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  1. Hi. So i did my upgrade and mods to the crossover. Sounds much more balanced now between woofer and highs.. thx for your help.
  2. Hi, so I’m was looking at the taps on the autoformer and my schematic for E2 crossover you say to change tap 2 to 1 for the tweeter and 3 to 2 for the squawker... but on mine the tweeter is on 3 and the squawker is on 2... could it be u meant the reverse.. ? Squawker for 2 to 1 and tweeter from 3 to 2..? see my schematic Thx
  3. Ok yes I have a 33uF Bi Polar electrolytic i also have a 33uf Mkp Any advantage to using the Mkp instead ? thx
  4. Hi, well my amp is 4 or 8 ohm I’m not sure if this is relevant. What do u think? thx
  5. Ok thx i have some 15uf, 18uf caps would going lower be better? I’m assuming we need to get closer to 8ohm? Right? thx for all your help..
  6. Ok. So is this way best for a particular reason as opposed to adding the 15 Ohm resistor and doing the tap swaps... and leaving the cap values the same...? Ps; for the 11 Ohm and 21uF, I only have a 12 Ohm resistor and 20 uF cap.. is this ok? Thx.
  7. Hi, does this apply to E-2 crossover ? I have a pair of Heresy I from 85... when u say primary cap, you mean the one before the Autoformer? Do you still add the 15ohm if you add the 11ohm and change from 2uF to 21uF Thx. DA90E963-F862-4996-BD5B-96C517E58121.webp
  8. Hi, I want to recap my Klipsch Heresy I. Date code: 1985. E-2 Crossover... anyone know if using different value capacitors for the 2uf is ok....? reason being that I have some nice 3uF Dynamicap and 2.7uF Mundorf from a previous project that I never followed through with... would I be able to get away with this.? hopefully doesn’t make the mids and highs any louder or brighter lol... i find it a little unbalanced with the woofer... I was thinking of adding the 16ohm 10w resistor across the squawker.. And changing the taps... thx
  9. If anyone has a Denon POA-1500 power amp and is having problems with there VU meter lights. There is a mod available. The amp had a known factory/design defect. Denon released a warranty kit consisting of a complete set of bulbs, two transistors and two resistors plus installation instructions. Unless you install the changed components, the bulbs will continue to burn out. So don't waste your time with the bulbs unless you fix the defect. If you contact Heff in the Klipsch community He can help you with this. I ordered my parts from him and my POA-1500 VU meters work now. Thanx Heff.
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