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  1. I heard this system years ago and i liked it very much. Last year at Cedia Klipsch presented new thx architectural models, so, is there any chance to see a successor/replacement of this system with some improvements? (the current one is built from 2004). I really hope in 2017, maybe at CES!
  2. I know, thx u2 system is really amazing! But, Klipsch has just released a new reference line, with better components (new drivers, new crossover system, etc)...and maybe the new line will sound better than the old one. So, i think that we could see an upgrade of the u2 system very soon...
  3. Hi everybody! First of all, i'm sorry for my bad english! I'm interested in a Klipsch thx ultra 2 system but this system is on the market from 2004. I'd like to know if Klipsch is planning to release a new THX LINE (like for Reference and Sinergy). Any news or rumors? Thanks!
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