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  1. Let me add this, when I was young (1980's) I started to use my La Scala's for local gigs. Power and volume increased over time to the point I smoked the woofers. Had a relationship with the local Peavey dealership and replaced the woofers with the ones that went into the FH1's. I didn't notice a difference until I added a second set of original La Scala's next to my modified ones. The Peavy were a couple of DB more efficient.
  2. There are 2 FH2's which have 2 15's in them which I used to run down to 55 hrtz even though they are 60 htz cutoff. As long as you don't over exert them they sounded great. I think the diamond in the rough is the MB1 on top of the red FH2's. It is a mid horn with a 12 inch driver that has a low cutoff of 250 hrtz and extends to 1200 hrtz. If they have two of them that would be the first thing I would buy. With my MWM's, the MB1's and with JBL 2445's on a 90 degree 2350 horns, I had a killer live system. It sits in the garage because I don't do live sound anymore and haven't convinced the wife to allow me to put it in the house!
  3. Hello all: I have these components sitting my garage which I was using to do live shows. I am in the San Antonio area. Lets talk!
  4. A single double on Ebay.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-HUGE-67-Inch-By-45-Inch-PROFESSIONAL-LOUD-SPEAKER-/263060334165?hash=item3d3f9e2655:g:cKAAAOSwPWRZUw-g
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Bass-Bins-/352042603030?hash=item51f75fd216:g:8bsAAOSwCQZZBNMR
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/192033047771?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT In Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-MCM-1900-Speaker-System-120-Db-At-1-Watt-Audiophile-Speakers-LOOK-/121236583708?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Speaker_Drivers_Horns&hash=item1c3a43751c
  8. I want but no shipping. In Florida. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-School-Massive-working-Peavey-MB-1-Mid-Bass-Horn-Speakers-Super-Loud-Fla-/140991649960?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Speakers_Monitors&hash=item20d3c1d8a8
  9. I guess more information would have helped. The LBR sits on a 16 cubic foot vented box with 2 18" EV drivers. The high horns in the LaScala are not used. The link to the Flickr picture is a screen shot of the digital crossover. It appears that there is a gap in the 2k region but the low slope on the high horn compliments the horn's response. It has been time aligned with Smaart live. It was kind of a project to put together extra stuff around the house I don't use for sound reinforcement any more. With DSP processing you can accomplish a bunch of compensating with non matching equipment. This is the crossover: http://www.bssaudio.com/productpg.php?product_id=4
  10. I use my LaScala bins for the mid range in my 3 way system. they have a low crossover @ 125 Hz 36 db NTM and @ 2k on the top with a LR 24db slope. It integrates well with the JBJ 2395's with 2445 drivers low crossed @ 2.93k and a Bessel 12 db slope and a 12 db/oct upslope @ 10.9k +10db. With a digital crossover you can smooth out the weird nodes in the upper portion of the box. A screen shot of the curve. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18946674@N08/5058778501/
  11. Hello; I have ben lurking for a while but decided to respond as to the reliability of Klipsch for live situations. I purchased a set of LBR speakers for my home system in 1982. I slowly started using them for pro gigs. My biggest concern was scratches and dents. I had covers made for them. As time went on, they were less pristine. Their final configuration was in a three way setup with Peavey FH2's for low end, the Klipsch 15" was my mid and the horns were the highs. At one point we were dubbed the loudest band on the San Antonio riverwalk, got complaints from the 8th floor! I ran this setup for around 10 years with the 15" powered with a QSC MX1500 until one detached from the voice coil. 375 watts into 8 ohms with 3db headroom. I'd say not bad for 3.75 times the rated woofer power. Never blew a horn using a similar amp. My MCM 1900 subs were powered by an MX3000 since the early 90's. The amp will blink now and then which makes me paranoid but they keep on trucking! Now that I am old, fat and lazy I have replaced the HEAVY QSC amps with Carver PT series. Same era but a hell of a lot lighter! Cheers Phil!
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