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  1. ^ You mean, how does IT sound? Like I said, I have a channel out so I can only hear one at a time right now. I would say Im a little disappointed. Its bright. I know thats the Klipsch sound but I was expecting more low end thump stepping up from the RF-3s that Ive had forever to the RF-7s. I loved my RF-3s but I wanted more strength on the lows in 2 ch. I have the RS-3s and RC-3s that went with my RF-3s in my surround setup but I dont have a standalone subwoofer and Im about 95% 2 ch. music to 5% movie surround. I was hoping that the RF-7s would blow away my RF-3s with chest pounding kick drums and rock me to sleep with bass guitar notes. Im wondering how much of this is my setup. Ive never ran any EQ at all on my home sound. Ive got a B&K Reference 50 pre with a B&K AV5000 5-ch amp @ 105W-125W/channel. Its all pure signal with no adulteration. Im wondering if I need to EQ and push more power to get the RF-7s to vibrate. I noticed with my RF-3s that with tracks that had strong bass the RF-3s would bounce. Ive only ran the RF-7 through one track so far. I used to run my RF-3s off my Hegeman Hapi 2 with my Jennings Research "The Amp" @ 200W/channel. It might have been my imagination but that shit sounded sweet. Had to modernize so I could utilize my my surround speakers and interface with all my devices and the Jennings amp had a really nasty turn-off thump.
  2. I can only listen to one of them right now because my other channel was fried during a lightning storm. I need to get in there and fix that other channel. Can anyone point me to where I should look first? Cap? Transformer? Transistor?
  3. All right. I got them. 12 driving hours later and one sore lower back. Anybody know how to breakdown the serial #'s on these to find any interesting info like date of manufacture? Also, they say "RF-7-II BSTOCK" on the label on the back. Does this mean these were factory rejects?
  4. Well. Yall are obviously a much more dedicated bunch than me. I have some limits to my obsessions.
  5. Thanks TasDom. Anybody else have any opinions?
  6. $930? There is a set available to me for $930. Is this a good price? Ive been looking on eBay for years with a "saved search" and the cheapest Ive ever seen them is around $800 but they are usually asking $1100 or so. This is the first pair that has come up under $1k that is within a one day drive of my house. This price includes my gas so thats a total.
  7. For some background...I have a pair RF-3 floorstanders, pair of RS-3 surrounds and an a single RC-3 center. I have my RF-3 pair covered with a 2 channel amp that I plan to keep. My problem is in finding a 3 channel amp to power my surrounds and center channel. Ive been hawking ebay for a good deal on a 3 channel amp but they are hard to find and/or expensive. Ive been kicking around a couple of ideas around this problem but Im not sure if it will cause speaker damage, amp damage, inaccurate playback of surround tracks or just plain sound like poop. The first option I voice at the risk of being labeled noobtacular, that is, running maybe a 5 or 6 channel amp and only using the 3 channels that I need. If the amp had 5 or 6 completely separate stages and power supplies like a Sherbourne 5/1500 I wouldnt even be asking this question, but Im cautious about loading only 3 channels of a traditional 5/6 channel amp design with a shared power supply and whatever else. Would this cause premature wear of the amp? Some kind of channel imbalance problem, maybe? I searched the net and this simple info is relatively hard to find. I thought it might be because its rather difficult to phrase properly in a search box without getting a million hits of irrelevant results or it could be because its a completely obvious answer that only an audio 'tard would ask. Help this audio 'tard with an obvious answer. The second option would be setting up a 2 channel amp for my surrounds and using another 2 channel amp on my center channel wired like this... http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn104/nola000/Ampbi-wire.jpg Taking advantage of the bi-wire option and using like a 2 x 50w or 2 x 75w amp to power the center with a splitter cable combining the two amp channels to the single center channel feed from the source/pre-amp. Would this cause any problems? Is this less than ideal soundwise compared to a 3 channel amp? Thanks
  8. Good idea. I wasnt sure where to post since I was also asking where to purchase something new.
  9. Anybody here know where I can get a set of grills for my RF-3s? I dont care if they are used or not, broken pegs or not. Ill just glue the pegs back on. I bought my RF-3s used and they didnt come with any grills at all. I called Klipsch and they said they dont sell grills for the RF-3s anymore. Ill take any I can get, new, used, broken, whatever.
  10. Anybody have any suggestions for upgrading the x-overs in the RF-3s? Or any other mods for the RF-3s?
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