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  1. A friend in High School had a '70 or '71 root beer brown SS 454, four speed. One good first through fourth gear donut in the parking lot, and the High School told him he needed to find another High School to go to. That is nice looking work. I like the marble going up the wall.
  2. Just kiddin' here... 6BQ5: Transistor in a bottle 6V6: Meh 6L6: Tubby 300B: Thick and syrupy
  3. Sadly, these children were never seen again after this photo.
  4. mike stehr

    What I Got Today!

    I'm almost there...have the drivers, and the horns were re-stock items at a excellent price. I just need to order the CS500 network from Bob Crites, along with the support brackets.
  5. The PIC was resized smaller, but it appears to be directly heated. I'm guessing the 2.5 filament transformers for the output tubes are positioned right between the driver tube and output tube sockets. The black leads are probably the 115/120 primary leads for each filament transformer. The output tube sockets appear to have green leads from the filament transformers to the filament pins. The should be a center tap lead on each filament transformer secondary, and it more than likely will go to the hum pot. The yellow and blue leads on the output sockets, one is grid, and other should be the primary for the output transformer. I'm just guessing from the image.
  6. I have a cheap Nakamichi branded car CD deck that does the same thing. You have to turn the volume pot multiple notches a couple times before it finally raises the volume. Not really surprising from a cheap car deck, however.
  7. I have a pair of the 2380 clones sitting in the back room. I went with the LTH142/HF140 for a two-way Cornscala...makes for a more simple passive crossover.
  8. I had a Planet that had the pick-up wear out. It uses a Sony pick-up...I found a junk Sony CDP in storage that used the same pick-up as the Rega. Swapped it out, and it worked great again. I do miss the top load feature...Sony KSS 240 is the number if I recall.
  9. That would probably be the Faital STH102 horn that Bob offers. I use a pair of STH100 horns with HF105 drivers in my homebrew speakers. They sound rather good using a cheap Lafayette 10" Alnico woofer with a two inch voice coil, with the cut-off at 2kHz. The plan was to buy Eminence Delta 12LFa to use in the cabinets, because 3.5 cubic feet volume is about optimum for the Delta 12LFa. That got sidetracked because I purchased the LTH142 horns for a good price, and will go ahead and purchase HF140 drivers. I may have sell the STH100/HF105 horn driver combo to make up the difference, but this will open up more options. I can start off with using my existing Cornwalls to get a primitive Cornscala D. Or down the road buy the Delta 12LFa, and pretty much do the same speaker set-up you are doing. The end goal is to have cabinets made for my Fostex L475 Lab Series woofers, to use for a Cornscala D variation. Mike
  10. LTH142/HF140 is a good combination...I've heard the Crites Cornscala D.
  11. 30-20,000Hz...Plus or minus 20dB...but more minus...
  12. I'd like to know how someone would go about swapping out caps directly on the fly, and try to discern the difference. The Flash with clip-leads? One way would be to rig up two different networks with different brand/type of caps, and somehow use a DPDT switch to swap between networks. Using just one side of an amplifier, or a mono amp. You could quickly swap between networks, to hear differences. A friend and I did this once with a 2A3 SET, and some large Mitsubishi amplifier...DX some such... We used one speaker with a switch to switch between amps. Once we had the volume levels set even between both amps, switching back and forth quickly showed no differences unless they were really subtle. One's (at least mine) audible memory isn't that quick to note subtle differences. YMMV. But when you take 2A3 amplifier or the Mitsubishi, and listen to one of them in your system for a week, and then switch to the other, one will or should notice the differences. I would guess that this the same for capacitor networks.
  13. If you ask me with reference to what Derrick posted, it was more of an apples to banana comparison. You can definitely tell one from the other.
  14. You need a pair of Heresies for the top.
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