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  1. Fill the bad spots with bondo, sand it off and re-paint.
  2. If the Peerless output transformer checks out okay, it's worth more than 50 bucks I would guess. The 5881s are worth a few bucks. You couldn't buy a PS transformer like that for 50 bucks in this day in age... I think Rex was a predecessor of Tamura, I might be wrong. Rex made OPT's for Olson...or Olsen? Good parts score.
  3. mike stehr

    What I Got Today!

    Picked up the other one still clad in Chinese orange grille covering.
  4. Even the lowly little 330B sounds good for what they are.
  5. I use them as a two-way with a cut-off of 2.2kHz, atop 3.5 foot volume ported cabinets with ten inch semi full range woofers. Never have used Beyma.
  6. Faital Pro STH100 horns and HF105 drivers. Moved on to larger format Faital Horns and drivers. These have maybe 30-40 hours of use. Could make for a nice little two-way speaker with a 8 or 10" woofer, or used as a tweeter for a three-way speaker. https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Horns/product_details/index.php?id=903010100 https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Drivers/product_details/index.php?id=502010310 Cartons all packed up/boxed and ready to go. $100.00 plus shipping. PayPal will work... Thanks.
  7. mike stehr

    What I Got Today!

    Thanks. The plan or attempt is to install the Crites K33/1526 woofer, and try two-way with the Faital Pro horn and HF140 driver.
  8. mike stehr

    What I Got Today!

    I'm pretty sure the pair I have were constructed from Jensen plans. http://aafradio.org/audio/Jensen_TB-3.html Altec had plans/diagrams for corner speakers as well.
  9. mike stehr

    What I Got Today!

    Couldn't pass them up for the price. Made completely from old school actual 3/4" solid Mahogany. (except maybe the legs)
  10. Maybe you can pinch bits of veneer from a riser to do the repairs. Where one can carefully cut out the damaged veneer, build up the MDF damage with filler, then patch the damaged veneer with the bits from the riser. It's a thought...
  11. mike stehr

    45 amps

    Jeff isn't exerting any superiority over anyone...he just gave an honest opinion, with truth involved.
  12. The HF140 driver recommends a 900Hz cut-off, the horn recommends 800Hz. The horn measurement mentions in full space. Both driver and horn show frequency response from 500Hz-18kHz. I think if one doesn't plan on running 70 watts through them, a 500Hz cut-off is probably fine, considering listening in the home environment would be in the milliwatts.
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