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  1. Nice work! Wish I had more tools and space to do that kind of work. For the lazy amongst us, I bought these and finished them with linseed oil. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-16-angle-stand-each/
  2. I favor Dbx gear. Simple enough, reliable. Unlike Berringer. A 223 comes with XLRs and does what you initially wanted.
  3. If you hear differences in the digital domain, you've got really bad cables or issues in the electronics. Either you have △V over 200 mV or you don't.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Expanded+Metal+Sheet+Flattened&ref=nb_sb_noss
  5. 1 hour ago, Marvel said: We need a small get together...😉 Sure! Send me a PM and we'll work out a time.
  6. I'll second that. Mine took about 4 hours of blues rock and 4 hours of dub step at full bass boost to loosen up. Now, they are a delight! I'm listening to "Unforgettable, ... With Love" and the double bass and kick drum are exquisite, something my old Heresy Is didn't do. Trumpet with mute brings a smile, in the room with me.
  7. Where are you? What does it weigh?
  8. LOL! That IS a pair I would love to spend a couple of hours listening to them!
  9. The ebay auction is not and Aristocrat. The rear folding is wrong. Still, nice cabilets and could be a good project. This is an Aristocrat.
  10. Are you willing to trade? I tossed the big box I found.
  11. Please describe a suspended floor in the UK. Do you have a floor hanging from tension rods? Above an open space? Carpet(s) on the floor will absorb or at least attenuate the higher frequencies reflected off the floor; that's good. It is quite difficult for me to imagine how coupling/attaching a speaker so that it more directly energizes the structure of its dwelling could be good. I thought spikes were intended to prevent cabinet movement resulting from woofer movement that, in turn, caused tine doppler shifts of the treble. I don't believe that will occur with La Scalas. If your floor thumps and booms like a stage, and you have access you can stiffen it some with blocking. I would attach those blocke with deck screws so they will be tighter, again, it you have access to the floor joists. My current house is built on a slab, unusual for this part of the country, and it is a boon for turntables and young children running like haints.
  12. I'd recommend a stack of four Crown XLS series; 1000 or 1002 will be fine. You can use their built in crossover filters to cut the highs going to the extra bass horns and cut the lows below 40 Hz to your La Scalas. Two bass horns on one channel is fine. I believe you will get more low bass it you will place the extra bass horns side by side on the floor, tight in the corner and the La Scala on top. Besides room reinforcement, having the mouths as close as possible to each other makes them behave as though they were larger than they are. Also, consider 3 bass bins and a La Scala in a cube in the front of the house for the ultimate in the mouth reinforcement effect and a bass bin and La Scala for support in the rear. That might well get you to 40 Hz (low E) solidly in the front.
  13. Not even 11 years ago. I did use my Win98 machine as a fax.
  14. Short of, maybe, the most recent La Scala IIs, those are the best of the La Scala lineage, with the K-77-M tweeter, solder terminal K-55-V squawker and Type AA network. They are about 315 units older than mine. Mine were a little beat up when I got them. They had some large chips out of the point of the "dog house" in the bass horn. I hired a skilled cabinet maker to repair them and finish them in Minwax red mahogany with the results you see in my avatar. You can look at other pics in my profile. I'm not sure I can find the flaws after 20 years (!! 😱). The chips can be repaired with wood filler and patient, careful sanding and finishing. I only wish I had known La Scalas could use bass horn braces before I made mine pretty. If you refinish those, I recommend adding the braces Mr. Paul experimented with. The asking price is some above the $1400 you might expect in the U.S., then you aren't in the U.S.
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