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  1. I wasn't sure if i wanted to reply to all to you be it seems that some people didn't really understand my message. Please read all this post before doing some false conclusions!!!!!! First of all i want to thank Amy for the reply, they do take care of some issues but like i said in my first post: I don't care about the center channel this is not my main concern. For the people who are saying that its pretty annoying to see people complain about silly things like that. I have to tell them that it's our duty as a consumer to give our full opinion about a product. I'm not a spoiled child who every time he want something he goes and cry to his daddy for him to buy it. My money doesn't fall from trees and I do work to get money like almost everybody. Anyway let's go back to my main concern and it's the fact that Klipsch did some correction to the wiring/connections and even the control pod in the 5.1 that coulded be made on the 4.1 before they put out on the market. And this is why i fell like i'm being cheated. I'll requote what amy said about the pod: The control pod is completely different from the control pods of the previous versions, and I'm quite certain it will be completely clean (top priority!). What??? Wasnt that a top priority when you went from the v2-400 to the 4.1??? now you are telling me that all the complaining of the owners of the v2-400 did about the control prod were not all respected... please don't say that your engineers came out suddenly with a solution a month ago. I know that it take more than a month to came out with an idea, to put on paper, to design it, to do a prototype, to test it and when it's approved, to redesign the assembly lines. And 4.1 are not more than one year old... It was a bad move to let people buy the 4.1 knowing that the control pod wasn't good enough. And that, get people angry. What about the wiring and the connections? You knew that some customers didn't like the 1/8" (3.5mm) mono minijack and the 22 gauge and some people went and changed by themselves the wiring. You did no changes in the 4.1 and i thought that was the best you could do but what i'm seeing now on the 5.1??? spring clips--plus 18 gauge wire!! Heh! funny heh! So what's give the assurance now that the same history wont be made on the 5.1?? By the way, people who are thinking that the improvements made on the 5.1 are a new technology i have to tell you that spring clips and 18 gauges were invented long before i was born. Going from a PIII processor to a PIV processor is an advanced in technology. Please don't mix up things!!!! This is not a hate letter, this is only a fan of Klipsch who has a feeling of disappointment every time he looks at his promedia 4.1 from now on. If Klipsch had released the 4.1 with the corrections they've made on the 5.1 even though that the 5.1 has a bigger sub and a center i won't be writing all the stuff above and i'm quite sure that some of the 4.1 owners (not the v2-400 owners) will agree with all i said. I already know that Klipsch is making the best that they can do to make a high-end personal computer audio system at low price and I, somehow, love them for that. But they have to admit that theyve made a mistake on the 4.1 and that we, owners of that audio system, are paying the price.
  2. Next move from Klispch: Promedia 5.1 DIGITAL? So now Klipsch's people, you gonna wait till a lot of people buys the 5.1 and then u gonna take out a new improved 5.1 with a digital decoder??? U starting to look like those big compagnies who only concern is too make more profit now!!! When u started to make the v2-400 we had the feeling that u listened to the customer and it's exactly what u did but now, i'm starting to loose faith in u. I still remember, when the 5.1 sound cards came out and the 5.1 speakers starting to show up in the market, that people asked about having a center channel and your tech support answered that we don't NEED a center channel because the 2 front satellites were stronght enough to emulate some kind of a ghost center channel. Guess what? I took your word for that and i went to buy the 4.1!!!!!! Now u telling people "oh yeah!! it's better to have a center channel now". I don't care about that center channel. Get real people; don't tell me you're always watching dvd's on a 19" screen or even on a 21" screen and what is good a center channel for games and mp3's?? What really piss me off it's the improvements u made on the remaining part of the promedias such as the sub and especially the wiring/connections... lot of people were complaining about the wiring/connections on the v2-400 and u made no change on the 4.1... I fell like i'm being cheated big time. That was from amy: Yes on the spring clips--plus 18 gauge wire!! The control pod is completely different from the control pods of the previous versions, and I'm quite certain it will be completely clean (top priority!). I was willing to pay the extra 100$ just to get those improvements with the 5.1. U never shoulded make the 4.1 if u knew that they still had some imperfections. What's making me laugh is people who are thinking of selling their new 4.1 to buy the 5.1. Well boys, be ready to go on a trip that we'll never end for now on. The only winner will be klipsch So long guys, no more Klipsch for me.
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