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    Two Channel:
    Mains: Klipsch Cornwall IV
    AVR: Denon AVR-X6200W

    Home Theater:
    Mains: Klipsch Palladium P-37F
    Center: Klipsch Palladium P-27C
    Surrounds: Klipsch Palladium P-27S
    Atmos: Klipsch In-Ceiling
    Sub: Klipsch RT-10D
    AVR: Denon AVR-X4500W

    Klipsch RP-600m
    Sub: Klipsch SW-311
    AVR: Denon AVR-X4000

    Mains: Klipsch KLF-20s
    AVR: Denon AVR-2803

    Mains: Klipsch RVX-42
    AVR: Denon AVR-3313

    Paradigm Studio-60s v.2

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  1. Very nice. I have read that the forte iv’s sound is more like the Cornwall IV than before. I have not heard the New Forte’s but I have the Cornwalls and I love them. I use a sub, crossed over at 40Hz, so it does not do much on most material. Enjoy! Another hit by Klipsch. I’m so happy about new Heritage model updates.
  2. Last time I experimented with moving a sub around I measured 6 dB more SPL from the corner then from a position on the wall, which I think is what the math says to expect. So that may explain the delta. Even one sub is sometimes hard to integrate, well bass is hard to get right period. Two subs will require some experimentation. I’ve tried and never gotten two subs to sound better than one, unless maybe both were one the front wall inside the mains, and even that was a maybe. Good luck experimenting. Curious, what track(s) are you listening to to judge your bass?
  3. I must say, I like when Fido posts about photography.
  4. Thanks Shakey. I tried Tidal, but decided for overall convenience with all my devices and situations I like Spotify's experience the best. That said, I just went back and looked at what Tidal offers these days and it looks much improved. I may take another look. Spotify at 320 is pretty good, but better yet is that Spotify is introducing Spotify HiFi (just announced) that will provide lossless like Tidal. So I'll get to lossless in a few months one way or another. R Greg Dawson
  5. The room is 14 feet wide by about 17ft deep. The ceilings are 9 feet on one side and 12 ft on the other. That table is temporary, but has the dimensions I'm looking for in a wooden media cabinet. After days of searching I found a piece and that has been ordered. Now, I'm looking for the perfect listening chair I am currently driving the Cornwalls with a Denon AVR-X6200W. But I am considering dedicated two-channel options, such as the Benchmark AHB2 amplifier paired with some sort of Pre-amp DAC. Also considering a Hypex nCore or Purifi Eigentakt based amplifier kit that can operate in an enclosed cabinet like this, at this altitude (6500ft) and not get hot. I may use the AVR as a pre-amp for some time as well, so one step at a time. I stream all my music from Spotify, or maybe Pandora for casual background music. I use a Logitech Squeezebox to deliver the digital stream to the AVR and I have a little Surface tablet to control what I play from the chair.
  6. The closest Certified Heritage Dealer to me that has Cornwalls to demo is Tulsa, Oklahoma - long way from Colorado Springs, CO. The first time I heard Cornwalls, I was about 24, so 36 years ago. I loved them. My brother has some original Cornwalls and raves about them still decades later. But what put me over the edge, finally, was my son, who has been overseas since going into the Air Force 10 years ago, got stationed in the US and asked me what to buy for speakers for "Home Theater" since he finally had a room for one. I advised him to get a pair of Cornwalls and not worry about multi-channel, yet. He bought the Cornwalls and just raved and raved about them. I read every review, as I have read every review of Klipsch products, but I even watched every YouTube review I could find. Steve Guttenburg and Andrew Robinson both raved about them, including the modern Heritage line's "audiophile level" qualities. Steve Guttenburg mentioned how great they sound at low and normal listening levels, too, and that they sound "large", which is what I was looking for. If you have ever listened to, say, a Jazz ensemble in a small club, from a table about 15-20 feet away, then, then that is what I mean by large sound. Anyway, I had a well formed mental idea of what I expected/hoped of them. Then I asked myself, why do I not have these yet? Well, the only room in my house that has room for them is the formal living room. You know, the room that has the nicest furniture, that you look at and take prom pictures in, but never use. It has hitherto been off limits for audio/video gear (trust me the rest of the house is full of gear). I had to dispense with that rule. I used some KLF-20's to experiment with the room. I also used some Paradigms Studio 60s. Just to see how the room would sound and experiment with how I could arrange the furniture and keep the room looking nice. After a week of this, my wife mentioned she likes music in that room. She knows me and she knows one positive word and I'm going to do it. That was all the encouragement I needed. So I made the call. Yes, I was nervous. But buying from a local dealer meant I could recover if I did not like them. They look beautiful, like nice furniture, so they actually work well in my room that has a piano and fancy white couches and glass tables. Of course the wood work is great, but also a shout out to Klipsch on the grills. Super perfect. I have not turned on the TV since they arrived. Music-only is so much fun now, especially with no TV screen involved, for some reason. I really love these things and I'm thanking my lucky stars to experience them.
  7. Finally. Proud new owner of Cornwall IV's in American Walnut. I should have done this a long time ago. Purchased from local dealer, ListenUp. Though ListenUp is not a Certified Heritage Dealer, they sell the whole line and had them in stock. Some 30 years ago I purchased a pair of Forte II's from this dealer, from a salesman named Gary. Why I remember that, I don't know. So I called them up, on a Thursday, asked for Gary (he's still there, though higher up in the food chain, I'm sure!). "Can you have them at my house tomorrow, cuz I'm going out of town Saturday?" He told me that he had to get them from the warehouse in Denver (I'm in Colorado Springs). He guaranteed me he would get them to my house if he had to deliver them himself. Next day he shows up in he own car, a Nissan Cube or something like that. He laughed and said his car is apparently designed to perfectly fit a pair of Cornwalls. These things are truly glorious! My hopes/expectations were sky high. They have been met. This is the best sound I have ever had. Ever.
  8. I wish I had the P17B's. I was on the fence at the time and I went for the P27s for reasons of space and a cleaner look. Absent that, I think the P-17B's would have been a better way to go. RGD
  9. Never got the P-312W sub. I was trying to spread the costs out a little at the time and thought I would pick one up later. Later never happened. I regret that. The sub I have is and RT-D10 - also outclassed by the Palladiums, and I have on my list still to get a Palladium class sub. R Greg Dawson
  10. Speaker Choices look good to me (side surrounds more important than rear and atmos/ceiling). I'm assuming screen will be on short wall? One piece of (humble) advice before you cut holes. Make sure you are certain about seating position first. Since you are even talking about having rear surrounds, then I'm assuming the seating position is away from rear wall (good), but how much? In similar situation, I opted for 5.1.4, that is 4 ceiling speakers and surround sides only, not rear. That said, I've wondered on 5.1.4 vs 7.1.2, but I really did not have a choice.
  11. I have P-37F's for the front L-R, P-27C Center, P-27S for surrounds for the 5.1.x part. And for the Atmos speakers I have 4 Klipsch In-Ceiling speakers, I think CDT-3650-II. My room is not ideal, but I've done the best I can with it. I know the little ceiling speakers are way outclassed by everything else, but in practice it works fine.
  12. Update. He bought Cornwalls, they arrived, and they are beautiful. In his words, he is "just Over the Moon" in terms of satisfaction. He is still waiting for his household goods to arrive from overseas, but he did have a very cheap, bottom of the line Denon receiver on hand. He's done minimal experimentation with positioning and toe-in, and he doesn't want to change anything because, he says, it sounds so amazing. Even though he has heard my Palladium system, I've never seen him react to sound like this. He told me that he was very pleased that the Cornwalls had certain qualities he was hoping for after listening to the Palladiums. (I intentionally did not ask which he liked better, haha) I think his Cornwalls might sound better in his room than my Palladiums do in my multi-use non-ideal room setup, anyway. He described the sound as amazing, he is hearing things he has never heard before, like how the guitar pick hits the strings, and artists taking breaths, locations, and such. He said it just sounds like the sound is coming from the whole wall, no indication there are actually two speakers there. Looks like he discovered what imaging is. Yesterday, after getting it all running, he said, "I will never forget this day." We all remember that first time we heard sound that changed the way we think about audio and made us audio nuts, aka "audiophiles". His was yesterday. We spent the evening texting each links to songs, while he played on his system in Louisiana and me on mine in Colorado. As "Dad" I fully appreciated the bonding experience this has been and will now always be. It has awakened in him a new appreciation of high fidelity music. So, now I am re-inspired. I'm planning on redoing my formal living room, which I walk past, look at, but don't use, into a "Music Room" (Piano, guitar, and 2-CH Audio). The dimensions are the same as his. I put some spare KLF-20's in there to test the concept. It is going to work well and my wife likes the idea of buying new furniture, haha. I could do Klipschorns, nicely, but I'm too afraid of that commitment. So, I'm thinking Cornwalls, also. Overall, I'm pleased as punch at the outcome. And we have a plan for multi-channel at some point down the road for movie watching. R Greg Dawson
  13. Good points. The TV will actually be 73" wide. The picture I posted shows the TV stand wider at 87", but that has not been purchased. Realistically, the Cornwalls can be closer together, such that the width angle from the listening position can be as narrow as 57 degrees. I was chuckling to myself. He is newly married. So when he and his wife watch TV, well, they are both sitting in the sweet spot, haha. RGDawson
  14. From the listener perspective, front wall is 14 ft wide. total front to back is almost 17 feet. The right side wall is 11 feet (cut short by doorway). Initially, will be powered with a Denon AVR-X3600, cuz that is what he has. RG Dawson
  15. Looks like humidifier type residue, to me, but hard to tell with pictures. But I would use a damp soft cotton cloth and see if it wipes right off easily. RG Dawson
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