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  1. Anyone travel from Michigan to Vegas, NV any time soon??? Thank you
  2. hrudugu


    Schu, if you have nothing to say, just say nothing! Your whisy-washy-all-you-can-eat-sushi responses are most of the time pointless. Please refrain in the future; this way you would do the Klipsch community a big favor! You are welcome. ~~~
  3. hrudugu


    WTB: La Scala Las Vegas Area. Thank you and happy new year
  4. What a surprise. LOL ~~~
  5. I like the smallish speakers in the back ground much better! For sale too? ~~~
  6. No braggios in Vegas want to get rid of some smallish speakers? ~~~
  7. Oh, and you my fellow, you listen to KUNV 91.5 on Sunday? The guys run the show tell the people every 5 minutes 'Go get a grip!' The music is wonderful though! Happy Sunday. ~~~~~
  8. Yes sir, talk to these guys… Sorry, I am not in to old men, but thanks I did talk to them. ~~~
  9. I see thee old men with big bellies; No thanks. ~~~~
  10. This is my goal for 2016! WTB Bigger-is-Better Klipsch Open for any suggestions, no shipping please. THANK YOU. ~~~
  11. Hello, I like to replace the caps in my type B Cornwalls. How I install the caps in phase? I just ordered the kit from Crites and don't see the polarity on the cap. PLEASE HELP. thanks
  12. You need to calm down a bit alright, grasshopper? Long post, but what is your point?
  13. For that kind of money I would look for a pair LaScala.
  14. Chao Ong, How did you find a pair Cornwall in Vietnam? Enjoy and Chuc mung nam moi.
  15. I posted this question on AK forum but don't receive any repands. I got a pair Heresy long time ago, installed new caps from BC and weeks later they sound beautiful; the highs and the mids! But the bass? no change what ever. Now look at the crossover schematics A, B and E and you will see the signals to the woofer won't go through the caps at all. Please correct me. So updating the caps won't improve bass performance? It is just a general question about A, B and C crossover design and not about the Heresy. ~~~
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