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  1. Klipsch said NOT to get Bob Vrites Titainium Tweets, as there not matched well.
  2. TYnguys, i will try some Freq Sweeps, i will let you know what i find out.
  3. So i got a pair for FREE, as my WIFEYS brother, was just gonna throw them out, so i grabed them as quick as possible, so i set them up, and they sound great, but one of them sounds different, its hard to explain the difference, but i would say it seems louder then the otherone at the same volume, and i cant get them to immage right,i have them in a equallateral triangle the same distance as my RF-62, anybody know what i can try to fix this? THANKS
  4. I am still a kid, and Santa is bringing me a nice present this year.
  5. It will be in front of me in a couple weeks, so i WILL leave my avatar the way it is..
  6. Im hanging in there, the bad news is that with the new driver it will weigh 230lbs instead of 190lbs.....S#@t
  7. http://www.powersoundaudio.com/blogs/news/9104309-new-triax-driver
  8. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=161100074868
  9. READ Suspension TRIAX Dual 8" Nomex linear spiders Stitched lead wires for fatigue resistance and silent motion Multiple layer foam surround with EROM (Extened Range Of Motion) profile Double stitched cone/surround contact for added longevity and durability
  10. Thanks man, i hope it does to, now i gotta play the waiting game.
  11. What about the Seaton Submersive HP? that uses a FOAM surround also.
  12. joshjp

    Not For Sale

    Thanks, i got the Dayton Omni Mic, thats when i found out the problems in my room.
  13. joshjp

    Not For Sale

    Yes i did, i stacked them and the same problem persists, and in the same areas.
  14. I have for sale is a pair of PSA XV-30's, they are in great condition (PICS upon request), the reason for selling is that my bass response is worse with 2 subs in my room, PICK UP ONLY in Saint Paul MN.
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