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  1. THE BLAME GAME!!! Ba ba ba DADADA DA DADA DA DAAAAAA!!! (That is my theme music…) Who knows this one?? Well just in case you don’t, I will give you the background… Every time a player (or PLAYERS) on our team gets in trouble, the fans dive in and start BLAMING everybody around the state for the kid’s mistake, EXCEPT the PLAYER HIMSELF! This is the typical line of reasoning: That Fridge he wanted a drink out of was mocking him, and it was bought by the assistant coach so obviously we should fire the coaching staff- how DARE they put drink machines you have to pay for close to our gym? BA BA BAAAAAAA!! (Ballons, fireworks..) The weed that he bought was forced on him by the drug dealer, it is a real shame we allow such horrible crime in our city, obviously the Police chief should be fired. Scobby dobby wapaPOW!!! (go-go dancers and a rented Zebra come out and dance around…) that cop he punched was sassing him and called him names, he deserved to get his face broken… the entire police force is full of taters and we should replace all of them! badadump- CHIIIIIINGGGG!!!! (yep, that was the drum roll..) This guy was parked in the spot that Stephen wanted and didn’t MOVE his car for our star athlete, then he had the audacity to REPORT THE CRIME after his car was vandalized??? Clearly he is employed by clempsun to try to bait our players into attacking his car… Un-chi Unchiunchi unchi…. (Techno music and ravers emerge as the black light goes on and we fade to commercial) So, now we find ourselves neck deep in an NCAA MESS because of one player’s mistakes and immaturity and all of a sudden the blame game has clearly already started to get cranked up even though nobody has even BEEN SUSPENDED YET. (by the NCAA anyways) “The NCAA is being too overbearing, they need to just leave us alone”- YES the very same NCAA that everybody on this site was applauding for finally going after somebody when they put a hurtin on So. cal earlier this year… The very SAME NCAA who was applauded by people here for finally going after UNC… THAT NCAA who has been drug for years around here for being too slow an ineffective and not doing enough to fight cheating in college football… This NCAA is now over stepping their bounds by merely having the audacity to question the eligibility of one of our players?? Ironic isn’t it?? Wa-wa-WAAAAA (sad puppy face pops up on the screen) My favorite one is the people who are preparing their tirades about our coaches or administration here- IOW, the “Why didn’t they know” crowd… “Why didn’t Spurrier know about every DIME that fell out of our 115 players’ pockets over the past 5 years?? Why didn’t HYMAN know that the Whitney was giving them reduced rates”...? THAT crowd blows my mind… how could we possibly expect our COACHES or athletic staff to know every detail of every financial deal these kids get involved in..? I call them “kids” because I am getting old so I have to think of everybody below about 25-30 years old as a “kid”... In real life though these ARE “grown men”- at some point you can’t hold it for them while they pee any more you know what I’m saying? You tell players for 3-4 years the ins and outs of NCAA violations and at some point you have to let your adult players live their own lives. Our Staff needs to know where they live, and if they are told “we got an agreement to stay there for an extended amount of time and we can afford it within our housing allowance”= COOL, CLEARED. If they DON’T PAY, or get a “special” deal that is outside thee realm of what is allowed, there is honestly almost no way for our staff to know unless a player TELLS them or unless they conduct their own “investigation” on our own players. These are FOOTBALL COACHES not detectives… (damnit Jim I am a doctor not a scientist!! LMAO- see told you I am OLD) At some point they leave the responsibility up to the players. Ba baBAAAAAA (the surprised hamster face) There IS clearly someone who deserves to be blamed for this MESS we are in now. There is apparently only ONE person on our team who is being investigated for possibly receiving improper benefits from agents- which IS why the NCAA came here in the first place. From what has recently been reported there is only ONE PLAYER who has been at the Whitney over a YEAR, and apparently paid little- if any- money to the hotel during his stay there if the “reported” $5,000+ bill is any indication… There is also- again according to “reports”- only one player who STILL HAS A ROOM IN HIS NAME THERE TODAY. There is only one player I am aware of who has apparently taken this whole mess as such a JOKE that he has even gone so far as to LIE about how often and when he was “Talking to the NCAA” just to get out of possibly being punished for being late to a meeting??!! When you break it all down- sure, if any other players were taking “benefits” from the Whitney they were screwing up too- but when it all boils down we have one person to thank for this mess erupting into a full blown “situation”... I won’t say his name (sure wouldn’t want people to accuse me of trashing a player…)- and shouldn’t have to- but when presented with what we know about the situation there is only one person we should be blaming at this point and NONE of us (I hope) are ready to turn our aggression on a Gamecock player… but only one person deserves the blame and I think we all need to keep that in mind in the coming weeks as we see how this all plays out. hopefully we dodge all the bullets, keep all our players, everybody holds hands says they are sorry and we wind up with ALL our players out there to whip up on So. Miss one week from tonight… but if it doesn’t work out quite that well and you find yourself looking for the correct target for your anger, I just want us all to realize this is not some “conspiracy” to keep USC from achieving success, it is not some tater born garbage that was made up to pull us down and it is NOT the fault of our coaches or the NCAA. This is ALL the product of one man’s mistakeS. I don’t want people to get pitchforks and go after one of our players, I just want our fans to be rational and realize one of our own has brought this on us and we Need to humbly accept the penalties (if there ARE any…) handed down by the NCAA. It is time to eat crow, take a slice of humble pie.. (or whatever you want to say) It is simply time to man up, admit he did wrong, and try to move past this as quickly as possible. This will only hurt our team if we LET IT become a long, lingering distraction. It HAS hurt that one person already and he stands to get the brunt of the punishment, as well he should… I hope when we finally find out what the NCAA has decided for our guys and what our coaches decide to do about that one little fibber we have, that our fans realize that the guy (please don’t let it be guyS) being punished actually deserve it this time. Our guy is guilty- guilty of lying, guilty of being selfish and guilty of putting our entire TEAM at risk. Is he guilty of taking handouts from agents and not paying rent for a room knowing full and well it was an illegal benefit??.. Well that much is yet to be determined. If he IS guilty of those last two, then he should never play football here again. Just MY opinion. Anybody in THAT big of a hurry to go pro should get the chance to see how much harder life is after you leave college, and he should get that chance starting immediately. Don’t “blame him” (well I guess dismissing him is effectively blaming him on some level..), don’t attack him… just get rid of the problem and move on. Let’s NOT play the blame game this time OK everybody, let’s just PLAY SOME DAMN FOOTBALL and forget all this GARBAGE!!!! Anybody like that idea? Personal note: I’m sure plenty will miss the point of this thread and go after me for saying one of our players is imperfect (I believe I have called said player “selfish” and a “fibber” in this post already… clearly I AM a tater!), but I can handle that if even a FEW of our fans realize how silly it makes us look when we will not accept responsibility for anything, and change their actions accordingly. Some times people make mistakes, all of us do- when those mistakes become a pattern of behavior that is detrimental to your team (job, family, your own health or the health of those around you…) action has to be taken. It does not mean we have to hate the guy and it certainly does not mean I hate our team because I think “somebody” on this team may be to that point. Please take that into account as you rip me a new one.
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