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  1. Know this is an older thread, but just wanted to jump in and concur that these KPT-8001s are great speakers. I have four as rear and side surrounds in an 11 channel atmos setup and don't ever see myself getting rid of them. I like them so much that I also bought another pair as a backup. Haha, it's a sickness.
  2. AnitiLoading - you can always use the KPT-801 surface mount surrounds for Atmos (as mentioned above)
  3. In their purest form and dolby spec, Atmos should be point source speakers, with 90x90 dispersion so the Klipsch rep was on the right track. The ultimate expression of this is coaxial concentric speakers and since you already have JTR fronts, the 8HT-LP would be an excellent choice except that (i) they are large to go on the ceiling (it can be done) and (ii) they are pretty expensive for Atmos speakers (which do not pull very tough duty). I think you can get away with non concentric drivers as long as ceiling is more than 8 feet high. My suggestion in the KPT-801 from the klipsch pro cinema line http://www.klipsch.com/pro/cinema/cinema-surround-speakers. They are a third the cost of the JTR surrounds, have a compression driver and are aimable.
  4. I have three Quartets as LCR across the front with four Klipsch Pro KPT-8001 for surrounds. Use is 100% home theater in a 2800 cubic foot sealed dedicated room. Subs are two Seaton Sound Submersive F2s. I absolutely love the Quartets and the three way design for home theater. They replaced some other 2 way high efficiency horn loaded speakers for LCR and are very crisp without being shrill. I would never go back to non high efficiency speakers for home theater.
  5. Those are very nice Atmos speakers and would be fine. Also take a look at the Klipsch KPT-801 from the professional line.
  6. Yes, that guy was me! Thanks again for the Quartets, Pat! Looking forward to trying them out for LCR behind my AT projection screen.
  7. davecraze

    JTR subs?

    I had two orbit shifter LFs in a ~2800 cubic foot dedicated room. It was very intense - ridiculous even. I eventually sold one and just ran one, which was also a beast, all by itself. I ran it at like 15% of its potential max. For this reason, and to smooth out some nulls, I eventually went in another direction with some different ported subs. I never dealt with Jeff because I bought mine used, but I would never hesitate to buy JTR. Jeff makes some super high performance and quality gear that does not play around. I h
  8. Thanks. I saw those but they seemed like Heresy first generation instead of second generation. I don't know everything about the differences but the second gen seemed to have higher end parts and seemed more sensitive. If I got that wrong, please feel free to educate me,
  9. Hi Forum Friends, I have only 14 inches of depth behind my acoustically transparent projection screen and I would like to try three heresy IIs across the front soundstage. Anyone have some for sale in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area? They will be behind the screen so some cosmetic blemishes are acceptable and they don't have to be the same color. Are there any other Klipsch vintage/older speakers that would fit in only 14 inches of depth? If so, I may consider them. Thanks -David
  10. I have a 16:9 150" woven AT screen and it is awesome - front row is 12 feet and second is 17.5. Thought it may be too big from front row, but nope, it is awesome. By the way, I have KPT-8001 surrounds as well and I love them. Bought some for atmos also but ended up using aw-650s instead.
  11. Thanks! Wow, 14 pound compression driver is both hilarious and awesome at the same time
  12. I have seen occasional references to the fact that the 904hf spec on Klipsch's website is incorrect and the the compression driver is not 3" - it is 2" with a 3" voice coil (odd, I know) and is an OEM version of this B&C compression driver. Can anyone confirm or debunk this? http://www.prosoundservice.com/m9/BC-DE75P--b-c-de75-p-2-hf-driver.html
  13. Thanks, Scrappy. The 325s were only even on the list due to your prior recommendation! I don't plan to run the system too hard, but I do want it to be balanced. I assume the AW-650s will be fine for Atmos. If not, there's always the KPT-801s instead.
  14. Are there any classic klipsch speakers less than 14 inches deep that I should consider for LCR duty behind an acoustically transparent screen. I may end up with kpt-325s or kpt-310s (only 12.5 inches deep) but wanted to also explore any unconventional used older speaker options. Maybe something like the Klipsch Forte (although the passive radiator would be right next to the wall, so not sure if that would work well). Maybe the Klipsch KG5.2? Anything else that may be a good choice? I am just not super versed on all the historical klipsch speakers. My surrounds are four pro cinema kpt-8001s. Atmos speakers will likely be four AW-650s. I have a JTR orbit shifter horn loaded sub to handle sub 60hz or sub 80hz, so LCR don't need to go super low. Thanks for any advice. -David.
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