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    Emotiva XPR-5

    Hm, defeatable lights and lower gain, i might look at Emo amps again. So they are actually releasing some stuff eventually? I am looking for preamp and was about to get a Wyred STP-SE, but XPS-1 might be worth looking at if it comes out any time soon.
  2. OP: Good CD player is worth getting if you want to use analog outputs; if it's just transport and you use digital output, PS3 does the job very well. If you want to stick with Emotiva, you could get their USP-1 preamp or UMC-1 processor which fits UPA-5 quite well although their amps have too much gain for my liking.
  3. This is what made me move away from Forte2, listening to trumpets, harmonicas, guzheng, sopranoes etc. was fatiquing even in fairly damped room. By the way, Pioneer made some awesome CD players, like PD91 and PD93. They still sound very good today although tech is getting long in the tooth.
  4. Would Forte II pair work for you? Similar footprint to H3, more bass and tractrix horn. I admit rear cones/ports will somewhat limit their use in tight places though.
  5. There is 35W power and there is 35W power. What is Prima Luna power rating at 2 Ohms? For Class A, may i suggest you do it properly and go for full class A or high bias Classe, Krell, Pass Labs? Also, while TACT on XMC-1 is likely to turn out pretty nice, you would probably gain more from speaker repositioning and room treatment;
  6. I picked up a cheap old pair of 802 M series 3 and they are pretty nice; they seemed really shy at first and laid back but hooked up to Spectron amp and the beast was up and about! It's all preference thing obviously and listening before buying is advised as usual although B&W do hold their value fairly well and market for them is quite active; B&W often employ forward midrange but nice tweeters; not to forget front port which helps to easier position speakers; i prefered sound over von schweikert vj4jr and thiel cs7 that i've heard recently but those were not in my room so comparison is nowhere near objective; i have been looking around at various speakers as i still find this pair a bit laid back and my Fortes can get slightly shrieky and fatiquing when listening to certain types of music like trumpets and harmonicas;
  7. Same win8 kernel for tablets, pcs and phones - this can potentially be big, especially in corporate environment. Tablets have potential to be a proper mainstream productive tool.
  8. Thanks for taking your time to put this together, it was a nice read. Welcome.
  9. My mistake, Panasonics sa xr don't seem to be Tripath.
  10. It's funny i came across this thread now as i am about to order a Spectron Musician 3 (hardly possible to find a 2nd hand one in Europe); I was pretty impressed by their design especially their feedback use and power supply isolation, including 2 seperate low level power supplies; anyone interested can read a bit of Tech Talk on their website, but you lot probably were already aware of this manufacturer anyways? Of course, i mean to use this amp with B&W 802M and VSA VR-5HSE, but i doubt i will resist trying it with Forte 2s also.. By the way, i quite like the sound of Forte 2s driven by Tripath that i picked up for cheap (Panasonic SA-XR700) after some members here had recommended similar Pannies, it was a good shout! Quad and Croft valves are having a vacation for now.
  11. Not everybody apparently.. In which case maybe you could get Carver's Black Beauties, that's one huge power valve amp i would like to hear other than maybe custom VRDs. No experience with either so treat this rambling accordingly.
  12. XMC-1 has not been released yet. UMC-1 is feature rich and has good audio quality. XPA-5 will provide plenty of current to RF 7 woofers, but it's a high gain amp and those tweeters might stand out. Some people prefer it that way, some don't, so it's hard to recommend without auditioning. I personally liked XPA amp with my B&W 802M speakers much better than with my Forte IIs.
  13. Correct, never skip your breakfast. It will keep your metabolism up and burn more calories in the longer term. Ideally one would eat 5 times or more a day with last meal at 19:00 at latest.
  14. Back when i had UMC-1, i did not mind EMO-Q at all; It sets some parameters spot-on, and gives you freedom to trim channels live; that and SPL meter kept me fairly happy with movies; It was handshake quirks i could not live with, but it might be fixed with new firmware by now;
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