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  1. You did yourself no favor going to titanium tweeters. Change them back. Did they come with polyfil? I didn't think so, take it out. If the cabinet wasn't sized for it, that causes ripples in the bass response. The Dynamat on the plastic horns will not hurt, but may not have helped since the horns are short and plastic has far less tendency to ring than metal. No good way to troubleshoot from a distance, but muffled may indicate the squawker filter is feeding the tweeter.
  2. LOL! If Hovland was still around, I'd use nothing else.
  3. Used to be 1-800-Klipsch would get you to the parts department. I thought Crites woofers were cheaper than OEM Klipsch. If Crites woofers meet K-33-E specs, they will work in your Khorns. You should be able to get the bad one reconed at a local pro audio shop.
  4. If it makes any difference at all, it will be tiny and only because something on the shared circuit generated a *lot* of noise/transients. Since all of the neutrals and safety grounds are bonded together and half of the hots are bonded (connected) together, a dedicated circuit can't do much more than prevent a breaker trip when you start the vacuum cleaner. I had a dedicated 30 amp circuit pulled because I have 3 amps that can pull 1800 watts each, plus Pre/Pro, TV and sources. If your system could pull 2400 watts, a 20A circuit could be justified. Are your components so poorly made that they cannot filter out normal power line noise? Mine are not. Determine that answer before you invest money in snake oil. How old is the wiring in your house? Has it deteriorated? Why would your speaker cables deteriorate? Are they corroded? Have you measured an increase in resistance? Consider room treatments. Maybe your dealer can run some measurements and suggest improvements.
  5. I read that as the 101st and 104th Heresy made in 1966. They are Heresy Is, with a very nice woofer (SP-12B). However, later HIs had a custom built K-22 that tolerates about twice the power. I had a pair that I liked.
  6. I gave up my turntable (Thorens TD-124, Decca arm, A-T OC9 cart, Aragon phono pre) when I discovered 24/192 DVD-A. Latest in rotation has been Tool's "Fear Inoculum" and Glass Hammer's "Arise". Chief Bonehead uses Tool in his demos. 🤯
  7. You have me confused with the switching between K33 and K77. Square magnet K-33-Es made by Eminence are older than round magnet K-33-Es. The square magnet K-33-Es have a lower Fs, reportedly (I haven't tested them.). I *believe* the change may have been an attempt to raise output in the 300 to 400 Hz range and did not cause the low bass to change significantly. K-33-Ps would have been used in every 15" Klipsch at that time. Your La Scala woofers will be exact replacements for your Klipschorn. The horn itself governs much of the woofer's performance, so minor differences will not show up. I'd swap them. Then, I'd look at other, higher power rated woofers for your La Scalas like K-43s, a popular cast frame replacement, or popular bespoke Eminence woofers. They will tolerate higher power and more excursion, if you choose well, allowing you to safely add EQ between 40 and 60 Hz. PM me if you like.
  8. We call those "concrete blocks" or "cinder blocks" because some are still made with bottom ash from coal burning plants. They are commonly used for exterior walls below ground and earth retaining walls. Also used for exterior house walls in coastal areas in the Deep South.
  9. Unless mice, or something chewed the wires, they don't need to be rewired. They MAY benefit from new capacitors. I had a '67 Heresy that did and a '68 that didn't.
  10. Bsacco1, You can click on my avatar for a better look at mine. They looked like yours. I had a cabinet maker repair the nicks and gouges, then condition and stain them with Minwax mahogany and finally coat them with satin water-based polyurethane. My kids were preteens. The edge plies are covered with 3/4” x 3/4" solid cherry and finished with the rest of the cabinets.
  11. Ciao, Ago! Non è affatto stupido! Those panels are not stiff enough. You should build a 90 degree corner as tall as the bass horn and at least 1.25 m from the inside of the "L" to the edge. Build the as you "wood" a wall in your house. I have no idea how Italian walls are made. 🤔 Plaster or gypsum board (Sheetrock, dry wall, ...) covering will work well and can be painted to match your walls. Mr. Paul Klipsch used these in his home.
  12. I wouldn't bother breaking up a Karlson for firewood.
  13. I have a pair. I will recommend you do not use the Ti diaphragms unless yours have failed and OEM is unavailable. Use quality film and foil caps (expect $$$). I used Solen metalized caps and find there is a subtle harshness or edginess to higher tones. It took a while to notice, but now I don't like the effect. You might find the metalized caps can be used in place of the woofer EQ cap to save money with little impact to sound quality. That room has my H IVs so the KG2s aren't used much and I have little motivation to change them.
  14. Look at the edge plys on the back for the serial number stamped into the cabinets. Listen to them for a while, before changing anything. I had one late '60s H700 (a '67 and a '68, I think) that needed new capicitors because it sounded a little dull and recessed and another one that did not. If you have no rubbing, buzzing, or ringing from any driver, they are good and need only to play music until they can't.
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