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  1. I have a pair of Heresy IIIs in cherry that I'd like to sell. These are my personal speakers and I am the only owner. They are in excellent cosmetic condition and have the factory risers attached. All corners are sharp and there is no damage. The serial numbers are consecutive. These speakers are unmodified and work as they did when I purchased them. Sale includes shipment in the original factory cartons with all packaging and paperwork. Asking price is $1250 plus $50 shipping to your door. Payment by US Postal money order, please. As an alternative, I will accept Paypal payment if you will split their 3% fee with me. If interested, please PM me or email at artemis592@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  2. My main speakers are Heresy IIIs.
  3. Is anybody using the RC-62II center speaker for music in a 3 channel system? How do you like it? Can you compare it to the discontinued Academy model? I'd like an Academy but this one would be alot easier to find. Too bad it has vinyl covering instead of veneer. Thanks
  4. Read the ad again. It says Heresy II and shows a photo.
  5. I've been thinking about getting a center channel speaker. I have a pair of H3s and a Velodyne sub. Wondering how current users like their RC-62 II center channels. Thanks!
  6. Congrats on getting the Quartets. I own H3s. With my subwoofer in play they sound great. But without a sub, I think you would probably have a preference for the Quartets. Never heard them myself, have heard fine things about them. I listen to alot of Jazz, plus some rock and classical. With the Heresys, I really needed a sub.
  7. Thanks, sanchopanza. Unfortunately, when I enlarge the cut sheet to read it, it becomes too fuzzy. to read. I know there is a Forte ll review out there, entitled "Some Like it Loud". I think it was from Stereo Review, but not sure.
  8. Is your question merely academic, or are you having a specific problem with your cartridge?
  9. Thanks, Billybob. Got it and no issues reading it. Also appreciate the 2011 thread, which I will read tonight. Andy
  10. If they are original sales documents, that would be of interest to me. I have already seen the stuff that Klipsch currently has online under 'discontinued products'. Thanks!
  11. Not sure what cut sheets are. Can they be scanned and emailed? I 'm only looking for Forte and Forte II reviews. I am considering buying a pair of one or the other. Thanks!
  12. I know that Stereophile reviewed the Forte in the 1980s and Stereo Review reviewed them both. Does anybody have a scan of one or more reviews they could email me? My other option is to buy online for around $11 shipped, for each two page review. Seems kinda pricey. Thanks.
  13. I have been looking at seller's photos of Fortes and Forte IIs, and I have noticed that some appear to have a curved, cutout near the bottom with what looks like a base pedestal below it, while others do not have this feature. Were they all sold originally with this feature, or some with and some without? My guess is that this is a removable pedestal and that some owners removed it for some reason. Thanks!
  14. Prefer walnut, not interested in black finish. Looking to spend $400 to $600, depends on condition, version, and finish. I live in Evansville, Indiana and would prefer to pick up instead of ship. email artemis5@wowway.com Thanks!
  15. Mr. Aczel is definitely a good read and my type of writer....but a good portion of his comments are complete engineering block headed BS to the oposite direction of say Stereo phool mag... some where in the middle the truth is found. Yes, I will agree with you. I just did a five day stint with Monster XP 16 AWG wiring replacing my Nordost Blue Heaven cables. The result was better than I expeccted, but compared to the NBH cables; the bass was reduced and the general sense of clarity, transparency, and illusion that the music was coming from behind the speakers were missing. My ability to measure electrical properties of the cables is limited. However, the DC resistance of the NBH cables repeated measured 0.0 ohms, whereas the Monster XP repeatedly measured 0.1 ohms. The Monster was 7' long, whereas the NBHs were 14'7" long. I have no ability to measure inductance, which is supposed to also be important. So here is an expensive cable which to my ears is definitely better than 16 gauge stranded wire with LPE insulation. I have owned them for 15 years and see no reason to change.
  16. Congratulations. They are gorgeous! Out of curiosity, what are you using as speaker cables? Thanks!
  17. I have a subscription to Stereophile (aka Stereo-pile by some), and find some articles and reviews interesting; but alot of it is bull. They tend to shill for their advertisers, especially those selling tweaks which are high priced and diffiicult to evaluate objectively. Too bad that The Audio Critic is no longer available on news stands. The editor-in-chief, Peter Aczel, has a sarcastic yet humorous style which some find irritating; especially when he tells them that the $12,000 pair of cables that they just purchased are no better than 16 gauge lamp cord. He still has an on-line webzine, and a link for you to obtain free .pdf files of his back issues. Pay special attention to issues #16 and 17. Mr. Aczel believes in electrical tests and double blind tests to back up subjective listening impressions. The more I read him, the more sense he makes. He is a very well rounded individual and is knowledgable of music and recording (mostly classical) as well as electrical engineering and acoustics. Here are the links:------ http://www.theaudiocritic.com/------- http://www.theaudiocritic.com/cwo/Back_Issues/------ Here's another one from Roger Russell of McIntosh labs:------ http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm------
  18. ...look on Ebay or Amazon for The Beatles "The Capitol Albums" volumes 1 and 2. Each volume contains four CDS. Each CD is an exact duplication of the corresponding Capitol album with both stereo and mono versions of each song, Plus a photo/text booklet covering the four albums in question. Sound quality is frist rate. No duophonic phony stereo. They are EMI releases and you will not be sorry. Also, check out the EMI Japan release of Yesterday and Today, complete with butcher cover plus a booklet containing alternate butcher photos taken at the same session, plus copious liner notes and photos. There is a duplication of the 1966 record sleeve. Stereo and mono versions of all songs, plus bonus out-takes.Sound quality is first rate as well. Don't subject yourself to the frustration of questionable record pressings, when stuff like this is available for a reasonable price.
  19. "Its much better than the Denon POS-4800" I'd be cautious about buying anything named "POS".
  20. These new Pioneer headphones are over-the-ear and recently received a glowing review in Stereophile. The price is right as well. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00755P8A0/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4
  21. Cyto, I have a pair of H3s in a very large room and added a Velodyne DD15 sub to fill in the bass which they can't quite produce. The result is great! Positioning the H3s with respect to the rear wall was very important for a balanced sound. Corner placement of the Heresies is not an option in my room, so that's where the DD15 lives. I do not have any deficits in the low frequency department, except for the room suck-out at around 64Hz which I cannot correct.
  22. I recently proved to myself that moving my H3s closer to the back wall increased bass output. At 12" from the wall, bass was noticeably louder and at times a bit too much (but I also have a subwoofer). They are now 17" from the rear wall with a 1" toe-in. They are 80" apart. Bass output sounds just right and not boomy.
  23. I have to disagree a bit with responses to the Dudley review. The review was generally very positive, except that he felt that the tweeter could sound harsh on certain types of music. For him, this was "a deal breaker" meaning that he would not choose the Heresy IIIs as his primary listening device. He never said that they were unworthy contenders, just that they had one attribute that he didn't like. Dudley's comment about the tweeters was not the first that I had read like that. I had seen comments like that on this very forum. And I myself felt that they were a bit aggressive when my H3s were new. I emailed Dudley and suggested that he give them a good break-in and that he should then issue a follow-up review. I did not receive a reply.
  24. Hey guys! Save some lobster for me. I'll be right over!
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