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  1. JohnA

    T2A Autotrafo

    Which crossover does your H2s have? Type E2? Try this experiment first to see if you like it.
  2. JohnA

    La scala cable replacement

    Stefano, You've never heard me try Italiano. The woofer access panel in on the bottom held on with about 10 screws. As to cables, there are 3 electrical properties cables have: resistance, capacitance and inductance. The shorter the wire the lower each of the properties becomes. If you are replacing the internal wiring, you can easily reduce the resistance, but if the lengths are similar capacitance and inductance will not change much (teflon insulation and braided wires will help with that). 16 gauge wire is 0.0132 ohms/meter 10 gauge wire is 0.00328 ohms/m With 4x the area, and stiffness, 10 ga wire will reduce the internal wiring's resistance by about 0.02 ohms for 2 meters, about the length of each of the woofer wires. Not worth the trouble to me.
  3. JohnA

    Cornwall II vs Chorus II

    Hi Bruce, If you heard Cornwalls in the demo room near the front door, know that that room is bassy, reinforcing the 80 to 100 Hz range of every speaker put in there.
  4. JohnA

    Crites A-55G

    To be accurate, those are John ALLEN (HPS-4000) A-55-Gs. Mister Allen claims to have put a lot of work into a driver that can best a K-55-V/-X
  5. That's pretty uncommon. Mine are not signed. With Ms Ruth's comment, I'd say they were special order.
  6. Not likely original, but probably sounds like a Heresy. What are the SNs of that pair?
  7. JohnA

    What value Capacitor ?

    You can use this to calculate/confirm your crossover design and L-pad. If possible, the driver's actual impedance at the desired crossover frequency should be used. The crossover point should be set above fs and one octave above the horn's cut-off (2x) (and a point where the horizontal dispersion is similar to the driver that plays the next lower frequencies, if you can find that). http://ccs.exl.info/installation/crossovers-installation-tweaking/crossover-calculators/#first If you are replacing a K-77, moving the crossover below the recommended 12 dB/octave at 7k should require at least an 18 dB/oct crossover. Apparently the impedance is such that the original Klipsch 18 dB crossover in many models will work.
  8. JohnA

    First time Klipschorn owner

    LOL! That's M 7 S. It is a darker shade of Mahoghany. That designation was used on Shorthorns and the like in the 50's and on some K-horns in the 70's.
  9. I don't believe Klipsch put a K-55-M in a Heresy of any sort. The change to the Heresy II squawker (K-53, K-52?) began around 1984, perhaps mid-year. Klipsch did not track that change as they did not revise the name until the new cabinet, woofer and tweeter were adopted. Since it is some smoother, a K-55-M might well be a good choice for a squawker driver. Sadly, I read there are no more OEM diaphragms available for it. This is not to say that the K-53 is not also somewhat superior to a K-55-V; I have never seen a comparison. In short, if the Heresy has a Letter Code serial number, it is an HI (with K-55-V); if all numbers and labeled Heresy, it is what *we* on the forum call an H1.5.
  10. Maybe. Mr. Paul writing "Response curves...... indicate a slight improvement in amplitude-frequency-response" and the notation of trying several filter types seems to indicate a desire to do more than a simple 18 db Butterworth. Whether deliberate or a happy coincidence, it is the filter design I prefer. I wish I been able to spend more time with the AL-4 or 5 to see if they were better. They were immediately familiar years ago in Indy, but were not available 2 years ago in Hope at that Pilgrimage. My initial reaction to Al's Universals was "Wow!" They are quite good, especially midrange detail, but eventually the tweeter's output wore me down. I have attributed that to Al's low loss Butterworth filter vs the Type AA. And I admit to a large prejudice, having first heard K-horns and Belles wearing the Type AA crossovers (deduced after owning my La Scalas for a year or 2).
  11. JohnA

    La Scalas new to me

    Welcome to the world of Klipsch and the Forum! First thing, clean up everything and check/clean all of the connections to all of the drivers. The intermittent reduced output from one of the drivers is a classic symptom of a loose connection. Listen a while and then we can talk about improvements. There are many with varying effectiveness. If they are running as designed, they will not sound polite, reserved or distant. They will be alive and out in the room. What is the serial number? That tells the year and production number. What is that receiver? It looks vaguely familiar. Where are you in the world? Perhaps you are close to other members. Didn't know this was a test, did you? 😉
  12. LOL! Not really, but a deliberately over simple description. So the real deal it the Type AA tweeter filter is not a smooth Butterworth and creates a sag in the response from about 6k to 9k Hz. That is what removes the response hump in the K-77-*. I believe the design is called a Constant K filter. It uses a simple calculation, but it not used much anymore. PCs and modelling software have taken the work out of filter design.
  13. JohnA

    My 1984 Klipsch Heresy I

    Mk 1 belies your Illinois location! 😉 We informally call those Heresy 1.5s, aka Mk 1.5 because of the changes that were eventually used in the Heresy II. Only when they are 40 years old. *IF* all of your connections are tight (I haven't found any loose ones in mine), then I would replace the capacitors. I described my '67 H700 similarly and a cap replacement cured it. You must have a Type E2 crossover. While the electrolytic cap is not directly in the signal path, *I* would not use one in a crossover. Use good film and foil capacitors like Musicaps, Audiocaps, or similar. There are Russian made oil-filled motor run caps available (on ebay apparently) that many here like. They are very similar to what Klipsch used for years. The 33 uF electrolytic could be replaced with a Solen metalized film cap if the price of the others shocks you.
  14. JohnA

    Sub-woofer placement

    https://community.klipsch.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=149921 This should do it. Don't run wires where you will step on them.
  15. JohnA

    Type AA pics ...

    Crossover PORN!!!! Heh, Heh! 🤣