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  1. I would like to keep it under $800.. If possible but could save up for something that I just fell in love with. Here in my hometown we are soo limited.. We have One best buy and a radio Shack. Best Buy was the first time I heard the Klipsch Speakers.. I fell in love instantly. I think they were using a Yamaha reciever.. I would probably end up buying online.. Which is what I did with all my speakers.. I went from a 7. 1 to a 5.1.. It is funny because All my friends come over and I love showing off my surround on movies.. ( my favorite one is the Transformers scenes which get pretty loud) :-) But I am not a big movie buff.I watch shows like Mad men the Sopranos on a very low volume.The main reason I wanted a great surround was for music and Boxing.. I throw get togethers often for all the major fights.. I actually prefer my movies to be lower in volume.. I prefer my music loud.. I dont own a Blu Ray im still on Dvds. :-) And this might be the worst question ever but what is the difference in Hi def sound ?? :-) lol.
  2. LOL.. Thanks Ricktale.. Yes it did happen while I was listening to my Phone Or mp3s off my HTC Evo Android. I have a app called Pandora and I listen to it at work and it is nice to just hook it up at home while I am cooking dinner or working out ect.. I would have NEVER in a million years thought that the power ( which isnt alot ) would burn up the drivers.. My phones output just doesnt get loud..When I think of Burning up drivers I think of super loud music.. ( I know wrong again) And I have VERY limited Knowledge of audio in general But I re read all of your guys comments on compression .. It seems to be the problem.. There for a couple weeks I was coming home and listening to the mp3s on my phone.. ( alot cheaper than buying individual cds :-) And that is when i noticed the problem.. Finally it happened to my center channell and I have NO highs left.. :-( I am going to call Klipsch today and order the new horns ?? drivers?? Im kinda dont even want to go home without music.. :-( .. Lol. its just not the same.. Oh and I have a question .. LOL.. I really hope this doesnt sound.. dumb.. :-) So the compression from my phone is probably the reason for the speakers blowing.. If i download all the mp3s from my phone onto a CD will it still be bad on the speakers??? Is it the recording or the phone output itself ?? I hope that makes sense.. lol
  3. Thanks for all the kind welcomes~~ :-) I checked all my connections and went took the horn or tweeter apart and they are indeed blown..This is what my weekend consisted of... :-) I def need a better amp, but I have NO IDEA on which to get!! T Can anyone recommend a amp brand and a specific model that would be a good Match with my RF 3s. KeIa did you say that you had RF3s as well?? and you use a Denon 3808?? I know It is better to have more amp than needed right?? I think know I am running 50 watts per speaker. but I should be running 150?? I think that is what someone recommended.. ?? does that sound accurate ??
  4. About two or three years ago I took my mom to see Robert Plant when he came to Santa Barbara, Ca.. I grew up listening to Led Zepplin because my mom was IN LOVE with Robert Plant.. :-) There is a certain level of genius to ALOT of there songs. During the show he was Awesome and MUCH better than I had anticapted. That was one of the funniest weekends that we had spent together..
  5. Guys I REALLY appreciate all the great advice you are giving me.. I was so lost and couldnt find anything that I could understand in other forums. If you dont know about audio reading about it can be like reading chinese. lol .. Thanks for baring with my limited knowlege of audio equipment.. I think like most of you stated i am having the compression issue with my phone.. and also I need a MUCH better Amp . I guess when I was listening threw my mp3 player on my phone I just figured that because the volume coming out of the speakers wasnt loud I could essentially turn the volume down as low as i wanted. [:$] If I bought a docking station would that be the same as a pre amp?? would it raise the lower level output on the phone?? I tried to google the info on my phone but couldnt really find anything. I have a HTC Evo .. While I was looking though i found several people say the same thing. That the volume through the headset was much lower than anticipated.. Also I am kinda clueless on which amp would be able to give my RF3s the power the need?? Can anyone give me a name of a good amp?? that isnt a speaker killer ??I manage to do that all my myself [:S] ???? I plan to go home and take the speaker apart and check on my wiring. It would be great if it were something like that. thanks for all the good tips. . Oh and Richbot .. Welcome to the forum.. []
  6. @ Rockon4Klipsch Thanks. Yes there wouldnt be any joy in life without music.. Unfortuantly I have a terrible habit of blowing up my speakers.. I Love music REALLY LOUD which isnt so good for the speakers .. I bought Klipsch because someone told me that they could withstand my torture. :-) I competed in sound off a couple years ago.. I had twelve 10' subwoofers in a vehicle that I showed.. I guess I feel the need to recreate the sound in my living room. :-) I feel that I probably am overdriving my amplifier .. What is "headroom" ?? Does the Klipsch speakers have a cross over box or does it have a cap built into the tweeter?? Oh and I just googled the RF 5s .. They Look AWESOME. I might need to upgrade.. :-) Btw thanks for the advice. It is greatly appreciated.
  7. Mr RF 62 I am using a Sony V333ES..It is Really old and I need to replace it.. It is a amp I got from a friend when my old amp when out.. I dont currently have a surge protector.. Is that like a power strip?? :-)..I also was just curious.. I plug my phone into a rc a jack into the front of the reciever and listen to music downloaded on my phone and on pandora.. The volume level never goes loud even when i turn it really high.. Could this be a factor in why they are blowing?? When I watch movies or listen to a cd the volume is VERY loud. But when I listen to my phone there isnt alot of sound.. Does that make any sense. lol Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :-) oh and Thanks for all the nice welcomes!! You guys and gals are life savers really! :-)
  8. Hello I am brand new to the forum.. And really new to surround sounds in general.. :-) I did LOTS of research and came to the conclusion that Klipsh was the best fit for me.. I come here from time to time to read all the great replies and suggestions that alot of you audiophiles offer.:-) . I adore my system but I recently came home from work and turned on my surround sound and noticed that on my RF 3 towers the voice and higher end isnt coming through.. And a couple of days later my Center chanell did the same thing. Exept there is no sound whatsoever coming from the center. I mainly listen to music on the surround sound. And I am NOTORIOUS for blowing speakers up! :-( So i guess I have a couple questions..Do they make parts to replace the tweeters if they are indeed blown ?? or do i need to replace the whole system. . And secondly If they are blown.. do you know what could be causing them to blow so easily?? tuning ?? amp?? Thanks in Advance..
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