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  1. Iwasn't talking performance we all agree that they are a good speaker. But when I was just looking at a Heresy I see a shipping crate. One I might add that I would love to own but just on looks ther'es no denying they are the Volvo of the 70s..
  2. All I know is that when I got my Yamaha RX-V665 at 90wpc I thought it would be the end all of amps. Boy was I wrong,I did push it and it clipped on more than a few occassions.Yes that's a protection circuit but I would think that it would deliver more. My speakers at the time are Klipsch h/t500 smalls w/ a 8in pwrd sub. After confering w/ quite a few forumites all over the place all to a man said you have pre-outs so go w/ an independent amp. So now I still have the Yamaha for H/T sports and a nice Adcom gfa555 200wpc amp w/ an Onkyo P-301 pre and 2 pristine refoamed Infinity SM112s.Bottom line I'll agree it's not the speakers but the avr. If possible get a used amp for 2-300$ and salvage a decent system...
  3. Hi again, As I was dealing w/ my own problems I've been reading some of your gear and mostly the Heritage Series like the Heresey,Cornwalls ect. Now please don't take this the wrong way but to the novice /neophyte it just looks like a box. Just a screwed and nailed box w/ front firing speakers. No baffles,no ports ,no stiffeners just a box and it cracks me up how Mr Klipch was such a genius in this simple design. I would add that at the time his x overs were the best out there.
  4. WILLAND ,I want your life. I don't know what you do but your array of gear is so impressing it betters some of the lesser audio shops.
  5. Hey guys,I listened intently to your advice,firstly I waited for daylight to work on this thing.I pulled the rack out and powered everything down.As a added little help for future teardown I labeled everything. So here's where I stand ,the Yamaha ,tv ,cdp and dock all work as they should.I tried a regular dvd and that worked fine also.Now comes the trouble ,I turn off my Yamaha just so I get no interference between the 2 systems and when I put on the Adcom then the Onkyo pre I get the hum .I do know where's it's coming from but I really do not know how to resolve this. When I remove the HDMI OUT of the yamaha that goes to the tv the hum is gone. I put the cord back and back comes the hum.I doubt it's a beat cord so I could use some ideas here. Another bit of my wackyness is that I like watching silent t.v. w/ tunes going at the same time and it works all the time w/ the toslink optical. so all devices are working but the cord/hum is still there. And yes I know I get nutty and carried away but I took all the time and care I could muster.
  6. Hello guys ,hopefully you could sort out my mess of a set -up here.-->2chl Adcomgfa555>Onkyo P-301 pre>InfinitySM112s>Tosiba bdx2200 blu/ray>Sony 5 disc carasel cdp335>Samson 9 outlet plug/surge pro>Shure 240 pro headphones>Toshiba au 37 hdtv>Cablevision source .I have a Yamaha RX-V665 AVR--->Denon1940ci cdp/dvd --->Klipsch HT500 smalls w/an 8in pwrd sub.---Yamaha YSD11 Dock that's the H/T system and after a while I was not all that impressed w/ it to the point where I clipped the avr on more than a few occassions.Now after talking to some of you forumites and others we all agreed that a indy amp was needed but first I got a pair of Infinity SM112s for real cheap and refoamed on C/L.After hearing these speakers I was totally convinced to go to a 2chl set-up.I looked around and knowing only that I wanted a ss amp that was about 200wpc the Adcom gfa 555 fit the bill and I bought it sight unseen from Audio Classics for $300 w shipping thrown in.Now I did not like the Yamaha as a pre so I bought an Onkyo P-301 which has all the ins/outs that I could ever use.Now I had the 2 sysems set up where they either could play through the Yamaha or if I really want to rock the house go to the Onkyo /Adcom set-up. Mind you I can have both features on both systems and I like it that way .The problem now is lately I'm picking up this god awful hum and this after changing out ICs to Signal Cable models. Where can this hum be coming from ,I did try process of illimination but I just can't seem to get it. I would really like to be able to use both systems but not w/ this hum going on.Please try and think this through w/ me to resolve this issue.I did have the best of both worlds were the dock was playing w/ the 2-chl and my 5 disc player was doingthe same. I hope I explained this to the fullest and since I'm no genuis maybe a detailed drawing would help......
  7. The ones that have the most appeal to me seam to be KLF30s. I know they are a larger type speaker but compared to my InfinitySM112s I think they would just blow them away. My power source is an Adcom gfa 555 200wattpc and running through an OnkyoP301 pre. So any thoughts on this pairing of speakers or would the 20s do just as well .My living room is 18x14 w/ hardwoodfloors and when I do crank up either the 2chl system or the H/T the walls do not shake and the neighbors have never ever complained.Now coming up w/ the cash is entirely a different story and I have not seen any of the speakers any where near Jersey. In closing I'm not into tubes and the Adcom will be staying so will it be a good match for either the speakers we spoke about or any of the Heritage line like the Forte'1s.Thanks ,I'm a neopyte when it comes to large quality speakers as I have Klipsch smalls for my H/T.
  8. Hello guys, My foray into 2chl. is a few steps up from entry level and I was wondering if these spkrs. would be good for my situation.My living room is 18x15 w/ a doorway into the kitchen.At first I wanted to go for a fairly decent H/T>>1.Yamaha RX-V665 2.Yamaha yds dock w/3rd gen i-pod 3.Klipsch 500set w8in pwrd sub 4.Denon1940ci cdp 5.Sony cds 5 disc carosel player 6. Tosiba au37 h/d t/v 7.Tosiba bdx2200 Blu-RAY player ( those were added at thrift store gem finds) 2chl rig-- 1.-Adcom gfa 555 200wpc 2.Onkyo P301 pre 3. InfinitySM112s 4.Samson 9 outlet surge/pro 5. Shure Pro240 headphones 6.Signal Cable ICs .14gauge clear spkr wire.Banana Plugs where warrented. Now originally I wanted to go w/the pre/outs of the Yammy but I just didn't like how that sounded, so I picked up these pristine Infinitys at a rediculously low price and it went on from there.I play i-net, Pandora through my computer in another room as well as/ i-tunes through either system as I can do with all other sources.So how much better if at all would the R-15s fit into the equation. The Klipsch smalls I could give to my sister and I have surrounds already so that's not an issue.Thanks for the read and the possible help.I have never heard any large Klipsch,Heritage or present models at all so that's why I'm asking....... -2.Klipsch 500 set w/8in pwrd woofer 3.Denon 1940ci cdp 4.Yamaha ysd dock w/ 3rd gen i-pod 5.Tosiba au37 hd/tv 6.Cablevision h/d source---added later SONY 5disccds carosel changer> Tosiba bdx2200 blu-ray player 2chl---1.Adcom gfa555 200wpc 2.Onkyo P301 pre 3.Infinity SM112s.4.Samson 8outlet surge/pro 5.Shure Pro240 headphones 6. Signal Cable ICs ---14 gauge clear splr wire --Banana Plugs where app. So guys after your review of what I have would R-15 be a good fit instead of the Infinitys where I could always put them inanother room on zone 2. and give my Klipsch smalls to my sister who has nothing now.
  9. I have a Yamaha RX-V665 and I pushed it a little to hard one day and the avr clipped and shut down.However unlike your amp mine did power back up rite after turning it on again.Since this is a used unit and you have no good source of provinence you just might be out of luck here.The actual setting that my amp clipped was -9-10ish and was pretty hot also.Yamaha techs do claim that this is a protection circuit and is supposed to function like it did.
  10. Bruce ,thank you, that was the most clear and consise anwer that I've been looking for. Degregation over time would be the biggest culprit it seems.
  11. back to davidness.I have a Yamaha RX-V665 which has these sound features your talking about and for me I think they are just a waste of time. I tried all the settings and to me all it does is add varying degrees of echo and I usually only listen in the 7.1 mode.You so right about the sound not being crisp and coming from all different directions and I can't stand it.For total transparency I'm running a set of Klipsch 500 smalls w/ an 8in pwrd sub.
  12. I get your anology but in the real world secondary woods were used all the time for drawers and other non seen features..I learned this from watching Antiques Roadshow. I'm such a putz I had to say that.
  13. This is probably going to sound so stupid but here goes anyway. All day long I hear about Bob Crites and his xovers and mods.If this dude is the best why isn't Klipsch employing him in some fashion or why don't they use his gear. If every speaker could use an improvement why isn't done do begin w/ . I obviously have zero experiance w/ any larger models for I just have a set of 500 smalls for my h/t needs.For my apt 30s would do very nicely to replace my Infinity SM112s I warned you that my statement might not make sense or does it. Then again there is the whole after market car craze.
  14. My Yamaha RX-V665 comes w/ a mic and fairly long cord for differing room sizes. their system is called (YPAO) Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimizer.It can both be viewed on screen or on the avrs' face which is kind of a pain.
  15. how do you call those unfinished, they are the most beautiful speakers I've seen barring maybe a mahaogany set. Me I own a set of 500 smalls and drool every single time I see these works of art. If I had a godfairy I would like a pair of KLF30S .may a bit big for my apt so 20s I wouldn't refuse either.You have great taste and a wallet to match.....
  16. my set/up goes like this. I have the tv front and center w/ left and right Klipschs next to the tv.The center is a row down on the same tv stand/cabinet and my rears are wall mounted at 5ft high and towed in a few degrees where my couch is. The room is 18x14 x8 w/ an area rug in the middle w/ hardwood floors everywhere else.The auto test I ran had the mic set up w/ a backless stool at 4ft high and running ypao confirmed all the distances..I know there has got to be some thing else here because I've heard nothing but good reviews of the Yammy 665 from multiple forums. The only other thing that I do a little different is instead of going w/ one HDMI cord direct ,I take the HDMI cord from my tv and go into my cable box then another HDMI cord from the out of the Yamaha back into the tv and then run an optical cale to cable box to p/u audio at av1 just because I like watching silent tv for sports and running tunes at the same time.I know you lose a little on sound quality but it should not have any bearing on effects.Most cords are 6ft or less. If someone is completely satisfied w/ their h/u maybe you could list all your settings and I'll see if I missed something .
  17. I kind of have the same dilema you have just in a less expensive pkge. The avr I went w/ is a Yamaha RX V665 w/ a set of Klipsch 500 smalls w/ a 8in pwrd sub. At first blush I did like the sound of the klipschs over both Polk and Kef smalls .That being said I'm so not impressed w/ the h/t experience that I went back into 2-chl gear. I've called Yamaha asked for advice and from some forumites and no one has a definitive answer for me. I get no surround effects and it seems all my setting are right so I still to this day have no idea what the f is going on. On a friends system I clearly heard the effects that h/t is known for ie;choppers coming into swarm you and cannon shots and all else . so if anyone has some kind of suggestion I'll be glad to listen.I've done the YPOA set and all spkrs are set to small the sub is at 80hz and a little higher at that but still a movie like I-BOTshould come across a lot better than what it is.For full transparency I do not use a bluray player but this should add to more visually and still I have audio suckyness.
  18. Yes he used Fenders of all types but I've never seen him w/ a Les Paul no matter what age or vintage.
  19. Thanks for the reply, It all got worked out and was unbelieveably simple. Firstly the Yamaha was performing perfectly and I had no issues.Now I wanted to have the 2-chl system seperate from the H/T except for sharing the cdp and the dock.I was so confused,the littlest things freak me out. Anyway I took a brand new short rca cord and went from the analog cdp to the Onkyo pre cd port, now I took another short short rca cord from the tuner port on the Onkyop301 to the audio out onthe RX-V665.So now I have 2 independent systems w/ the sharing of the Denon1940ci cdp and the Yamaha YSD-11 DOCK and the entire system sounds great. This was such a simple fix that I almost blew a blood vessel trying to deal w/ this ........lol.....lol.....lw
  20. First off I would like to say that my Yamaha RX-V665 is working fine and all functions are operational.I was getting bored w/ movies so I went w/ getting a 2-chl system.This did work as 2 independent systems sharing the cdplayer and the i-pod dock. 1.Yamaha RX-V665 avr 2. Klipsch 500 set w8in pwrd sub-- 3.-Denon 1940ci cdp 4.Yamaha YSD-11 Dock 1.2chll--Adcom gfa555 200wpc 2.Onkyo P301 pre 3.Denon1940ci cdp 4.Sampson 8 oulet plug/surge pro 5.InfinitySM112s 6.ysd 11 dock shared. Now here's my delemma, all of the Yamaha works and all the features including the on-screen yaop works fine.The problem is when I want to have 2 seperate systems. One for movies and tv and ball games and the other for strictkly music. I kow this possible because I did it before and of course did not lable any of the wires and the little terror of my nephew got into it. For shame for shame and I know it's all my fault but some one out there must know how to do this.I have rcacordsoplenty and as I said the Yammi runs on HDMI and optical for audio tv. Could you please if possible lay this out by the #s going fom he pre to soure and back again.I did try calling Yamaha and they wanted no part of this as long as their shit worked. Please think this through and your help will be so appreciated..........LWWWWW
  21. hELLO AND WELCOME, I also have a Yamaha RX-V665 w/ pure direct. For me it actually takes to much out and I never use it.I do think the way to go here is to get back to factory settings.On the 665 you have to power down, then up, hold main pwr and straight at the same time this gets you into programming ,then you advance w/ pushing straight button till you get to initiate all then enter.This of course might not hold true for your model.Here just in case is Yamaha factory tech support #---800-292-2982 ex-5. I hope this works out ,I do think this is just a reset type of problem and not a beat amp.
  22. I'm not sure if we have exactly the same speaker set but on my h/t 500 speakers I pulled off the grills then were the grills fit is a piece of rubber that is removeable.This allows you to get to the screws to open up the speaker. These are also smalls but not called cs. If your grills are not removeable for any reason do not do what I did on my set.Btw I did just look up your set,and we DO NOT have the same set.
  23. Jack Straw ----gratful Dead voodoo chile ----Jimi Hendrix Gimme Shelter-----Rolling Somes Celluloid Heros --THE Kinks just in case we have some non deadheads
  24. Hi guys , I'll list my gear later but for now I am pretty new to the 2-chl game. When there was a little cash I went w/ a h/t system which is ok but as it turns out I'm more of a music fan than movies.So I get the itch and start to look for a 2-ch set up.I started w/ speakers and luck would have it I made a great find on C/L, a pair of Infinity SM112S that were refoamed and the cabinets are pristine. The guy was moving to Europe and just had to unload them and I got there first. Next was the amp and I tried E-Bay and kept getting outbid so I went to Audio Classics and site unseen got an Adcom gfa555 200wt amp.I was using my Yamaha amp w/ pre-outs but it wasn't quite doing what I expected. The next stop was a garage sale and got an Onkyo p301 pre w/ all funtions working great.This is going on a year or so and was wondering if changing up pre-amps would make that much difference.In a perfect world I would get a MacIntosh c-28 but they go for some big bucks that I just don't have right now. The other option I was lokking at was the Adcom 500 series of preamps and they are all over e-bay and a-gon and very reansonable.So the question is would changing up of the pre-amps improve or would just be statis quo. Anyone w/ experience w/ the Adcom pre your advice or will be appreciated.Btw I use 14gu clear spkr wire ,bananas for ends and HDMI to both tv and cdp.Thanks ....LW H/T---Yamaha RX-V665 AVR----Klipsch 500setw/ 8in pwrd sub---Denon 1940ci cdp--Yamaha YSD-11 Dock --I-Pod----Tosiba au37 lcd 2-chl---Adcom gfa555 200watt pc----Infinty SM112s---Onkyo P301-pre----Samson surge/pro---Shure Pro240 headphones----Denon1940 ci cdp shared
  25. Hi guys, I presently own a matched set of 500 h/t w/ a 8in pwrd sub. I do not watch moviesall that much so Imoved on to a 2-chl system. The question is that I've searched all the usual suspects C/L ,E-Bay, Goodwill ,swapmeets and absolutely nothing. I visited the garage sale section and sure enough most all listings were on the west coast or deep in the swamps of Florida or even more remote places than that. I've got to tell you that this is very discuraging and unless you want to pay mega bucks for shipping your shit out of luck. I live in central Jersey and only once did I see a pair of Hereseys in a radio shop going for $400. Any ideas here would be appreciated and also if I'm wrong let me know. Audioagon is ok but seem to be high but you can get a bargin once in a while....lw
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