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  1. If looking for used amps Adcom gfa fff at 200 wpc. Clean clear I would say neutral sound and found all over the place. I did not haggle w/ an auction site.I bought mine sight and sound unseen/heard from Audio Classics @ $300 about 4 years ago.It came so clean it almost slipped out of my hands. I also bough into the end al avr h/t thing a Yamaha RX-V665 w/ 90 wpc and was dissapointed clipped at high levels and I added the amp before going all seperates.Point is used quality brands of amps are all over Adcom,Bryston,B&K, Carver it's just how much power and what your bugdet is . I do happen to like the look and price and warranty of the new Emotiva stuff.I would love a pair of 5.5s they would fit perfectly.
  2. Location ,central New Jersey at literally the cross roads of just about every major road in the state .Turnpike,Parkway, I 287,routes 9,18, 35 and so on , Old Bridge basically a comuter town for people who work in the city.The KLF 20s I saw were on Audiogon and have been listed for quite some time I think going for $800 for a p/u in the Pocanos. They are a lighter wood cabinets which I really don't like but believe me I would take them if the price was right. As for Cornwalls no matter how good their footprint would not work in my apt. I don't have a great rm just a living rm 18'x15' w/right now 4 sets of speakers including the Klipsch smalls for H/T.Main concerns timing and money I don't think shipping any of the formentioned speakers is an option they are all way to big and heavy.
  3. Just 1 peek at the Polk site and anything to those guys w/ tubes is warm.No matter what era ,brand, wattage if it has tubes it's a warm sounding amp. As to their opinion of most solid state amps which over there hundreds do own we've heard every noun from bright ,shrill,neutral and even kinda a warm sounding ss amp. My Adcom gfa55 colors nothing but adds to me clean 200 wpc to my 2ch-l or before that powered my Yamaha RX-V665 as a pre/pro.Yes I have heard the Marantz 22xx series receivers as warm sounding. It's a term that has been used since the 60's and I think it's an industry standard if not scientifically certainly by longevity.
  4. Hi guys, As some of you know I ahve been looking for a Heritage model speaker for some time now. Both my wallet and timing and model have conspired against me.My choices and I know they are all different w/ all price points all over the place. Now idealy I would like Forte, Chorus,Quartet,Tangent 500,5.5 and KLF20s. A friend pointed out some KLF20s at under $1000. Now I looked up the vintage page on the Klpisch site and said they were made between 1996-2001.That's a 5 yr run and not all that long ago.There are no mk2 models and besides the KLF 10s-30s I think that's it.So, does this qualify for the Heritage tag and I know if I like them it shouldn't matter what title is on them but being 2013 they could be 17 years old.With all right w/ the world and condition is A+ is the price too high and are they considered a Heritage product.
  5. Hi, I'm hunting and looking to get either Heritage Klipsch or Vandersteen 2ce sigs. Yes 2 entirely different types of speakers but ever since I got my Klipsch smalls the clarity overwelmed any thing other brand in that class hands down. Now I have graduated to 2-chll and have a mix of speakers and even though my DCM TF 350s, image and have a large soundstage, My ADC 303ax I swear sound like the famous east coast sound of at least AR-2As, and then I must rid myself of my very loud but not so good Infinity SM112s. Now the question I saw both a pair of Forte 1s and KG4. both w/ pushed in passive dust caps. Most adds say it doesn't effect the sound at all and if truely your placement is where you can not see them is this a go or no go if it's just the dust covers.I hate answering my own questions but I think it would be to hear for myself but if that is not a possiblity then what.I have heard of the tape trick,vaccuum suck out and even a bent pn and try pull it your self or something I'm not comfortable w/ cutting away the beat dc and glueing on a new one..Which is the best thing to do here hear them, nothing ,try to pull out, or replace.
  6. That mini jack into the RCA ends is how I get my computer tunes . Out of the headphone port into a y splitter into the RACs and run them from one room to another and it terminates at audio 1 of the rear of my Yamaha RX-V665. It does sound a bit convaluted but it does work and I get I-tunes, I-net radio and even run a jumper from the Yammy into my Onkyo P-301 pre and it works for my 2-chll rig as well.
  7. About speaker lenght, I was talking to the guy who works w/ Terry Dewick the master McIntosh repair guy down in Tenn.First off he said Terry was so backlogged they wern't taking repairs for a while. Tom Haney the guy I was speaking to also said they were selling off their retail store and was getting out of the buiness altogether.I was asking about the Grado carts he was selling and at a great price at that.Then I asked him about speaker wire and the ragging debate over at the Polk site were they swear they would spend as much as they could for some speaker cable. He also happens to be long friends of Rodger Russel and his take on speaker wire. The advice Tom gave me always keep the lenghts the same .Use only oxygen free cable and the lowest gu possible and you will be fine .What he did say and I was an affender of this is never have a large coil of wire just laying around.It can cause an effect like a x-frm winding.He also said he prefered spade lugs over any other termination.
  8. I think vga from computer directly to vga on my tv. Now I have another problem w/ this method. My tv is already hung and is a pita to get to ports now. I think this is the only way to do this and if i really want it I'll find a wayw/ some help. either Mono price or parts express has these cables for very little money for the runs involved. thanks guys.
  9. I agree the length seems a little long but I have no problems w/ the audio at all. Any i-net channel no hum or any other noise. Now I had another idea .Would it be possible to have a VGA out of the monitor to Hdmi .Again it would be the same length and Monoprice and others do have all kinds of lenghts of cables.I just need to know for sure that it would work beforre I invested in any amount.
  10. Marvel, I assume it's Windows 7. I already use toslink from cable box right into the avr so that ia taken care of . This HDMI card does interest me. My other problem which I failed to mention is that my computer is in my bdrm and all my audio stuff is in the living rm to which those RCA cables I spoke about before are 30 footers. So I guess a monoprice long HDMI cable if I go this route would be in order. But it looks possible and that's the answer I was looking for.
  11. Well here goes, I have about a 10 y/o Gateway desk top computer and for my avr a Yamaha RX-V665 about 5 years old. Now before we begin I'm not at all what you would call computer literate so be gentle if this can work.I already called Yamaha and my avr is not new enough so they said and to ask more folks like you .Now for audio and it works I have a minijack out of the headphone port of the computer into a Y spliitter into 2 rca cables. These cables run from the computer to audio1 to the rear of the avr and I p/u I-net radio and YOU-Tube and I-Tunes just fine.How can I get video from one to the other I do have a couple of unused HDMI jacks on the avr but no such animal on the Gateway.I think I still have USB ports at the rear of the computer. Is this possible ?
  12. I have posed this to another forum and would like a concensous of ideas on the subject. Just getting back into vinyl w/ a Denon DP -11f tt w/ a Grado GF-3 cartridge all sounds fine to me. The albums about 30 now all picked for their rating from a trusted forumite and visuall inspection at GoodWill. The cleaner I chose was the brush ans fluid swipe type for $15 w/ shipping from Amazon.I know they washing machines in hundreds and all others w/ price ranges to match . Will this suffice in the short term. Also not knowing how old and use of the cart is I think when funds permit will be either the Grado Black for around $60 or a Shure model that goes for $75 . Listen I do not intend to reverting all my efferts tetaining a giant record collection ,but just those few classocs that just makeit worth while to have another source to play.So far mostly all the albumscome w/ an A to A+ rating w/ little or no skips or pops.The person before me knew how to take care of his collections. So knowing all this would this be a good starting point. http://www.amazon.com/Grado-Prestige-Black-Turntable-Cartridge/dp/B0006DPP9W/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1370601732&sr=1-1&keywords=grado+black http://www.amazon.com/RCA-RD-1006-Discwasher-Record-System/dp/B000KMZKTO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370601489&sr=8-2&keywords=record+cleaning+kits http://www.amazon.com/Shure-M97xE-High-Performance-Magnetic-Cartridge/dp/B00006I5SB/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1370601580&sr=8-3&keywords=record+cartridges 2&keywords=record+cleaning+ki
  13. a reply from over at the Polk site said the same thing happened as there contract ended and needed to be resovled .Later in the day I also got it back but now you ca not look at multiple pictures ,now one then go back do it again type of thing. Something happened and depending where your from or what time you loged on you either got the real deal or the nonsense I first saw which just led you to retailers.
  14. I just tried to get on the site and something entirely different comes up. I know they changed their format months ago and not to many people liked it but this you can't view anything .It's like they folded w/ eveyones adds and all the rest.You guys must check this out....
  15. Hi guys the way my h/t is wired is HDMI from tv to cable box then another HDMI to output port on my avr and then using an optical toslink out of the cable box the avr to get audio .This is so I can watch tv and tunes @ the same time . I know most people just run 1 cord from cable box to an in HDMI port and call it a day and keep the 2 seperate. Now the optical went on the avr ,(it's not the cord) and I do not have a HDMI cord long enough to go the typical way so I went w/ plain RCA cords from again the cable box into the audio 2 of my avr. My question is I would think each time you go down the quality source ladder your sound should degregate somewhat.I have not heard any difference between any of my wireing versions. Iam just lucky or are the combo of the Yamaha RX-V665 and my Klipsch H/D #500 smalls so good that it works so well. Believe me of course I'd rather it sound better then worse but I'm just at a loss here or very fortunate. Oh and yes even w/ the RCAs I can go to a different source and the tv will still be on .I just happen to like watching a ballgame w/ tunes on at the same time or at least having the option to.
  16. Not being an owner of larger Klipsch I can not speak to your specific model.As to the general use of bananas I also think they are an excellent way to terminate wires both at amp and or speaker ends.I prefer the double set screw type over the crimp style.Mine the collar unscrews which is color coded then reveals the set screws. I actually got my set at Lowes.
  17. I'm not going to get into the wire quality debate but what I will say is you should cut to the lenght you need and bit extra for placement/cleaning. As for the bananas I used sets from Lowes they are the double set screw type and when tightened down w/ the right screw driver they will never pull out.
  18. Hi, As always wanted to have a McIntosh 2105 and c-28 as my primary system, and this never became reality as Mac gear retains or exceeds it's value and is outof my price range for now.With all that I always noticed that w/ Mac pres they allow you to h/u speakers directly to the pre and not to the amp it self. Now I do not think I have seen speakers set up into preamps ever .I have no idea why and would like to know what is the reason for this.Over at another site they also said as a general standing rule NEVER plug anything into the oulets into the back of the preamps. Again this seems to be a convient way of getting the amp powered on at the same time w/ the switched outlet in back but as I said this was universally frowned upon and HIGHLY reccomended of a practice not to do. Could someone clear this up for me.
  19. Mongo ,I think your right here.My set-up is a little different than others or I have not heard from anyone about the same way I wired mine . HDMI cable runs from the new Samsung CableVision supplied box into the t.v..Out of t.v.another HDMI cable to the out port on my Yamaha RX-V665 to p/u on screen settings and YPAO adjustments. Then also I have a Toslink Optical from cable box to optical port of the Yamaha.In this way I get to have picture w/o sound and tunes at the same time. I do this all the time for alot of sporting events. Yes I would have liked just using one cable but it would not allow for my veiwing habits.
  20. I believe your thinking is right on .I personally have no knowledge of these speakers but as an alarm installer who became a Bose installer did use in walls and then used bracket style cubes in walled w/ a grill cover from another speaker mnft. It did work, put aside what you think of Bose right now I'm just talking the feasiblity of putting outside wall speakers in wall and yes it can be done. Also there are other factors as an insulated wall vs an interior wall w/ no insulation.We also put in an internal shelf to hold the cubes and your idea of using adhesive in addition to screws is a great idea. I think your dimensions of sheet rock are wrong .There is 1/2'' and 5/8'' as standard I never heard of 1/4'' sheet rock....
  21. I have Klipsch H/D #500 smalls w/ an 8'' down firing sub .Also a Yamaha RX-V665 and both Klipsch and Yamaha said to set it @ 80hz.
  22. My primary profession was being an alarm installer.With that being said our boss decided to become a Bose distributor w/ selling the 3 room amps and the Lifestyle 30 and 50 systems.You are quite right about Bose not giving out specs.Even to us when they came to demonstrate on how to install the gear they refused to say what the individual systems put out. Even in the technical installers sheets was any info like that given. For the new home owner who has $ and 0 expertise in audio fell into the add hipe of Bose big time. Their hi-hat ceiling speakers were not that bad but some were only proprietary w/ their amps and then they finally came out w/ speakers that you could use w/ your own stuff if you wanted to.Again on 1st blush it wasn't all that terrible but woefully overpriced and certainly not audiophile anything.
  23. I'm 60 and I clearly remember when they hit and hit big. The best pairing I heard w/ these was w/ a Marantz 20xx series and the Boses were hung at slight angles.The instruction book clearly said Not to place them in the corners even though that's exactly were they look like they belong. There was more don'ts in this book then positive placement that's got to make you wonder wwhere will they work. I think when polled the response was they were the hardest speaker to get that sweet spot or the perfect placement. Also to hit at that time was a favorite of mine.My roomate got a McIntosh 2105, C-28,Dual 1229 tt and those ESS HEIL AMT1s I think. those sounded great in our living room. The 901s not so much. As for the shoot out forget it.
  24. I was horrified when I heard the news.I had much more close relationship w/ him then most. A family friend was Dee Anthony and his brother Bill. They were TYA road/tour mangers ,then Joe Cockers ,Then Peter Framtons manger. When ever they played anywhere N.Y we were invited and I mean backstage at the Fillmore East Bill Graham be damned. Then they were tied into Bandana Productions which was the east coast booking agaency for rock show of all types. It seems in most all states managers can't book dates it has to go through a booking agency so there would be no double dipping. The entire family was part of the whole seen w/ another relative running the Port Chester Capital Theater.Alvin though was a good dude never talked down to you and as a 17 y/o kid that was great. I even held the ESS 335 Big Red for a minute or 2 at the gym in New Paltz where Mountain opened for TYA and talk about a loud concert holy seets.I'm very curious what the minor surgery was he did smoke so that might have been an issue.
  25. By me I have 2 Good Wiil stores.1has almost no electronics at all but they do have records for a buck a piece .That's the Aberdeen N.J. store. The other store in East Brunswick does have a much better selection of all kinds of stuff and now they seem to be pricing along the lines of what E-Bayers want for their stuff. I did get a Kenwood kv615 reciever for $15 just for my bdrm for my JBL bookies and recently lucked out w/ a Denon DPL11 direct drive tt w/ a Grado cart for $19. So it might be the town , the dude in charge doing the pricing and if you see and item that's marked down I would go for it.
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