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  1. The bass to mid xover in a La Scala is at 400 Hz. I've never seen data showing the upper end of the basshorn's response, but that 400 Hz crossover limits the squawker drivers that will work. Bruce, you're correct that most squawkers want to be crossed at 800 Hz or so. That's one thing that has kept me from creating my own 2-way La Scalas. PWK first made 2-way K-horns and lately the experimental home Jubliee is a 2-way design (the Jubilee has a new basshorn that is said to go up to 1000 Hz or so. The xover is at 800 Hz). I think if Mr. Paul could have made a 2-way La Scala, he would have. In pro audio, a tweeter that has a long term power rating of 2 watts is one that is just waiting to be blown. The La Scala, in particular is not the speaker to have used that tweeter if there was a way around it.


  2. It could be your room, too reflective. Try some wall treatments. As an experiment, hang quilts on the side walls. If it works buy something attractive like Persian rugs.

    I have a -C7 and have listened to the KLF-20. I didn't find them harsh. I like them a lot.


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  3. From the serial numbers the HBRs are 1981 models and the HIP-2s look like 1986 models. 1981 was a transition year, so I'm not sure which squawker the Heresy had in 1981. That was the last year for the K-55-V in the larger Heritage models. The HIP-2s may well be Heresy II professional models. You'll have to open them up to see what drivers are in them before most of us can say whether they will soung much like your HBRs. I'll bet they do, though.


  4. The Klipschorn and the other models you mentioned WILL reproduce that 27.5 Hz piano fundamental, just not as loud as they can higher bass notes. In fact, the output at 27.5 MAY be so weak you think there is nothing there at all, but really there is. My La Scalas seem that way on the 22 Hz synthesizer notes in the Titanic theme song. 22 Hz from a La Scala is so weak it might as well not be there at all.


  5. I haven't tried the 2x4 brace thing in my La Scalas because I haven't decided it is that severe a problem and I don't want to mar the finish. I plan to add a "shelf-brace" to my rear channel La Scalas when I can afford to refinish them.

    It will look like this: http://www.hps4000.com/pages/525_.html

    I'll put the brace at the 40% point from the bottom of the basshorn.


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  6. I don't think you'll have a problem using a seperate powered sub system and splitting the preamp's output, but call Sonic Frontiers to be sure.

    I get more satisfying results with a 60 Hz xover to my La Scalas.

    You will want a BIG, powerful, low distortion sub(s) to match your La Scalas. I generally don't like subs, but I have been very satisfied with my *pair* of VMPS Larger Subs (sitting in the corners to maximize output).


  7. Larry,

    More than likely you have an "open" in the woofer's voice coil; check it with a continuity tester or a multimeter from, say, Rat Shack. It Can be repaired by reconing the speaker, but that's a job for an expert technician. You could always buy another woofer, too.


  8. Crossover failures are rare.

    However, I can't tell what you are measuring from your description. Disconnect the tweeter wires from the crossover and measure the resistance across each wire. A good tweeter will read about 6 ohms and you will hear a tinny scratching from the tweeter while touching the meter leads to the tweeter leads. High resistance and no scratching means a blown tweeter. Take it to a GOOD pro audio shop and have them install E-V T-35 diaphragms at $21 each plus labor (the K-77 IS a T-35).


    (w/ 4 La Scalas in my HT)

  9. Paul,

    I don't think you'll hear the difference between the 16 ga. and 12 ga. on your surrounds. I think the biggest factor id the limited frequency response of surround speakers and the information sent to them in a *typical* movie.

    Two 16s would be as good as one 12, but not a "clean".


  10. The Heritage Series are the original Klipsch speakers. They use exponential horns. The tractrix horn design has been around a long time, but Klipsch began using it relatively recently.

    You will have to special order the Heritage Series and it will be a while before they are in production again due to the drivers being unavailable. The replacements have not yet been selected.


  11. RMinten,

    The Reference Series are 2-way systems with the midrange frequencies split between the woofer and the tweeter. I'd say the woofer reproduces the most of the midrange. The Legend series has to have the midrange horn because their tweeter cannot reproduce the midrange. Neither the Legend nor the Reference series speakers have "subwoofers", just "woofers".

    A powered subwoofer usually has a built-in crossover that could be used to limit the deep bass sent to the speaker. I would not recommend modifying the speaker's crossover network to reduce the deep bass.


  12. The only "mode" I like in my ACT-3 is "Party". All 6 channels are sent a full range signal, either L, R or L+R. With Live recordings, the effect is of sitting in the middle of the Venue. The "Club" mode is O.K.; the rest are too odd sounding.

    For the most part, I don't use use the DSP modes.


  13. The difference is the Promedias and Quintets are not similar in performance. From comments BobG has made, I infer the Quintets are capable of going louder and are suitable for the distances found in small rooms. The Promedias are intended for close listening and aparently cannot get as loud as the Quintets, or handle as much power.


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  14. Jim,

    DON'T toss out those K-77-Ms! They can be overhauled at a good sound shop. The diaphragm is about $22 from E-V and is still available. Klipsch will overhaul them for about $77 each, I believe.

    NOS E-V tweeters may be obtained from Layne Audio in Nashville, TN (of course) for about $110 http://www.speakersupply.com/

    Sam at Techstar in Nashville will overhaul your tweeters and ship them back to you for a reasonable price.


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