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    hey John: the efficiency of your loudspeaker is determined by the lowest efficiency driver in the system which is the woofer in this case. Cabinet type does not have any impact upon driver efficiency which cannot be changed. Al Klappenburger told me once that the Fore ll is a solid 95 db efficient system. There are many methods of calculating room gain and so system efficiency but I think that 99 db is over optimistic for a Forte ll. The output of most speaker systems will roll off very quickly below 100 Hz and the given efficiency numbers can only be realistically expected above 100 -150Hz. You can enhance your low frequency output by placing the speakers closer to the wall or the corners. But your system efficiency is set in stone at around 95 - 96db for yor speakers. This is actually a very respectable value by the way. Cornwall is a little higher probably a couple of db LaScala a couple more. To achieve effiency levels over 101 db will require a lot of large bass bins and amps to run them. I hope this helps and I hope that you are still enjoying your Forte ll. My son is enjoying mine and my daughter a set of modified KLF20. Best regards Moray James.
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