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  1. Rather nice job, Robbie! How do they sound? You just may want to keep those. I think you'll want to make sure the cab opening and horn mouth mate up well. I also lined the squawker opening of mine with heavy felt the thickness of the plywood. Love the contrast in colours.
  2. YES! Staying all Klipsch, You'd want K-77-Ms for the best performance. I also favor the DE120 tweeter on tractrix tweeter horns. I am running Dave Harris' Gas tax horns in all my HT speakers. Very silky and smooth/clean, but not OEM Klipsch.
  3. Thanks! I had one and was curious.
  4. Hold on there! Didn't your governor say there were 100,000 cases in OH?!?!
  5. Is the KLF-C7 crossover the same as the Academy? if not, where is the C7 schematic?
  6. Wait! Don't they know they are *essential*!!!!!
  7. Whell. .... Now that we have *that* out of the way. I want to be clear in my statements. In my room, there is no need to plug the ports of my H IVs. I would not want to, nor recommend it; Your Room May Vary. Though, I have seen rooms where my old Imperial 7s did benefit from plugging the port, most particularly, when they were in a corner. I have my H IVs about 1 foot and a half off the wall on either side of a corner, but 6 to 8 feet out of the corner. I regularly check to see that the Sub is not working. I REALLY like a simple 2 channel system like this without complications. These Heresies have just the right dose of "the thing" and you will not miss any music when listening. As I listened to them, in a similar position to the old H-700s, I noticed another wonderful thing. I cannot locate the tweeter and squawker, like I could with the H-700s. Music comes out of a big hole behind the grille fully assembled and speaking to some cortex thing in my brain. They're not La Scalas, but DANG, a man sure could be happy with just a pair of these and some good recordings.
  8. No real difference outside manufacturing tolerances and/or the AlNiCo magnet losing strength over the 40 years since the last one was made. Attached are 4 T-35s/K-77-? that Bob Crites curved. The -M starts falling around 14k vs 12k for the K-77, due to the magnet. K-77-Ms also use T-350 diaphragms with their ribbon leads and higher power rating, 10W music, 50W peak, I think. K-77-M/T350 diaphragms will fit right into old K-77s.
  9. I watched a tech in Nashville rebuild one of mine. The specs were gutentite while playing a 300 Hz sine wave. 😁
  10. Roger, you might ask AtlasIED, or ask if they have rebuild specs.
  11. You're close. If the dimensions are correct, you can dump the round hole into a square section of almost thee same size. Maybe ream a 5/8" square to 18mm for 10 to 15mm in length and bolt the threaded adapter shown above to the horn centered on the reamed hole. This is a Klipsch K-5-J. It used a very similar threaded adaptor. BTW, can you tell those laggards at Ubuntu to fix samba in my 18.04 LTS? 😉
  12. Unless you are driving Wilson Audio speakers, both are gross over-kill.
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