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  1. I'm selling a mint condition RW 12D subwoofer for 175.00 . I have no use for it. It was in my living room for my wifes 5.1 system which she never used. I am selling the rest of the equipment, only entry level stuff and not klipsch speakers .Pair of Polk audio monitor 40 series , pair of Polk audio 30 series and c1series II center. plus a Onkyo reciever.TX SR 309. I am trying to sell all together for 500.00 all in mint condition.. If any interest please pm I'm not sure how to post pics here but I can always email them to you or by smart phone. Thank you. P.S Shipping not included.
  2. I would like to sell a mint condition RW12 D . Screen cover also in mint condition . I had amplifier worked on last year , it was sent to a recommended repair facility that Klipsch tech support suggested. What would be a good selling price for this sub.
  3. Have you tried to install each component that gives you video to the tv through the receiver one at a time? That way you can see if each one on its own through the receiver is working properly.
  4. I have 2 working channels on my B&K ref-7250 . I would like to know if I can bridge the 2 channels to 1channel so I can power my RC64. Each channel is 200 watts if I can bridge them will it then be 400watts to one channel. If I can how is it done. Or would it be better if I remove the jumpers in the back of the RC64 and use one channel for the tweeter and the other channel for the woofers.Please help.
  5. Yes there is a problem with the channel I used to test the speaker what I noticed was I hooked the speaker to the channel in question and even with the amp off I could still hear a shhh sound through them. And then came the burnt wire smell and the woofer was hot .
  6. How can you tell if a woofer is blown. I have a set of RB15 which I just bought . Before i hooked them to test the woofers moved in and out with ease I then hooked up to my amp(B&K 200 watt per channel) at first I could hear noise from the test tone coming through at a normal volume. Then it happend I touched the woofer and it felt hot then the burnt wire smell I unhooked right away. I then touched the woofers and they both felt stiff as a rock. I then hooked up to my a/v receiver in my living room which is 90 watts per channel I could hear clear sound through the tweeters but no sound through the woofers. Does this mean that just the woofers are fired but the crossover components are ok. I did take the speaker box apart and did notice the woofer had a burnt smell and the crossover component looked visibly okay, did not notice any burn marks on the crossover.
  7. Anyone know how to use a parametric e.q on a a/v receiver?
  8. Does anyone have this type of receiver? RX A3000 or newer model, or any receiver that has a parametric E.Q. I am trying to manually adjust the parametric E.Q on the receiver . It has 3 different settings that applies to each speaker seperatly . First on the list is BAND/GAIN ,second FREQUENCY/GAIN and third Q/GAIN. The adjustments on the E.Q starts at 31.3 HZ up to 16KHZ.. HZ is low end or bass and KHZ is your highs. Is that right or am I completely wrong.
  9. I would like to know if anyone is using this . If so how are you placeing the high L/R . this my set up ( diagram below) and the only place I can put L/R High. or is it ok to put them right above about 3"Please help -------------------------------------------- L C R LH RH LSS ME RSS LRS RRS
  10. I would like to know if a power conditioner is needed or just a good surge protector will do the same. I have read different forums stating that a power conditioner will help with sound quality.If so is there a noticable diffence in sound quality? Is this true or untrue ? I am using a battery backup/power conditioner which is mostly used for computer setup . I was told by a home theater store owner that this is as good as using a power conditioner. So what do you think?
  11. I was looking at my local craiglist and noticed someone selling a pair of KLF-10 mint condition for 350.00 good/bad price not sure .How would they compare to RF82 .Is it worth it?
  12. Hello everyone ! I have a RW 12D sub and I noticed while playing my music I had no bass . At first I thought it wasn't plugged in but it was . I then removed the back piece that holds the fuse in place (3.15a 250v) right underneath the plug cord . I noticed it was blown ,I went ahead and replaced it .Once I turned it on it popped instantly ,I tried again same result . Question is, do I send it to Klipsch to repair it or do I send it to a local repair shop? Do I remove the amp from the sub ?Has anyone come across this problem?Does Klipsch sell replacement amps for this model?It is also out of warranty .Thanks for any input .
  13. Ok so I got the yamaha rx a3000 a/v receiver and did all the set up steps. My problem is trying to adjust the parametric eq , I would like to make some adjustments on my own but have no idea how to . If any one has this type eq please help. Thanks !
  14. I am looking to replace my working Pioneer Elite VSX 94TXH. Does need the latest firmware which I received a letter today so I can do that without being charged. I was shopping around and found what I believe is a great deal or not .You be the judge. I found a Yamaha RX A3000 Aventage for 648.00 which includes in the price a 2 year in store warranty after the manufactures warranty .It has too many things to describe . and 3d ready. 7.1 140 watts per channel,2 sub outs, internet connection for future firmware updates.Has 2 hdmi outs and about eight hdmi in I think.Anyway just wanted to know if yamaha aventage is a good brand compared to the pioneer elite series . But at 648.00 I still think I can"t go wrong. What do you think.
  15. I would like to know if anyone can help me decide . I need to know if I get my present receiver Pioneer elite vsx 94 txh which is about 6 years and have the firmware updated on it, if it will be a better performing receiver then a Pioneer vsx 1120-k which is only a year old. I am using seperate amps for my L/C/R and also for my side surround, I would only use the power of the receiver for my rear surround which are rs 52 and for front height speakers being that the vsx 1120-k has dolby pro logic ll2. I know there is a difference in watts the elite has 140 per channel the 1120-k has about 110 . The 1120-k also is 3D ready where as the elite does not support 3D.In your opinoin will I notice a big change in sound quality and power ? Thank you for any replies !
  16. Yes I have a spl meter , please help! []
  17. I added a second sub to my HT and would like to know how I should adjust the phase .I believe I read some where on this forum one sub is at zero phase and the second sub at 180 phase . True or on true. Or does the receiver take care of it.( Pioneer vsx 94 txh )
  18. I just bought a svs 20-39 pci sub last week and all I can say is wow ! The question I have is will a second sub make it sound better ?( room size 12'x14' ) The same person who sold me the svs is now selling a svs pci 12-nsd . The svs pci 12-nsd is the new model that replaced the older svs 20-39 pci. The only difference is 20-39 pci is 39 " and the pci12-nsd is 35" tall .
  19. I have noticed ever since I moved my RW 12-D sub to the living room for my 2 channel setup I can hear a slight rattling when I play music/ tv. I have it on rubber foot pads so I know its not the tile floor. It rattles on low level and on high levels also it almost sounds like its internally not the actual sub . Not to sure .Anyone come across this problem and how to fix. I guess I never noticed it when in HT .
  20. So i picked up the Svs 20-39 pci and setting it up ." Thanks again for all of your input it was very helpful ! " Anyway who has this speaker or the pci plus or even the newer model which replaced the 20-39 pci ? If you could help with the adjustments in the back. I know its preference to the individual person . Its just more of a guide on adjustments . There are 3 knobs labeled as follows : crossover - phase - gain . Thank you .
  21. Thanks for the reply, 1 for pro's column ! 0 con's
  22. I posted early during the week that I was going to purchase a svs 20-39 pci for my dedicated HT room 12'x14' which at this time I have a RW12-D . The reason for the switch is one my wife needs a sub for her music in the living room and I also found a great deal on the Svs 20-39 pci sub on Craigslist 225.00 mint condition. So my question is will I be upgrading what I already have in my HT or will it be equal ? There are small differences with each sub the( Klipsch +/- 3db 25hz-120-hz 350watts ) the (Svs +/- 3db 20hz-100hz 325 watts) .Will there be a noticable difference in the bass sound or feel ,or should I stay with what I have and just get her a smaller sub for about 100.00 Klipsch ksw 10 . Sorry for the nagging.
  23. I will be lookng at it tomorrow , thanks for the input.
  24. I am on the fence on purchasing a SVS 20-39 PCI powered sub for my HT . I was looking around the net to see what people where selling it for but no luck. The asking price is 225.00 in mint condition. I believe new its close to 600.00 . So good price ?
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