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  1. Klipsch K-400 horns Sold 11/21/17

    Thanks for looking, two 1975 horns sold today. Keeping the 1974 casting for projects. Lucky new owner, thanks for easy arrangements.
  2. K400'S

    Sorry I have been sleeping alot recently. First off good to see new inmates, welcome. Yes I have some of these and have posted pix and PM.
  3. Klipsch K-400 horns Sold 11/21/17

    Some pix the 1975 horns
  4. Swamp the autotransformer for a tuber amp what a joke, ALK as a vendor is banned on this free forum. Lots of useless crossover parts and time!
  5. Yes my 1975 LaScala had a bad buzz at moderate levels, I added two pcs 3/4 ply to the sides (with USA ply = 2.25 inch total), the K33P to EV EVM 15B, using the older large splitter ramp, opened the 3 in slot to 5.22 in - horn from K400 to EV HR60 modified type AA crossover.
  6. 1502 subwoofer between jubes

    26-240 +/- 3dB 21-500 -10 dB but not as loud as the 1802 Perhaps the Best home/PA sub to date. Yes put a big mid horn (K402) on top with eq = 2 way bliss.
  7. Yes and the internal dimensions are different with production and driver changes thru the years on production. sorry deleted parts of post,, wvu80 I hear you. I have an extra pair of EV DH1506 drivers if you need more mid-range loudness in the room. total reading compression is hard in interweb mentality . . .
  8. To get the most out of the ported LS mod you need an EQ similar to the EV Interface A box, it has 6dB of boost at 35hz. You can boost a sealed LS, but that inceases the cone motion, EQ at Fb (port tuning frequency) does not increase cone motion. Less cone motion, less distortion. This is what you are missing out on, you were in this post from DJK
  9. Yes there a four sets of wrong interweb dimensions to go by.
  10. Yes and you and I need dimensions to cut, my point is the dimensions are not available on the interweb. So what did you cut? The Pyramid in Giza is big, but no dimensions? No one has been able to copy it. Buy Klipsch hear the music, a clone sound like WHATEVER you built ..
  11. Yes I have a 1997 ZJ Grand Cherokee Limited. And I did get a welder - Flux core wire feed to keep it on the road. 240,000+miles on the clock. Love the rants, I grew up listening to Jean Shepherd on the AM radio! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Shepherd#Early_life
  12. Yes I have two Klipschorns and a LaScala from Hope AR (circa 1975) free shipping still in the house, later I built Belle clones and a cinema F-20 sub with an 18in driver. Also in 1976 I bought two Klipsch Heresy loudspeakers from Hope that I gave to a friend in need of tunes. If you click on the Glyph pix that is my room front view 40 years + 24/7/365
  13. So you did any way! So what one of four boxes I have dimensions would that be?
  14. Sorry the Dwilawyer needs my respect So as above post No.4 it is not as at it below. I purchased a 1975 Klipsch LaScala, free shipping to the freight terminal in NH, USA = $525 The inside interweb dimensions are not same as my Factory build. I have posted this with pix. The box needs a woofer, I have posted four (4) internal changes for woofers used in the LaScala. So someone crafted a box for a unknown woofer to be used. That would be a Frankenspeker to start, now I am looking for a useless crossover design . . . ... ........................... You don't have wOFFER or a xover or a Mid/horn/driver, or a TWEETER to sound like a KLIPSCH LaScala. With respect to Roy D and PWK call it a wobbley clone, no Bass no Bite. I love the looks of the RUNT