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  1. I do have a nice sub to go with that sytem.... and it's a real nice one----------SVS-CS ultra the legendary cylindrical powerful sub...... BTW, Thank you all for helping me out......really appreciated!!
  2. Hi, I plan to get a amp to power my 2 front main speakers. The amp is Adcom GFA 5800, which is very powerful and rated as 250 watt RMS into 8 ohms. My 2 front main speakers are klipsch RVX-54 and they are 150 w max continuous (600 w peak) Now comes my question, will this amp too powerful on these speakers and render the possibility to blow them out?? Thanks for any suggetion!
  3. Hi, guys. I am planning to addd a sub for my HT system. I am sort of debating between SW-450 and Rw-10D subwoofer. Anyone has experience in comparing them with each other? I am using them mostly for watching movies and occasionally for music... My front main are klipsch RVX-54and center is RVX-4.... (money is a littel bit tight, so will not consinder more expensive one like Rw-12D,etc....) Looking forward to your suggetion and your help is greatly appreciated!!!
  4. I have a pair of RVX-54 speakers, each of them is 150 w max continuous. My current receiver is Yamaha RX-V765 and it's 95W Per Channel. Considering this, do I need to add an amp for the receiver to fully power up those front speakers? I am new to audio field and your help is much appreciated!
  5. thank wuzzzer for the quick reply. I appreciate it very much.... I just spent MUCH more on RVX-54 compared to on KG 3.5 , which made me hesitate to use RVX-54 as surrounds ( you tend to use more expensive ones as main front as a general rule, right? ) But I will try both way as you've suggested to see which setting is better... I will probably remove my current cneter speaker and find a proper one to suit in. Good suggestions, thanks again!
  6. Hi, all I am new to this froum and no shame to reveal that I am new to "audio" world as well..... I recenlty purchsed a pair of Klipsch RVX-54 and plan to use them as main front speakers. I also got a pair of old model ( Klipsch KG 3.5) from a local sale with a steal price.... [] BTW, I use Yamaha RX-V765 as reveiver, yamaha NS-Ap6500C as central speaker ( realize it's the weak point though) and a 8'' Yamaha sub (75 watt) My question are listed as following: 1. May I use Klipsch KG 3.5 as rear/ surround speakers to set up 5.1 system? Do I need to buy suggested RSX-4 Surrounds ? I am trying to save money here and also dig out the full potentials of old KG 3.5. But will that comprise the full efficency of whole syatem? 2. How do you score my current set-up in general? I know the central channe is a weak point and will replace it with RVX-42 Center "significantly" improve the quality of sound ? ( I know it will but does it worth the money? ) [:'(] Look forward to your "expert" opinion and thanks in advance!!~~~~ [|-)]
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