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  1. I see the RF-7's were made in Hope but the Klipsch website doesn't list a manufacturing location for the RF-7 II's. Anyone know where they are made ?
  2. Some interesting comments below the article from locals, possibly connected with Klipsch Indianapolis: "I hope that Audiovox isn't serious about Klipsch bringing profits with them. When the last round of layoffs were announced recently, staff was told that the company was near death. Unless the reasons given for the layoffs were not the truth, something is wrong with communications - or Audiovox hasn't looked at the Klipsch financials yet."
  3. As a business owner, let me state why this is a stupid deal: #1. Know your target consumer Klipsch quality consumers, your die hard fans as the people here are, buy Klipsch for the quality. These customers will NOT buy Klipsch speakers made by Audiovox period. I know I would NEVER ! Audiovox customers shop at Wal Mart and Target for cheap plastic crap made in China. Audiovox customers have never even heard of the Klipsch name and won't be drawn to the "Klipsch" branded product by the name. That leave a big WHY ? This is seriously dumb for Audiovox and only a money grab for the current Klipsch owners.
  4. If you weren't tired of my "what are these worth" questions, here's another. I've been digging hard trying to find some good "pretty" speakers to replace my Industrial LaScalas. How about a pair of mid 70's Belle's ? They are in generally OK shape with a few dings on the corners. Whatcha think on these?
  5. Gosh, you know......... this is kind of like some huge well respected US auto manufacturer being sold off to some crappy foreign econobox builder with a reputation for building junk. You know, a company like........... say, Fiat. Oh ........... wait a minute................
  6. Thank You for the helpful answer. I'm glad to see there's one person here who's trying to help. Here is a link to a thread about the value of 1984 Cornwalls that will help. Here's a link for you and all your help: http://www.rpmmotorsportstulsa.com/images/ThankYou.gif
  7. Thank You for the helpful answer. I'm glad to see there's one person here who's trying to help.
  8. Not really what I'm looking for but there is a pair for sale in my town. What would you say they are worth ? If I don't get them, could help someone here.
  9. Don't worry, Klipsch to still be headquarted in Hope........................ Hope, China that is [:'(]
  10. Not selling, looking to buy. There's a guy here local trying to sell a pair for $3600 which is too much. I was thinking $2500 max.
  11. The first song you should play on them is "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Would a Lincoln out road a Ford Fiesta? Yeah, yeah, yeah............ I know the RF-82 II's are not going to sound as good as the La Scalas. In fact, it's not a size problem, I have plenty of room for them, it's an aesthetics problem. Pretty new house, pretty new furniture, ugly Industrial big boxes just don't look so great in the room. I've been looking for a good deal on some nice woodgrain La Scalas or Belle's for months now. I have not had any luck finding anything within 200 miles. Did you see the price I paid for the RF-82 II's ??? These things always sell for $1150-1200 a pair. I paid $229 each plus shipping. I figured for that, I could use them for awhile and keep my eye out for some nice "pretty" Heritage Klipsch speakers. I can always sell the RF-82 II's for what I paid for them. One thing that has always made me scratch my head on the Heritage Klipsch speakers is how a friends pretty woodgrain Belle's don't hold a candle to my Industrial La Scalas. My La Scalas have WAY !!!! more bass response than his Belles. In fact the first time I was over at his house, he did not know I had the La Scalas. He bragged to me about how great his Belles were and gave me the full demo. I just laughed at him and told him to come over to my house. He begged me for years to sell him the Industrial La Scalas. No matter what, I will NEVER sell the Industrial La Scalas. I think I just need to keep my eyes open for some nice woodgrain La Scalas.
  12. This thread is so about me. 100% Guilty ! I just moved into a beautiful new house, all new living room furniture, swore I wouldn't do this but couldn't resist. <------------------ See those Industrial La Scalas ? Yep, in the living room. They just sound so damn good, couldn't help myself. I did however find something a couple nights ago that I just couldn't pass up. New open box cherry RF-82 II's for $229 each. They had 3, I bought 2. Was this a stupid deal ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rt=nc&nma=true&item=170584889802&si=npcmGTNk4TxtDDqH6EcsaXCtHjU%253D&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT Awaiting the arrival of the RF-82 II's to replace the La Scalas in the living room. I hope they sound close to as good.
  13. Holy thread resurection............. yeah, I know. I was researching the difference between regular and industrial LaScalas and came across this thread. I'm unfamiliar with this "fiberglass alunimum trim" industrial version mentioned in the quote. See my avatar for my Industral La Scalas. Mine are seperates/splits with the aluminum trim. What are these fiberglass versions? not mine ???
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