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  1. I wouldn't throw your wife out of bed for getting crumbs on the sheets..... But that bike is terrible. Get yourself a 1000RR or an 1198 Duc.
  2. Ugh.... I'm sorry youth. I love your equipment and the panels look good. ... Buy I hate how "red" your room is. Probably works better than my beige room but the red is killing me! Lol
  3. Honestly I have been perfectly happy with my rf7Ii setup and my onkyo that I rarely even think about home theatre. I just turn everything and sit back and enjoy. I gave my friend the Tuba a while back (his room was much larger than mine) and now a divorce has forced his hand. No time for him to sell so I told him I would take it back and try to sell it.
  4. BTW, I'm selling this now (for a friend) $200 or BO and you get the amp with it. Pick up in mass
  5. so did some quick trouble shooting today. The hand shake idea didn't work. I was able to get the splitter to display on both tv's but only if I went straight from my cable box to the splitter and skipped the avr. Tried this on 2 different avr's so it seems unlikely it is an issue with the avr. My options seem to be few. I can buy a new avr with dual out's..... or spend $60 on another splitter and hope that works? kinda lame. Im surprised more people don't have the want or need for dual out puts. Only a couple comments on this thread. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  6. ahhh thats perfect. Thx for the pic. Im gonna play around with mine one more time and then if I can't get it to work ill order the one you bought.
  7. are you using this as a "switch" or as a simultaneous output splitter? Basically what Im trying to ask is do you use your tv and projector at the same time? Because my goal is to run 2 tv's at the same time. cable box > avr input > avr out > hdmi splitter > 2 tv's
  8. Thanks Cal I will give that a try. Question though.... how do you determine which tv is the "primary" screen? my splitter has 1-4 out puts but no other marking or direction I can find for which to use as a primary. I mean I can assume it could be output #1 but if that didnt work I would be lost.
  9. well I have a splitter from monoprice product #6192 if you care to check it out. It plugs in for some reason but its not "amplifying" the signal. Unfortunately the hdmi cables going to the tvs are in the drywall and I can't change them. I swapped out the hdmi cables that go from the cable box to the avr and it didn't change things. Im going to try it with a different avr next......if that doesnt help I think Ill try a different splitter that claims to amplify the signal. If that doesnt work I think it will be time to try an avr with multiple outs.
  10. What I want to be able to do is run 1 cable box into the avr and send the signal out to 2 TV's. 4 months out of the year I will be using 2 cable boxes but the other 8 months I only want to use 1 cable box (Saves me $12 a month to not have the extra box outside of football season).
  11. I will be using it for 2 tv's that are basically the same. I will be displaying 720p only (HD cable).
  12. I have a basement bar with 2 TV's. Im looking to get an AVR with 2 hdmi out ports that will display at the same time. i bought an hdmi splitter from monoprice but its not working. im getting no picture on 1 tv and the other tv is going in and out every 2 seconds (literally 2 second increments). So rather than keep trying different hdmi splitters I thought I would cut out a piece of equipment and just get an avr with dual outs. The key is they need to be able to diplay simutaneously. Anyone have any experience doing something similar? what avr are u using? thx
  13. Your onkyo (when hooked up to the internet via a landline or onkyo's wireless adapter) allows you to stream internet radio and use your phone app as a remote control.
  14. Artto.... Those subs look like HSU ULS 15's not empires. Am I mistaken?
  15. I have never heard a Rythmik sub. However I have read alot of good reviews about their servo technology. Maybe someone can chime in on Rythmik? Or you could even go to AVS forums and look at the official rythmik owners thread. Just to give you some different options.
  16. Rc62 and rb61's will sound great. Just out of curiosity why are you going smaller?
  17. well I wrote a comment about satelites vs rf82's but I realized that the OP probably didnt care so I edited it. Unfortunately the biggest bang for your buck is going to be DIY... then IMO it was Elemental designs (now closed down).... perhaps you can find a used ported sub from them? Next I would say the Empire but as sated shipping is $135ish. I would say that stretching from $800 to $935 would be worth it in that case. If you wanted to go cheaper there is a sunfire for sale on here for $825 shipped. I have never heard it but Im sure someone can give you the goods on it. From what I hread it handle music very well.
  18. Super easy question.... do not wire speakers off your sub. Just use an RCA cable from the sub preout on the AVR to the LFE input on the sub. Some people say to set your front mains to an 80hz crossover point but I prefer 50hz in my space. dual wiring doesnt help in normal situations so don't bother. Sub recomendations: Price point? Less than $800 I am assuming... How big can the actual cabionet size be? any restraints with that? What do you plan on using it for mostly? HT? music? So until you answer those questions I will reccomend you check these subs out. I will only reccomend subs I have personal experience with however so there are more out there. 1. A5-350 is a killer sub but you will need to find it used as ED has closed down for now. 2. Epik empire. 3. THT 4. Paradigm dsp 3100 and 3200. The 3400 is bigger but to me it was a little muddy compared to the 3100 and 3200. Paradigm is a little pricey but these are no longer made and can be had used at a decent price. The dsp really alows you to push these hard with very little distortion.
  19. +1 on the rf62's. I demoed the 7ii's and the 62's side by side and there was a difference for sure. But here's the thing. There is at least a $1200-$1500 price difference. I got the 7ii's eventually because I liked the real wood veneer too much. Once you put a quality sub in your setup it will matter even less. If your doing alot of 2 channel listening with no sub or you just love the real wood veneer of the 7ii's then I would go with them. If your mostly HT and you plan on setting your front mains crossover at 80hz anyway then I don't see that the 7ii's are worth the extra money. I would say most people think a HT sounds great when the sub is of sufficient volume and quality. If I was on a budget of 5k then I would spend the majority of my speaker money on the sub and much less on the speakers themselves. If your space is large then I would strongly consider a tapped horn sub like the THT or for a quicker fix you could go with dual epik empires. I have heard both these subs and was impressed. Do not just go out and grab a klipsch rw12d or some other low priced sub if you want big HT impact. If you do that I think you will be bit by the upgrade bug very soon. Keep in mind the tweeter on the 62's and 82's is the same....so your only gaining woofer size and some extra low end output in the 82's. As I said before you may be setting your crossover at 80hz anyway so it really won't matter. The smaller physical size of the 62's will work better in a "livingroom" vs a dedicated HT because of the WAF. Now if your HT is going to be the livingroom then I doubt a THT will work for you. For a small footprint sub you could go with an SVS pc12 for $750 or a pc13 ultra for $1700. I have not heard an SVS sub so I can't speak to them however. 1. $600-$800 RF62 or 82 front 3 used 2. $300 for a used set of rb51's for surround 3. $1700 for a projector (possible epson 8500ub or some alternative but I can only speak to the epson) 4. $200 for a screen 5. $1500 on dual empires 6. $600-$800 on a quality AVR refurbed from accesories4less... (denon 4310 $650, Onkyo 8181 $740, onkyo 1009 $850) That would get you a killer 5.1 system and when your ready to upgrade you can easily move the rb51's to rear surround and pick up a set of rs51's for side surround. It also would be easy to add external amplification a little bit at a time. You can do that without having to sell off or lose any money from your previsouly purchased equipment. I think avoiding the upgrade bug is the best way to do HT on a budget. (I was unable to avoid this, lol)
  20. I would not go smaller than rf62/rc62. Make sure the sub has high output if the rooms big.
  21. My epson 8500UB is an awesome projector and can be bought new for like $1700. $200 jamestown screen. Could probably find a used set of rf82's for $700 with an rc62. rb51's for surround at $300 a pair. $800 for an Onkyo tx nr3008. Leaving $1300 for a nice sub or maybe 2 lesser subs like epik legends.
  22. JasonJCarney


    I use audyssy and it works perfect for 6.1 I am using an rc42 as a 6th channel. I have a pioneer in my bedroom but only use 3 channels
  23. Hey scrappy. I only read the first line of this thread so I apologize if I am repeating something. I made this exact switch last year. As far as the towers go I could not tell a discernible difference. The 7ii's fit my space better as they are less deep and of course the look of my cherry rf7ii's is fantastic. The big change was going from an rc62 to the rc64ii. That was a huge change. I was never able to hear a older rc64 so I couldn't tell you how it compares to the rc64ii. To be fair I have a smallish room and cannot take full advantage of the 7's or the 63's. I do have some nice subs and other equipment as you can see in my sig. Not sure if you have similar equipment or not so your situation may be different. I paid $1700ish for my 7's and $1100 for the 63's. Sold the 63's for $700 so the $1000 upgrade was probably not worth it for the towers alone. But getting the 7's kinda allowed for the rc64ii which was big. I think the best bang for my buck sound wise would have been to find an older rc64 and keep the 63's. However for me the upgrade overall was worth it because I love the look of my 7's. That said I recently found an rf82/rc62 front 3 for $400 which I will swap to if my 7's ever sell.
  24. Just picked up 2 Lava lsp8's for my new bar in the basement. I was originally planning on using 4 wf-14's as my speakers for the bar. TV (sports) and a little music (not much) use only. I never planned on using a sub at all. I have been using 3 wf-14's in my Livingroom as a 3.0 setup afro tv and music and have been very happy. However as the bar was built it turns out I had no space for the wf-14's. I was forced to go smaller and at this point I'm using klipsch hd300 sats. Although I may upgrade to hd500's or promedia's. (if I can find the mounts for them). So with that I decided a small sub was in order as the 2.5 inch drivers are killing me! Lol. Since I never planned on a sub my room for one is very limited. I Have the depth for a front firing 15 inch deep sub only. Or a down firing could work too although the width and depth was still an issue. I wanted an emotiva x-ref 10 sub. Called emotiva to order and was told it was discontinued. The x-ref 12 won't fit either. Made an offer on a used sunfire sub that was turned down. So I decided to go the inexpensive route and try out the lava's. 30 trial period made it an easy decision. I'll shoot a review out on them in a couple weeks.
  25. Going through thepics I realize just how crappy the quality is. I promise to get better shots up in the future with my wife's camera
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