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  1. Thanks guys, I ordered and received the replacement within a day or two. You guys are welcome anytime! :-) We are remodeling our stage starting next week and I am deciding where to relocate the subs. I would love for one of you guys to stop by, It's great showing them off... and it might be helpful to discuss the best location for the subs, currently under the stage... The church number is 501-227-0010 ask for John Griffith btw, the driver I am replacing still has PWK printed on the cone... I need to hang that somewhere...
  2. Hey guys, I am the media director at First Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR and we have a KP-600 Speaker system in our sanctuary. It consists of two flown stacks w/ 2 HF cabinets and one LF cabinet on each side, and 2 KP-680 subwoofers. I have had one of the drivers in the subwoofer start rattling and am trying to determine how to replace. Do they still have replacements at Klipsch or do we have to buy alternate replacements? If I need to order replacements, what recommendations? I love these speakers and the sound quality we get... I have emailed the prosystemdesign guys, but no response yet... Thanks John
  3. I am the current sound man for LRFBC in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our speaker system is the KP-600 system and I really like it. There are two flown stacks which I believe are made up of two of the HF cabinets and one LF cabinet on each side. Under our stage there are two SW cabinets. Over the years the subs have not been used much, I have been working them back in and have noticed that one of the cabinets does not seem to work. The signal is getting to the cabinet, but nothing is coming out. Is there a fuse or breaker in this cabinet that can be replaced? These subs are built under the stage and very hard to get to. the one that is not working has stage supports built all around it and will probably have to be cut out of there. Also, are there any sound professionals around that still know this system well enough to evaluate the positioning of these speakers for us? Thanks for any help I can get.
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