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    What I Got Today!

    Here is a photo with the flash on - should help. I have a Sony VPL-VW1100ES projector and a Stewart G3 110” screen.
  2. sabeous

    What I Got Today!

    I upgraded my Epic system to the RF-7iii system and thought I would share a few photos. The front two and rear two mains are RF-7iii’s, the center is an RC-64iii, 502s surrounds, 500sa Atmos speakers and two PB-16 ultra’s for bass management. Powered by a Denon 8500 receiver.
  3. Wait - these haven’t sold yet? I love the Epic line - love the CF-4 - Version 1 is amazing...keep me mind if a local person doesn’t want them. So painful for me to see these haven’t already sold!
  4. That is a tough question. I have run a 5.1, 7.1 and now run a 7.1.4 setup. I wish I had wired my room differently - to my knowledge Denon’s 8500 receiver offers the most discreet channels with 7.2.6 - they have Atmos above the side surrounds to complete the 6 channels used by Atmos. I personally believe that the 5.1.4 channel will produce a better balanced sound. Your rear surrounds will act like a height speaker since they are suspended - so why not take advantage of that angle and go with Atmos? Depending on your receiver - the processing power should do a nice job of blending in the rear so it is as full and rich as possible. Hope that helps - good luck with your build out!
  5. Thanks for the help - love this forum. Photos added! Merry Christmas.
  6. Those are different speakers. The 41SA is the cheaper version sold at Best Buy and Fry’s. The 14SA was their top of the line version. Most web sites have these on sale in the mid 300’s to $400. It is unfortunate that they both use a “1,4” in their model number - makes it easy to confuse them. Their best version today is the 500SA.
  7. Tried to add a photo - not sure how to get it under 2mb. Where did you see them listed at that price?
  8. I have one pair of 140sa speakers in ebony that I purchased new. Changing my system so I won’t need these. Asking $250. Can send photos if you are interested. Located in Seattle WA.
  9. I spoke with the seller today - they are gone.
  10. These are amazing speakers - and it is relatively easy to make this pair shine like new. Good luck in your sale - worth every penny.
  11. Thanks again - appreciate your willingness to ship these.
  12. Looking for a single CF-4 version 1. Would strongly prefer cherry, walnut or satin black. I have heard of a few of these being available in the past but have never seen one post. I’ll pay for shipping and top dollar for it.
  13. I have found a number of scammers who take photos of the internet - but no one yet that has a legitimate set of these for sale. I might have missed the pair in little rock - too late. Keep me in mind please if a cherry cf-4 version 1 needs a home.
  14. The ports look like a series 2 or 3. Too bad they didn’t put a photo up of the serial number.
  15. If these were cherry the money would be in your account. Great speakers - can’t believe they haven’t sold.
  16. Anyone have a grill in good condition I can purchase?
  17. https://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cf-3-top-of-the-line/6686181596.html Nice pair of CF-3’s, version 1 for sale. My hunt continues for my CF-4, version 1, cherry.
  18. The tag on the back of the speakers say walnut - are they cherry?
  19. What a beautiful pair of speakers! I need to match some other Cherry speakers I have so I am not in a position to buy these - but someone should! Thanks for posting the speakers and pictures.
  20. Thanks for sending me the post - I reached out and he wants to keep his speakers.
  21. Trying to find a pair of Cherry CF-4 version 1 speakers in mint condition. My offer is $2k plus shipping to Seattle. These speakers are so hard to find I hope someone has a set they aren’t using that would rather have the money. I fell in love with these back in 94’ and have been trying to complete my system. I know that this might seem high - but no one seems to be interested in selling theirs...rarely do they become available.
  22. I am selling a single CF-3 which can be used as a center, it is cherry. I believe it is a version 2. I have the pair, but am currently using one as a center. Live near Seattle.
  23. Price drop - $200.
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