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  1. As I said in the kid inspired post which I really had no buisness joining in, this time it's cool.A Laffyette 50wt integregrated amp w/o a tuner,Dual 1229 tt w/ probably a Shure cart of some type and Crititerion 100 speakers.Also I forgot the last time I also had a set of Super-X headphones made in Yonkers N.Y.I think my five first albums were Surrealist Pillow,Blues Project Live At Cafe Au Go Go,Fresh Cream,Fleetwood Mac(original line-up),QuickSilver Messenger Service Happy Trails.
  2. Just asking. Instead of poly fill could you use regular pink corning wall insulation? Or we're talking apples and oranges w/ fur.
  3. I had the same probelm.With me it was cablevision and the loss on the handshake seemed like a really long delay.I did call for sevice on another issue and they upgraded my box and now there is 0 delay or close to it,and that's going from tv,and all other sources.Since you conceded in moving your room around pretty much if no wires were stapled it's more than likely a loose HDMI cable ,hopefully it's that easy.
  4. short of buying more gear I have to inform you guys of another device that might help/hinder this project.It's a Niles 6-zone speaker selector now sits on top of the stack in the living room. So what do those regular speakerscrew pairings do on the back of the sub and could they be put to use one day...Can I p/u the sub from those speaker outs on the rear of the sub going into the Niles. One other thing I did last night was to get Yamaha c/s which does run a full 24 hrs.daily. George the tec was very helpful in going through the on-screen settings w/ me on a bunch of different sources.Firt I went for the i-pod dock and ranit at about =27 on vol sliding scale , no appreciable sub,next cd,better but still not nearly what any sub should do,onward to blu/ray and the sound was better and a particular scene inthe opening of Valkier where the convoy gets bombed by P-51Ds was getting much better. We did change the x-over to 80 set the speakers to large and that is still in debate and notmuch else was done. Just for giggles I put the Klipsch sub back into the h/t system and I did have 2 subs going w/ cones on a move and the floor was shakeing. Could this be a just an old mismatched brand sub and I upset the timbre and cohesion by adding this Infinity Servo 10'' sub......
  5. I picked up for free an Infinty Servo sub.That makes 2 subs in the house and even though my Yamaha has 2 outs for subs it's not needed for the avr-h/t use. I'f I picked up a pair of Hereseys as some suggested or to add something the Infinitys how does one h/u into the 2-chl only. I have and you will see in my sig for power an Adcom gfa55 200 wpc and an Onkyo P-301 pre.Besides the rca ports that are used from avr to sub ,how do you connect a sub to the 2-chl system only.
  6. Sorry no commonality w/ kids but I do remember my 1st rig of sorts. A pair of Criterion 100s, Dual 1229 tt,Lafeyett 50 wt amp, no reciever fm wasn't even that happening yet.
  7. Hi guys, I recently saw a pair of KSF 10.F BLACK SATIN FINISH I believe going for $ 400 . Now still not hearing larger Klipsch speakers and was kind of set on a decent pair of KLF 20s So the question is are the KSF 10.5 a worthy speaker and are in any way comparable to the KLF line. I really wish I would have an outlet to hear the vintage gear that I really want .ie;Fortes, Klfs10s-20s or Chorus. I believe any other type would be 1st to big and way to expensive.
  8. BH, That's pretty much exactly the same thing that I did .I saw an Adcom for sale and got it because my Yamaha rx-v665 was clipping way to easily. It always came back but as you know it's not thing to gamble on. I still wasn't all that impressed using the Yammi as a pre so I got a vintage Onkyn p-301I did call Klipsch to see if it was the speakers and they said even though they are smalls the wattage of a combined 90watt avr isn't the same as running a dedicated power amp.Long story short the avr never clipped again and I couldn't be happier w/ the Adcom. BTW-Idon't know if your sig has to do w/ a dog .I did own a black and white blue eyed husky at 1 time....
  9. chip, I have an Onkyo P-301 and for the longest time had no remote. Long story I found a remote at a flea market and it works perfectly and clearly it was for another unit .The model Onkyo # rc200s.The motorized volume control and all the other functions work fine.
  10. STANG,Your talking so far out of both my financial reality and the size of my living room where any of those would go.I do think KLF 20s would be dead on perfect ,I think the tower form fits my room best. For now the 601s just kill the Infinitys and I'm ok w/ the H/D500 set for movie and tv viewing.Fortes or Chorus would fit also.I agree that a better preamp might have to come first.
  12. Hi guys ,I've been struggling w/ this for quite some time now .As a 2-chl system the Adcom 555 is the pwr and for now I have an Onkyo P-301 pre which does all the functions I need but I know there is better out there.I'm now in posession of a pair of Bose 601s that I refoamed and just blow away the Infinity SM112s I had as my first speakers. So the question is matching w/ an Adcom pre 400-and up or a different brand all together like a CarverC-T1 or a Phase Linear 4000 and how much would the sound differ,or do I still need to up grade my speakers before the pre/amp move. As I have said in a previous post I sort of would like a pair of Fortes or really have a hard -n for some Ohm/Walsh 2s. So some constructed advice I could clearly use and keep in mind that I'm on a very restricted budget which does hamper things a bit.
  13. I also just started to listening to them.Margo Timmons has the most haunting type of vice I have ever heard.One thing, I do not ever remember them playing any where near me. I guess since this is a fairly recent show maybe they will be appearing at avenue near me sometime soon.
  14. I got my gfa555 for $300 from Audio Classics and it came slippery clean and as powerful and quite as advertised .I think it's a little high for the pair I picked up an Onkyo P-301 pre at a garage sale for $60 and it works great.
  15. Hi, Since I only own a set of Klipsch h/d 500s I have no history w/ some of the heritage and other models. One model that really appeals to me is the KLF-30 or if those are to big than the 20s.Cruising e-bay I saw a set of 10.5 speakers in great shape for a bin price of $350.First do these 2 different models have anything in common quality ,sound wise and is the price for the 10.5 good or is this a stay away from pair?
  16. I have a Yamaha RX-V665 and when I really pushed the avr it clipped ,shut down then came back.This is their protection curcuit feature that really does it's job.What's so disappointing is that thinking 90 wpc would be enough to push to any level.I was wrong and then went to a 2-chl system where I can go to the extremes if I want to.You will not damage the speakers as I said it's for your sytems' protection.As many have done here you might want to look at an external amp to power those speakers if your model has pre-outs and use the avr as a pre/amp
  17. for whatever reason I also thought that.But like I said until they are totally finished and start to push,position them, then I'll make that call.Your the first guy almost who appriciates at the least the Infinity SM112s.All the Polkies call them enrty level party speaker ala Cerwin VeGAS.I never did and for the $ I paid for them they are fine.Those were already refoamed in pristine cabinets w/ the bullnose fronts on c/l for $40.
  18. Hi guys, A while back I posted that the pickings were very slim by me and some of you suggested save up cash and be patient or try Searchtempst which is a cool C/L condenser.Anyway today I scanned the classifieds for garage sales near me and found an adult community house was having a 2 day sale. This was the 2nd day and there seemed to be nothinhg left in the house and I ask the son if their parents had ever used vintage audio gear.The son said he just brought down from the attic 2 filthy dusty,dirty diamond in the rough Bose 601s series 1s.I looked and showed him that the surrounds were rotted and I would take them off his hands.The ok was made and he loaded them up in my car for me and while doing this I noticed a little Sansui reciever.I asked about it he says turn it on and we'll talk .I plug the thing in and a flame started to shoot out and it smoked and we got it out of there and said thank you but no.He took$20 for the Bose and when I cleaned and polished them a bit they do look much better .I initially tested each speaker 1 at a time tightened the binding posts and hooked them into zone 2 of my Yamaha rx-v665 and they worked, they all worked, the arrays worked and I didn't push them they would have shredded to bits if I did but after a refoaming job I just wonder if these will be much better than my Infinity SM112S and if so switch out from 2chl Bose to zone 2 Infinitys this still remains to be seen and heard for me to make the switch.Now what is the best wood polish to bring back some pretty dried out walnut.No vinyl here patricle board w/ walnut veneer.A can of Ole English didn't quite do it this needs some kind of a deep waxing type of job .So for $20 for the speeks another $20 or so for the refoam kit and I'l have speakers that went for high $600s back in the day.
  19. It's always a good idea to have options and more choices out there I thought they were very light on stock but if it's new then there's a chance it can bloom into something that is a reliable source for used hi-end audio gear.Heck I even check out the Canuk Mart. Shipping is the pain there.
  20. Guys come on already, Yes the site is changed it's been a while already so deal w/ it and embrace it as best you can .Yes I also liked the other site but Polks' site changed and wow you can still communicate w/ people and buy stuff if you want to .Start threads,and whatever else the forum provides. Here on this forumon the other hand the subjects have not changed in months and the garage sale is a more want to buy then anything else. Reason I'm hear I always believed Klipsch is still a better product barring their Best Buy Line.
  21. if running usedis good foryou than AN AdcomGFA555 200WPC FOR AROUND $300 US would be more than enough to push those.BTW what is the power rating in Demark,some U.S.. models are not 220v convertable and I'm not sure of a step/down x-former.
  22. I had a Siberian Husky w/ those big triangle open ears .My vet told me to gently use peroxide w/ a q-tip and clean them once a month ,if irritation does persist it could be mites a deer tick or just something dogs pick up.
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