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  1. The sub will make a difference but it will definitely rumble even more..you can adjust the levels on it of course. I've had RF-82s and the RF-7 IIs as just standalone speakers which had really good bass but a 10" sub definitely added more ooomph for movies. It helped music too but I noticed the biggest change with movies. I would try the 10" sub and see if you like it.
  2. How much for the set? How much for the 82s? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I would go with option 2 with the smaller sub. You can always add a second sub later. I have a theater setup in a bonus room and also sit about 16 feet back. I started off with bookshelf speakers that sounded pretty good..then got some rf-25s (early version of the 260. 6" woofers) that were a nice jump. But I didn't really get that impact and soundstage I wanted until I got up to the rf82s and I eventually swapped those for the rf-7 ii. I started off with a sub 10 and eventually got a couple of klipsch reference 12" subs. I would go with the 260s and see how they suit you. Worst case scenario you can always resell them or move them to surround duty if you ever upgrade in the future. (I have my 82s doing surround duty for my 7s.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Are these still available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have to go with the RF-7 II as well. I definitely love the wood veneer look more but I understand why Klipsch went away from it with the III. It basically makes the 7 look like a bigger version of the other speakers. Look consistency in the line. I'm actually torn over the feet. I like the feet on the II but for some reason it seems like the feet in the reference premier line are more subdued and exude a little more elegance. Idk maybe that's just me. I am very curious to hear the new 7s tho. I still own my 7 IIs and still love them. Maybe I'll be able to catch another pair on sale when they get ready to close them out. Then I can replace my RF-82 rears and have 7s all the way around (other than my center). Is there a release date for the IIIs yet? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Wow! Very happy to see this thread still going strong! I chimed in 5 years ago when I got my 7s...and as you can see I haven't had any activity on this forum since then. LOL! I still love my system and it still impresses anyone that comes over. I may eventually go Heritage but the 7s are still sounding great and making me smile from ear to ear whenever I buy a new Blu-Ray. I do want to upgrade soon though. To a 4k projector to replace my current one, a receiver capable of decoding Dolby Atmos and adding 4 of the Klipsch Atmos speakers and upgrading to a borderless screen. Of course none of those are necessities but I love the look of the borderless screens and of course Atmos has impressed me at my local theater. I really hate that the theaters make us choose. 3d OR Atmos. Not both. Of course I choose the sound everytime but I love 3d as well and have the setup at home for it already. Nonetheless new owners and potential new owners. If you're wondering if you made the right decision or wondering if you should pull the trigger then stop thinking about it. These speakers are totally worth it and will satisfy you for a very long time. They may even make you go on a 5 year hiatus like me! Lol. Spend the time and money getting it perfect now and you won't have to worry about it for years and years. Your hearing will give out well before these speakers do! Lol enjoy your setups everyone!
  7. The soundstage on your 82s wil open up more as time goes on....I have to agree about the 7s....a lot of people were shocked when I said the 7s blew away my 82s....they do...sound is bigger...dynamics are better...soundstage is wide....they just do it all so effortlessly. Paired with the 82s as surrounds you will be in home theater heaven.
  8. I do't see anything wrong with the 82s as the back four if you have the room. As others have said having a matched setup all the way arund is great....But the RF-7 ii with 82s rear sounds great as wel which is the setup I have.....As far as the subs I would definitely get what was in your budget as long as it involved two subs....I know only one was recomended but IMO having two makes it so much easier to get smooth even bass throughout the entire room.
  9. I would experiment and see what sounds best to you....since you have a good amp I would set the RF-7 IIs to full range and RC-64 II to 60hz.....Try that then set it back to 80hz.....listen to some music and watch your favorite scene in a movie to see which sounds better to you....For me running the 7s full range sounded way better but your results may vary....experimentation will be your best friend
  10. No affiliation....was browsing on Audiogon and a guy has a pair of Klipschorns with sequential serial numbers for $1800. Says that they are part of an estate he is settling.....this is a great deal. From the ad: Item Description Pair Oak Klipsch Klipschorn speakers in great condition... sound great no issues.. These are priced to sell as they are part of an estate that I am settling.... feel free to give me a call 509 nine nine five one three three seven.. http://app.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-klipschorn-estate-liquidation-sequential-s-no-disappointments-2013-08-02-speakers-99205
  11. The Epsons are good but depending on what you consider "budget" they may be out of your price range. Optoma makes some good budget projectors that you can find on ebay pretty cheap used. HD65, HD20, HD66 just to name a few. I think for the distance and screen size those should work but check out the distance calculator on www.projectioncentral.com to know for sure. Also sometimes you can get projectors with burned out bulbs for next to nothing and buy the bulb for less than $100 which is a heck of a deal for a projector. Browse ebay and amazon. Good luck with finding a replacement
  12. You're not willing to ship any of the posters?
  13. As another happy RF-7II owner I have to say I don't think the speakers will be too bright. I am running my speakers using a Harmon receiver and Integra amp and it sounds amazing. Now when I had my cheapo HTiB receiver they sounded really bright but once I put my Onkyo up there temporarily and when I put the Harman up there things flattened out. But to me they don't sound any brighter than any of the other klipsch speakers I have. They do have more of a presence so they're more in your face but I wouldn't call them brighter per se.....But time really helps them out a lot...As I play my speakers more and more they seem to be coming into their own more and more. But as others have suggested the 83s are really good. I would even go so far as to suggest the 82s as well....But I feel like that any Klipsch speaker improperly setup is going to sound bright because the horn can be unforgiving. Just be sure to run the auto setup on the receiver and double check everything with an accurate SPL meter and you should be fine
  14. Lmao no it doesn't...but then again it doesn't need it....Its so much louder than normal....so if the person isn't right next to you I doubt you would hear them. Nonetheless I haven't really had too many problems with noisy moviegoers....but then again this theater I went to asks for ID after 6. No one under 18 allowed to see a R Rated movie after that time. That eliminated a lot of the rowdy crowd. True you still have the fresh out of high school and over 18 crowd but I don't hesitate to call security in there if the folks just won't shut up. I've only had to do hat twice....one it worked..once it didn't so I emailed corporate and they sent me free tickets and really upped security there. At $11 a ticket I'm not afraid to complain and use my resources....$11 a ticket plus however much I spend in their wine bar area drinking glasses of wine and making sundaes. That's too much money for me to be unhappy....So if someone won't shut up don't be afraid to use your resources...Theaters want us there and happy....they want our money...so let your dis pleasures be known. But enough on that I still haven't seen Star Trek either.....it's still at that same theater...even though its available in Atmos they are not showing it in Atmos. Man of Steel is the first and only one thus far but I'm sure there will be more. I know that new Wolverine movie is supposed to have Atmos mixing in addition to numerous other movies coming out this summer. I really don't want to watch any more movies without it, lol.
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