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  1. xi-razorback


    m Bought the Zen Triode Model SE341.5 I play 50 50 Vinyl/Digital and and listen to Blues, classical, rock, Jazz......everything.... How long have you had yours? How long did it take to get it? I have the Cornwall lll's.
  2. xi-razorback


    Anybody have any hands on experience with Decware integrated amps? Bought one. 3 or 4 month turnaround. Going to power Cornwalls with it...
  3. xi-razorback

    Which turntable??

    What cartridge is on it?
  4. xi-razorback

    Which turntable??

    Clearaudio Concept Wood w MaestroV2 or the VPI Prime Scout with Sumiko BP Evolll? I'm leaning towards the VPI but really because it looks cooler. TT is going to feed a McIntosh phono pre and a McIntosh MA5200 integrated to a pair of Cornwall lll's.
  5. xi-razorback

    SS integrated amps

    I am stunned. If you're prone to alcohol or drug addiction do not buy McIntosh. You will not be able stop spending. My Cornwalls now sound like they should.
  6. xi-razorback

    SS integrated amps

    So here's what I did. Bought the Mcintosh MA5200 integrated and the mp100 phono preamp. A huge leap into the higher end. Phono stage will be here tomorrow, amp not until Monday........... Coupled with the above will be my Rega RP3 with an OrtoBlack, OPPO UPD205 and the Cornwall lll's.
  7. xi-razorback

    SS integrated amps

    In the market for a new integrated amp for my Cornwall lll's. Im concerned about overpowering them. Not that they can't handle it but I think that due to the efficiency of the speaker they will sound better with a lower powered high quality amp in the 20 to 75 watts per channel range than one in the 100 to 200 range. Like the McIntosh Ma5200 at 100 watts vs the Luxman 550ax at 20 watts per channel. Anybody have any thoughts on this. Cornwalls are in a large room. Probably 30'x20'.
  8. xi-razorback

    Luxman or Prima Luna with

    In the market for a new integrated amp for my Cornwall lll's. Anybody have experience with a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium or a Luxman 590AX? Did a search out here and found some good info about amps to use with the Cornwalls but not with those two particular ones. Source is mainly CD and vinyl. Cornwalls are in a pretty large room that also has a pool table in it. So it's a pretty large room... Anyway, good to be back out here and any input is appreciated...
  9. xi-razorback

    Emotiva XPA-5 is it a good addition?

    Given that I'm a 2 channel stereo guy; If money and space were not an issue and my speakers could handle it, yes, I would do the mono blocks. Not sure if the cost benefit is there in a home theatre setup though...............but those mono blocks are very useful and flexible when it comes to stereo.
  10. xi-razorback

    Emotiva XPA-5 is it a good addition?

    I'm not a home theatre nut but I do own Emotiva equipment. It is very good quality stuff. Adding a seperate amp will improve the sound a lot. The Onkyo won't have to manage so much. If I was going the 5 channel route I would buy Emotivas 3 channel amp and the 2 channel amp as that would give me more flexability down the road.
  11. xi-razorback

    Cornwall III's and amp power

    Thanks to all for your input. Yes, back in the day 250wpc was unheard of. Back then my 65wpc Kenwood integrated amp powering JBL Decades was a very nice system. Anyway, thanks again to everyone who chimed in, I'll follow up after the Cornwalls arrive. Suppose to be here Monday. Can't wait................. I'm sure I'll be dancing.
  12. xi-razorback

    Question for all the turntable guru's

    Wow, thanks for the link. And yes I believe it is unshielded. That certainly pointed me in the right direction, thanks a lot. I'll post a follow up as I get further into this problem.
  13. As the tonearm on my Rega RP3 gets closer to the center of the platter hum noise increases. It's loud enough that you know something is not right. When the tonearm is at rest, there is no audible hum at all. It is hooked up to a Rogue Cronus. The cartridge is the Elys2. All the wiring is pretty clean. Source cables and power cables are seperated etc. All is plugged into the same surge protector. CD and TT are the only sources hooked up to the amp. Turntable sits on a wooden shelf above the amp, about 10 or 12 inches above it. This is a new problem, the TT hasn't always done this. Any thoughts?????
  14. xi-razorback

    Cornwall III's and amp power

    I appreciate everyone's input. As I understand it, as long as the amp's volume control (really the preamp's volume control) is not turned up to a level that is more than the speakers can handle they will be fine. Or put another way, at a given sound level, a 250wpc amp will not heat up the voice coils any more than a 50wpc amp. Am I on the right track? What good is a 250wpc amp anyway? Oh, another thing I wanted to mention is the room is 25'x30' with 9 foot ceilings. Thanks again.....
  15. xi-razorback

    Wish You Were Here SACD

    I have the latest rerelease on vinyl. It is very well done too. Sounds great.