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  1. I received an extortion email referencing my klipsch password. please be aware and change your passwords!!!!!!!!! i am logging off.
  2. Sorry for your losses. my wife and I found my son on our kitchen floor convulsing from a dilaudid overdose earlier this year. luckily he recovered this time. im a recovering addict/alcoholic and I know nothing I say can remove the pain and guilt you feel. thought my son had finally caught my addiction to AA, but I was obviously mistaken. try not to blame yourself for his death. he had a disease that doesnt care about age, gender, race, or how many lives it destroys. the serenity prayer helps me most times, but not always. prayers to you and yours.
  3. This probably sounds silly......but what the hell! Any interest in a professionally of chorus 2's? Beautiful heresys btw.
  4. if someone told me blue....I wouldn't think it would work. but they look really nice! GLWS.
  5. Absolutely beautiful! Love the heresy decorators also......just wish the woofers hadnt "greyed" so to speak. Luckily i started with empty cabs so mine havent dulled yet!
  6. Yep....paranoia runs rampant on this forum. GLWS.......nice cw's.
  7. pics would help ur sale......and satisfy our insatiable urge to see other peoples stuff!
  8. If ur on a very low dose try and keep it that way. I was on them 4 yrs 4 pain. I became addicted thru no choice of my own. Went thru a couple withdrawls due 2 my pharmacy at the time not having my drug of choice not being in stock. It was the best day of my life when i was prescribed suboxone! The pain sux but at least i joined the human race again.
  9. great! clear is the way to go. maybe even a satin finish? u can always put a gloss coat if need be.
  10. deadpool 2........it was great.......funny as hell!
  11. elvis and his grandmother.....
  12. the rangers are a bunch of punks. especially that pitcher that relieved hamels. if I was that batter he touched on Toronto, I would have knocked him out!
  13. a free society with armed guards. sounds a lot like Cuba, or Russia, or etc. As for naming the perp, who here off the top of their heads can name the perp of Shady Hook? Of Va Tech? of Ft. Hood? How about even the Columbine guys, or after that the Aurora theater shooter? Who can name all or even more than two or three of these guys? off the top of your heads without a search engine? What difference does it make?an armed county cop in schools sounds like cuba?!
  14. these atrocities happen in a free society. don't think they can be stopped. maybe shortened by armed guards?
  15. john. "working class hero"was the first song I heard with the "f" word in it.
  16. when I first caught the klipsch bug, I thought the same......hey, I bet I could build the same thing for less!!!! nope, wrong again! got my cw's for $650, can't beat that. as I've said many times, as I've built heresys from an empty cabinet on up, they are a labor of love, could never build them cheaper and get close to the original sound.
  17. gave this to my grandson.....http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UJ2E8C?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00
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