd be interested in at this time is an Usher R1.5 power amp, or something similar.
  5. Forte Audio Model 2 preamp, recapped and updated.
  6. I decided to sell my Manley Lab Series Stereo 75+75 tube power amplifier. Nothing wrong with it, works great, been my daily driver for a good while now. 9/10 condition, I can't find any blemishes. I'll include the upgraded input and driver tubes, which are two pairs of Amperex 7062 (E180CC), they work in both positions. Specs - Vacuum Tubes: 4 x 6550A (Output), 2x 6414 (Driver), 2 x 12AT7 (Input) Output Power: 80 Watts (@ 1.5% THD, 5 ohm load) Frequency Response, +/- .5 dB: 10 Hz - 30 KHz S/N Ratio @ 75W: -80 dB Asking $1200 SHIPPED to lower 48 I haven't sold on here for a long time, since before the forum change, but I never had a bad transaction. I have great feedback on audiokarma and sell there mostly. I have perfect eBay feedback as well, username: emeraldshaman
  7. I just realized that I forgot to show photos of my Cornwall's after I refinished them. Probably mentioned earlier, but these were painted black and really beat up by the previous owner. [+o(] They came out nice though...I ended up selling them to a local Klipsch collector. I have some detailed photos below, showing the process, which this thread helped me out a lot. Also, I finished them with hand rubbed tung oil. I thank you guys for the tips that helped take the guesswork out of the equation. Here's the links to the find / refinish album: http://imageshack.us/g/339/dsc044660.jpg/ And here's the final product, just before I sold them: http://imageshack.us/g/251/dsc04600gz.jpg/ I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the project![] Cory
  8. funny stuff...I actually saw someone do this a couple weeks ago! I sold some Sansui SP2500's & SF2's to a guy with the original boxes and everything. He came to pick them up in a 1980's 5.0 Mustang convertible WITH the top down in 40 degree weather. LOL! So, I asked him if he had any room in the trunk....NOPE! He then proceeded to put 1 speaker in the front seat, 2 speakers in the back seat and kinda just laid the 4th speaker on the rag-top, wedged in between the other 2 speakers. Said he didn't have far to go, but it was still funny as hell. I wish I had the camera handy at the time.
  9. The Cornwall sound reminds me of an overgrown Heresy. I don't like the Heresy's...I have a pair on loan from my stepfather. I like my KG4's with Bob Crites upgrades better than the Heresy's Possibly the reason I like the KG4"s big brother better than the Heresy's big brother? As this thread rolls onward, I have the Cornwalls up for sale in Garage Sale, on CL and over at AudioKarma. I just don't have the money to do the re-cap on the x-overs, otherwise I would do that and then A/B them. But I can't. I have heard the Cornwalls upgraded and still prefer my Forte's. I'm pretty sure the Cornwalls are getting the boot! Yes, I said it.
  10. If I had to describe my Forte's as an engine...they would be a Chevy 427.
  11. Dag, you guys sure make it even harder! I'm unemployed at the moment and actually NEED the cash...otherwise this wouldn't even be considered.
  12. It has come to the point where I have to get rid of a pair of Klipsch, which really sucks. I use them in my 2-channel system which can be seen in my signature. I Have owned a pair of Forte I's for almost 2 years now and I replaced the crossovers and tweeter diaphragms to Bob Crites stuff. These have been my main speakers driven by a Scott 299-D for the past year and I LOVE them. Then, just recently, I came across a pair of Cornwall I's in original condition locally. I ordered the Crites CT-125 for them which haven't arrived yet. I did hook the Cornwalls up to the Scott 299-D, which is where they sit now...and they sound pretty good. Obviously, I haven't spent a lot of time with them, but I don't think they sound as good as my Forte's in the same position. I will swap the tweeters in as soon as I get them...but the Corn's really need the caps replaced. I only grabbed the CT-125's because they were on sale and now I don't have enough to replace the caps, which should have been first...I know. So, at this point, I'd like to compare Cornwall !'s with the Crites upgrades to the Forte I's with Crites upgrades, but can't. I'm stuck deciding between them in their current state which seems a little unfair to the Cornwall's. In the end, I would like to keep the better pair of the two. I wish I could keep both pairs! Has anyone compared these two types of Klipsch with the above described upgrades? What were your thoughts on the subject? Did you prefer one to the other and why? Thanks for any help! Cory
  13. Thanks Randy! I ended up doing a 50/50 mix of the Gunstock and Special Walnut because I didn't want them quite so red in hue. They still have red in them, just not as much as the Cornwall's in this thread. I definitely like the results. I applied 3 coats using the same approach you did. They seem mostly dry now, but I'll give them the another 12 hours as suggested. As for the oil...I already have some Tung-Oil that I used to shine up my Forte's a while back. I'm just going to use that. It doesn't have any color, it just puts a really nice shine on them that you can make as heavy or as light as you want. I think this will yield good results. I'll post pictures soon. Cory
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