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    Besides audio, I'm really into film as an art form, both American and foreign.
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    I made an outrageous 5.1 system in my apartment living room out of used equipment and Klipsch speakers. I have 2 Cornwall 3s in the front, 2 Epic 3s in the rear. I'm embarrassed that I forgot my center channel model. It was made in the 80s (I think) and is big and very heavy compared to modern center channels. I"m using the preamp from a HK AVR 3600, a 3 channel Emotiva amp for the front and an Onkyo for the rear.

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  1. Thanks very much. That's what i thought. I even tried a new integrated amplifier to eliminate the Sansui as a source of the problem.
  2. Hello all, My son the original klipsch Forte speakers. He used one of those CD cleaner disks that contains a phasing test. Well, the test indicated his speakers were not in phase. We checked the wiring about ten times: Positive to positive and negative to negative from a restored Sansui 9090DB. We then tested two other Klipsch speakers, a pair of KG 1.5 with the same result. The second sound on the disk is supposed be softer and it isn't. All the speakers are original except for the installion of new Crites tweeter titanium diagraphams on the Fortes. Last night, my son read an article that states these phase testing disks don't work on some speakers, due to the way the crossover is set up. They sound fine, with plenty of deep bass. Anyone have an idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.
  3. I want to sell my Klipsch KLF-30 speakers. I'm asking $425. I live near Fresno CA. I am right on the Fresno border and 5 minutes from a major freeway. A divorce forced me to sell my house some years ago. These monsters need space and are too big for my apartment. (One can't sit two feet from the huge horns.) They sound their best in the corners of a medium to large room. They also sound reveal their full potential powered by a good amplifier. A cheap multimedia receiver won't cut it. With solid state equipment, I thought my Sansui receivers were perfect matches. My Sansui G-8000 made them sing. They can easily be restored to new condition with parts from Bob Crites. These speakers have a full sound with unbelievable bass response. There are very high in efficiency and can easily be driven with a low powered tube amp. Condition: There work perfectly. They have an oak finish. The backs were firmly secured by the last owner. The primary defect is a juice stain on the top of one speaker. I just use a cloth to cover the stain. I'm sure it can be removed by the more knowledgeable. Their serial numbers are not sequential. I've read that the matching numbers just ensure a wood grain continuity and don't affect the sound. If I'm wrong, I welcome more accurate information. One speaker is missing a Klipsch badge. I also have two cats. There has never been smoking in my living area. They certainly are able to get very loud without a trace of distortion. This is a stock photo of the speakers in black with all the specks. I will take actual photos for those interested. The reason I don't have them now is that I have a bad back and would have to move them to get a decent photo. There are no other major cosmetic flaws. They may have some superficial scratches that can only be seen by a close inspection. I'm about 3 hours from the Bay area and 3 1/2 hours from the LA area. I drove 2 hours to pick them up in my Toyota Corolla. I actually damaged the interior of my car trying to fit them in my back seat. I can't meet anybody half way for 2 reasons: my bad back and small car. These monsters need a pickup truck or SUV. I would be happy to ship but have no boxes. So if anybody wants them shipped, they would have to make all the arrangements. They were never upgraded or changed, to the best of my knowledge. As I mentioned, I am not the first owner. I bought them from someone on the Klipsch forum. I would be sorry to see them go. But they take up so much room in my small bedroom, it's ridiculous. Please send me an email if interested. I sometimes don't log on for days. Thanks
  4. Those L.I. killings are not far from where I grew up. It's a beautiful area of beach that stretches for hundreds of miles. What a pity. I remember reading about several serial killings near the NY mero area, the most notorous being the son of sam killings. There was another craigs List incident a while ago where some guy put in a fake ad that a woman was abandoning her house and everything was free for the taking. She was actually going on vacation. she returned to a completely gutted house. Even the fixtures and copper pipes were pulled out. The guy eventually was caught. It turned out he had a runnung feud with the woman.
  5. I saw something similar a few months ago by a guy who was supposedly ripped off on a Sansui receiver. His warnings were remomed by Craigs List. I would still be careful. I recently read about two Audio Karma members who were robbed in public places during Craigs List exchanges. One was handicapped and knocked to the ground while onlookers did nothing. Generous AKers afterward sent him donations. I would advise anyone meeting a stranger this way to bring a friend or two.
  6. I would get a pair of Forte speakers and put in all the Crites upgrades. My son has them and I'm surprised by their excellent sound. The Forte lls are getting too expensive lately. You can still find a bargain on the Fortes. Just me 2 cents.
  7. gagelle


    I like to see a happy ending. Most people don't realize how good these amps sound. But I do. I have the 3 channel model XPA.
  8. Oh, I'm drooling. They are exquisite!. If I only had the room and the money. They were a life long dream of mine. When I owned a house, I could have found a pair. The room was nice sized with real corners. But, alas came misfortune and the house was lost. One day, perhaps. I've heard them powered by an expensive class A amplifier and they were brilliant--I almost went deaf on 5 watts of power. Amazing marvels of engineering. I will tell everybody that they will make the orchestra or band sound like it's in your room.
  9. Thanks, Morey, for the clarification. I take everything I read on the web with a grain of salt. I will search for that web site. They had instructions for creating an active crossover. It was totally over my head, though.
  10. OK, this is something I read late one night when I was tired, so I don't remember the source. This audio engineer wrote that biamping a speaker with a passive crossover does very little, or nothing for the sound. You're not really biamping but biwiring. What is needed is a well designed active crossover. Then biamping can make a significant difference in sound quality. Now, I'm merely repeating this person's words. I have no engineering background and, therefore, have no idea if this person knows what he's writing about. I just thought it would be an interesting topic to bring into this interesting discussion.
  11. No, I haven't biamped because I don't have any amps with volume controls. My son is using a restored Sansui 9090DB with the Fortes. This combination sounds terrific. I just gave him an Onkyo CD player and connected a used Cambridge Audio DAC. The DAC sounded mediocre until I bought a Pangea power supply to replace the original one. What a difference! It sounds like a another DAC. I never thought a better power supply could have such a radical affect on a DAC's sound quality. He's now playing WAV files directly from his computer and they sound fantastic. My son likes the Fortes so much that he wants to eventually restore them with Crites upgrades. (When he gets the money.) To tell you the truth, my CF3s used to sound great when I owned a house and they were in a large room. The trouble started when I had to move to an apartment and put them in my son's small bedroom. As my son complained numerous times, "I can't take it, I'm sitting three feet from those horns." While biamping may have solved the problem, I'm probably moving into even smaller quarters soon. Right now, I'm in downsizing mode and will unfortunarely have to sell off many of my large speakers and other equipment that I collected over the years.
  12. Update: Forte 1s sound fantastic with no piercing high end. These are stock. They will soon be given the full Crites treatment and are easy to upgrade through the opening for the passive woofer.
  13. Well, my son went nuts last night and moved the CF-3s out of his room replaced them with some Forte1s that I was using as rear speakers in my 5.1 media system. He wants to see if the Fortes lack that piercing sound. I'm going to hook up the CF3 to another receiver and try some of the damping solutions that you suggested, Morey. On the Harbeth, I was referring to the 7ES-3. (I should have clarified.) But this isn't the place to discuss other speaker brands, so I'll just save my opinion for another forum. I recently went totally digital and am playing everything from my MacBook Pro. I can only say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself.
  14. Hi Morey, My son complains that his CF-3s sound irritating but only on poor recordings. There is no distortion or vibration that he can hear, only a thin, irritating horn-like sound that gradually gets on his nerves. On well mastered recordings, they sound great. In fact, he has been participating in the "Steve Hoffman Forum" to find the best pressings of his favorite rock CDs. When he makes the music loud, the annoying, piercing quality definitely increases. In this case, I can see the probability that those huge woofers are causing resonance from the horns. Damping them would be the easiest solution for us. Also, raising them a foot should help because right now, the horns are level with his ears when he's in a sitting position. But to reiterate, we didn't notice a problem when the speakers were in a large living room. There's another change that just came to my memory: We were previously using a 30 watt Harman Kardon receiver to power the speakers. I bought the receiver and speakers new, as a package. I distinctly remember the problem starting when we switched to using a vintage Sansui. It produced so much more bass than the HK, we were pleasantly surprised but unaware that the extra bass would cause a problem with the horns. My son's still using a Sansui 9090DB that was professionally restored. (On some songs, the bass from the CF-3s literally shakes the whole apartment.) Bracing is not an option for several reasons. The first is that I'm living in an apartment with no work space or tools. And In complete honesty, my woodworking skills are.. well..nonexistent. This isn't relevant, but I'm curious about the Harbeths you mentioned. Let's just say I'm very familiar with them. They have the sweetest, laid back sound I've ever heard. Why would anyone want to bi-amp them? In fact, they're known for playing well with just about any power source. (Although an acquaintance who writes audio reviews professionally, told me that they sound their best with amplifiers that have a built in DAC based on the ICEPower 125ASX2 module, like the Bel Canto integrateds.)
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