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  1. HI GUYS, I also have a H/T se-up whiich when pushed just alittle bit clipped and shut down.Now I usally play music or tv through the Yamaha at their vol scale of -20 or so which is loud enough for most things. To go w/ this I have a set of Klipsch 500set w pwrd sub rated to handle 100 watts all day and they said that it could out perform the Yamaha. Well one day I just wanted to see how loud the + of the volume scale is and when I hit +5 which was shaking the apt it clipped.I freaked so I called Yamaha and said it's a protection circuit and it performed correctly and either hit a frequency it didn't like or a speaker was going.After doing the process of elimination game I found that I had a bad right front sat and it did it every time. Called Klipsch tec and were real nice , sent me out a new speaker and didn't want the old one back. SO far all ok and I'm going to break in the new one slowly even though I really don't push it to begin with. The amp does seem to get pretty hot and it's well ventilated. As to a reply to all for last nights question for RUSS yes it was on/off thump but none of you guys said why.And no I left the west a very long time ago way before Jerry died.
  2. HI Guys, I have an Adcom gfa555 200wpc w an Onkyo p-301 pre and a pair of Infinity sm112s for my 2-channel rig.When I turn on the amp or pre either one first I get no sound at all which is a good thing. The thing that bugs me is when I worked for a band in the 70s the bass player had an Alembic 6 string stereo powered by a Mcintosh2100 and a Furman pre like a twin. I was always worned never have volumes up while powering up or it would blow the speakers.So what's the difference now my Adcom is ss and so is the Mac. myH/T---Tosiba au37----Yamaha RX V-665---Denon 1949ci cdp---Klipsch set 500 w/8in pwrd sub LONGING for a set of FortesII once the cash comesin again.
  3. TO ALL OUT THERE, I can't believe this debate I started 2 weeks ago. It actually reminds me of joining the Dead forum and opening with a hello than proceeded to bash the band I like because they could be so damn right dissapointingtThen on the very next night they would give the performance to blow your mind. Looking at the results it's split pretty down the middle on whether the surge/ pro does A.work and B.if it does work how well. So clearly, it's up to the individule owner to decide for themselves and then live w/ the decision. For me if I could afford one I think I'm going to get one. Furmans seem popular but some of the other models have led read-outs if your into looking at that kind of stuff.For me it would never be a substitute for the warm blue glow of a MAC 2100 (i know it's not supposed to be) Thanks for all the responses, all the specs and models to choose from....LW
  4. When I started to work for a different security co. their technique to deter lightening was to ty knots in the rj-31 jack cord.I just couldn't stop laughing at the thought that a few knots would stop anything no less lightening. Knots in cords to this day , I'm still stupifidied that it would do anything but make a mess of your rig or panel.....lw
  5. HI Westom, I re-read your piece on the use of surge/pwr pro. I in my past lifetime was an security alarm installer and know all about telco grounding and where's it's located. Problem is that I don't live in a detached house and have know idea where the phone co. is picking up it's ground. With saying that, even cold water grounded and telco grounded have fried from lightening. So what's a guy to do, unplug when a storms approaching or get one of these units. I've heard people talk of excess noise, I have no such problem. The only device in my set up that's noisey is my cdp. Thanks for the response, I got it but it doesn't help here. H/T----Tosiba au37----Yamaha rx v665 avr----Denon1940ci cdp----Klipsch 500 set w/ 8in pwrd sub -----Yamaha ysd11 dock 2--channel-----Adcom gfa555 amp---Onkyo p301 pre-----Denon 1940ci cdp---Dual 1219 turntable---Infinitys sm112s
  6. Hi guys, At a different site this guy was moaning that his Yamaha665 was shutting down at certain times during a program. I also own a 665 and was wondering why an amp of this power shut down. I put on a movie and during a particular loud and rumbling scene it did shut down.I called Yamaha and they had their pat answer down. When they told me it's common for the amp to do this I almost through the amp into the tv and phone hopeing to hit them. This is so unacceptable that all they could say was bring it to an a/d to have it looked at. After a year this shouldnever happen, and one other thing their vol scale goes from-65 to+16 what the **** is that about. Isn't1-10 good enough. I'm really pissed, which also led me to the 2-channel path. Tons more reliability. Any one else w/ this problem....EXCUSE THE CURSE.......LW
  7. Hi being fairly new to 2-ch audio I've heard somethings about power conditioners. These are not your surge protectors that you can get at any retail around. Now, how really important are they. I've seen Surgex and Monster units for$400 and more.I kind of equate these products to cables that the golden ears think there dipped in gold. I still contend that a direct lightening hit will destroy anything electric in your house just like a dirty nuke bomb going off. Some smaller models don't even have enough outlets to serve it's intented purpose. Hey, if I'm wrong tell me but if it's just another piece for one's rack also say so. Now that my gear is getting more expensive I'd like to know that besides h/o insurance there is something that one can do.
  8. Hello once again but being new to the forum I keep hearing things that 1. know nothing about and2. when to make a change.Now I've seen many people giving their Klipschs' the Bob Crite conversion. What does this entail and why when would you do such a thing. I do know that audio collecting is different than cars were in cars you want to keep all things w/ matching parts and #s and be as original as possible.I clearly understand if your going to listen to your gear you'd want the best out of them. Even I have a pair of refoamed infinitys sm112s and would have been a sin to dump instead of recondition.So how far does one go and what is this guy's expertise.Even on E-Bay I've seen his name in the speaker community.Secondly is it reccomended to purchase factory refurbished products.In my way of thinking if it's cosmetic then ok but serious tech flaws would be a whole other issue even if the warrenty still exsists....
  9. Hi guys, When I got my Yamaha rx-v665 it had all the ins/outs that I thought would be enough,boy was I wrong. Firstly they have these lame effects to try to duplicate certain sound fields eg:hall in Vienna -club setting --chamber hall this is all various forms of echo and reverb and a waste of time.Next they said it had pre/out so you can h/u a seperate pwr amp,this turned out not to be and I needed a seperate preamp.Now at 90 w/c I thought it could push a movie albeit on the loud side but it clipped when a certain frequency was hit. My box set of Klipsch500s can handle what this amp can putout.I decided to go to 2-ch and tried to use the yammie as the pre and almost blew the Infinitys to scrap. To say I was diappointed is an understatement but it did work out in the end.Now my H/T is totally sepeate from my 2-ch and w/ an indy pre ,it's the way to go.One another thing the Yamaha could not do for me was to utilize HDMI cords to the fullest. When I first h/u I used HDMI cords and found out that I could not watch a silent tv (ballgame) and have tunes at the same time. The only solution was to use an optical cord for audio. Here's the way I have it setup now. HDMI from cable box into tv, HDMI from tv to avr to use on screen adjustmemts, then an optical out of cable box to avr,HDMI from avr to Denon cdp and YDD-11 dock direct into avr. If anyone has any corrective comments they would be greatly accepted.Also I never use my tv speakers EVER.
  10. I have heard of the MAC clinics and also read Rodger Russells 'paper on all the tests concerning wire and the quality of it. At the other site this man was demonized, called a hypocrit among other names. Most people know that this guy is one of the most respected engineers in his field and I for one did believe in what he had to say.His main point was that you did not have to spend thousands of $ for wire and connecters because as most have said here already in a blind test your not going to hear any percernable difference. Thank you all for throwing out models, but that's the krux of my whole rap, I' need a side by side comparison w/ specs, prices ,availability and condition. Dennie said just ask and I do appreciate the thought but still I want this dedicated site.Guys, if you go to Marantz Legendery classics you'll see what I'm exactly talking about.Some peoples taste in spkrs are just that, and price point becomes a major issue.For me I love the briteness and clarity of the Klipsch product, for others they claim it's to harsh and would pick another brand.As for the leftwinger tag besides audio I happen to like hockey and 57 well I'm getting along in my years.Now as for my favs for speakers through the years here goes.Rectilinear3s---ESS-Heils w/ the radiaters on top---AR3a----Ohm/Walsh2s-----Frazer Black boxes-- and quickly running out of favor but for their day in the sun Bose 901s. So you see I'm living in the past just like a 67 vette collecter.Since hearing the larger Klipsh it's what I want now... PS---Noel Lee owner of Monster cable was extremely upset at the tests and tried to do some testing of his own. Where I think that wire does belong is in car and moving vehicle applications. So far guys this site is exactly what I've been looking for, it seems were to blue collar for that other site w/ all those golden ears.....Thanks again next post will be on another topic I swear........LW
  11. The Adcom gfa555 rated at 200 w/c so power is not a problem.My pre has never been set more than 5 on the dial and I'm sure the Infinitys would go before the amp clipped.On my H/T system my Yamaha shut down while watching a movie the other day and it's never been on the plus side of their volume scale.The set of Klipsch500s according to the techs can handle all that the Yamaha can deliver and it seems so. Now for another topic ----- cables right now I'm using 14gauge standard spkr wire. This created such a ruckus on another site ,people responded as if I was commiting a felony, I'm no golden ear and clearly know that distace and resistance are the main factors for me. The Adcom has through hole binders and all other ends are spring loaded, is anybody here going to say that more expensive cables would do anything for my set-up ,I just wouldn't hear the difference...LW
  12. hello Dennie, That's exactly the problem, I don't know. Primarirly it would be older floor standers but like I said there's no source where you could compare models.Right now I know that Lascalas, KPHs are way to big so maybe the model which has the passive rear would do. The problem is what's that model what's the difference between Fortes and Cornwalls, I just don't know and to look up each model is really a pain. A company like Klipsch that's been in exsistence for years really should provide some kind of reference guide.Still w/ saying all that prices seem high on most sites as people really know what they have. I was very lucky when I got my Infinitys' it was a C/L sale and the guy had to clear out. For pristine refoamed no cat scratch fever speakers I walked away w/ a set for $40. I don't think this luck will stike again w/ a pair of Hereseys......LW
  13. hi guys, this is my first entry to the forum,and hope to get advice and info. I first started out w/ a h/t system that included the Klipsch 500 set.True it's a box set but the clarity of the speakers make the system .Now I've got some 2-channel gear and want some better Klipsch speakers.My problem is that there are so many models both new and discontinued that I could use some sort of referece guide.Both Marantz and MacIntosh have sites where every model ever produced is listed w/ both tech data and physical descriptions, calling Klipsch they know of no such site. H/T---Tosiba au 37--Yamaha rx v-665 avr--Klipsch500 spkrs---Denon 1910ci cdp---Yamaha ysd dock 2--channel----Adcom gfa555-- Onkyo p-301 pre---Infinity sm112s---Denon 1910ci--Dual 1219 turntable----Shure pro headphones My wish is to own a Mac 2105 w/ c-28 pre and either Klipsch Quartets ,Fortes,or Hereseys and all will ok in the world.......lw
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