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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Deceide to purchase a used Harmony One to see how it will do before I take the plunge. Did alote of reading and the Harmony ultimate one reviewed not so well. Will take a hard look at the Harmony Elite if it goes well with my purchase. Thanks, again.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Just wondering about operating the on demand with a universal remote? Anyone actually use this function with there remote?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but not many good reviews on this product. Don't need something to run everything inn the house. Would like it to be some what user friendly. My son in law is a stereo buff and suggested looking for a older model Harmony 880.
  4. My system is some what complete. In search of universal remote to operate everything. Sharp LC-80LE642U 80" TV Emotiva XPA-2 Channel Amp Marantz MM 7055 5 Channel Amp Marantz AV 7701 7 Channel Pre Amp Marantz UD 5007 Blue Ray Player Marantz CD 6005 CD Player Premier Series XLR Gold Plated Audio Cables Sound 10 Gauge Speaker Cable with Sewell Banana Plugs. NGR Audio Rack. Klipsch RF-7II Mains Klipsch RC-64II center Klipsch RP-250S Side Surrounds Klipsch RS-52II Back Surrounds 4 VTI Surround Sound Stands. HSU VTF-15H MK2 Sub PS3
  5. Thanks everyone for the ideas and inpute. As for now, I deceided to go with a set of the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250S for my side or back speakers. I can put these on stands to get at proper level. I will use my set of RS 52-II for the other set. If they don't sound match, I will replace the 52"s down the road. I cant put on wall as this isn't my house. I will post a comment and picture when I get everything put together. Thanks again, Brad.
  6. What do you think of using a set of the RB 61II's? Was also looking at a set of the RP-250's. Cost and size makes the 61's a better choice but it will be 1 of the 2. What do you think?
  7. Hi all, name is Brad. Joined about 5 years ago when I bought my old system. Then is was 5.1 system: Pioneer VSX-1120 9 channel receiver RF-82II mains RC-62II center RS-52II surround HSU VTF2 MK3 subwoofer Small compared to most hear but to me, kicked *** for music witch I use mostly. Probably 80-85%. CD's Currently putting together a new system. It will be 7.1. I do want the surround sound for Blue-ray movies, but music is my thing (that's why I have the 6005 just for). Love it in Extended stereo. Room size is about 24x24. New set up so far: Marantz AV7701 Pre tuner Marantz MM7055 5 channel amplifier Marantz CD6005 disc player Marantz UD5007 blue-ray disk player Emotiva XPA 2 channel amp. Klipsch RF-7II mains Klipsch RC-64II center Klipsch RS-52II side surround. What I'm wondering, if I use my Rs-52II surrounds for side speakers, would a set of RF-82II or 62II towers work as my back surround set? I do know I will loose allot as a surround speaker, but hope to gain in music as I really like to listen in extended stereo. Brad
  8. Like I said. I listen to 75-80% music. Want the surround sound for 7.1 movies. I like the idea of towers for back speakers using the RS-52II for side speakers. I listen to music sometimes in extended stereo. If my backs are tower speakers, maybe RF-52II'a, 62II's would that not sound better with music? I know I would loose some on movies but would I not gain on music? Cant afford another set of RF-7II's.
  9. Can anyone give me feedback on the RP-250 S surround speakers? Thinking about buying 2 now to go with my RS-52II's, then getting 2 more at a latter date if they ont match good enough.
  10. Ok, I would like to keep all 4 surround speakers the same. I will just use what I have for know. would like to stay with klipsch but open to suggestions.
  11. Thanks Bill, the towers are out. Its down to the RP 250s or a set of book shelf speakers.
  12. Hey Bill. Thanks for your input. I live in Tacoma WA. The company I thought had the second set of 52"s said they would sell me a set of RP 250s for same price, 640 for a set. Some have suggested a second set of RF-7II's for the back. That's to rich for my blood. What about a set of RF-62II's or RF-82II's?
  13. Hey guys, great ideas and information. I have not had the privilege of a heritage speaker, Not ready to go there. If I like, I will want. I'm just about at the end of my budget for this time of year. I love the reference series for there looks and music ability. Love the bass punch at very hi volume. That is why I went for such a large Sub. HSU sub's are the shit. I listen to music about 75% of the time. So, last night I thought I purchased a second set of the RS-52II's. Received a e mail this morning that they no longer have and I should buy a set of RP-250s speakers. Guess I'm back to square 1. Need some ideas for sides and back for the 7.1 set up. I do have the set of RS-52II. Should I keep them and add ? Sell them and get 4 of ? Been told by Klipsch support to keep surrounds the same. Brad
  14. Purchased a Emotiva XPA-2 to run my Klipsch RF-7II. Know need something to run with my RS-52II on the 7.1 end. Ideas?
  15. Ok. Thanks for all the replys. I'm actually making some progress hear. New plan is to amp the Mains. It was suggested to purchas a couple Monoblocks. Went on Audiogon a saw a couple possibilitys but not exactley sure what I'm doing. I will go 7.1 at a later date but would like to buy a very good 2 channel amp or a couple single channel amps. Will consider used for now to see what sounds good. Plus the price could be better to start. Ideas? Thanks everyone. Love this site. Brad
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