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  1. I'm looking at having some outdoor speakers that will go on my covered patio in the back yard. Currently I'm looking at three Klipsch options: CP-6 outdoor speaker, R-1800-C in ceiling speaker, and the CDT-3650-C II in ceiling speaker. So first off, I've never been a huge in ceiling speaker person since I don't really care for the sound coming down from the sky but I guess for outdoor speakers they are generally mounted up high anyway. Plus, it is just the outdoor patio which isn't my main listening anyway. I was first looking at the CP-6 and they sound really good. However, thinking more about aesthetics and a cleaner look for the patio I have been leaning towards going with the in ceiling. As far as sound goes, I didn't hear much difference between these two in ceiling speakers (1800-C and 3650-C)...I know that one is 8" versus 6.5" but for roughly $100 per speaker more, what do you think about the 3650-C? One other thing I was wondering about was the ability to tilt the woofer with the 3650-C, which perhaps might help in "aiming" the sound better. The salesperson I talked to didn't think it would matter much. What do you think? As for my use of these speakers, I don't plan on having big parties and blowing out the neighborhood. I save my rocking for the inside with my towers So they don't really need to play loud. But I do like a balanced sound. I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, opinions on comparing all three of these...
  2. Side view. The angle of the entertainment center makes the view of the left speaker look a little odd from this side since you can see the space between the two.
  3. Picked up my speakers today. Got a pair RF-52 II floorstanders and an RC-52II center speaker. Will get the rest of the surround sound later on. But for now, the music sounds awesome. Man, I am rocking some Tower of Power! See some pics attached.
  4. Well, I went to my local audio shop and made a deal on a pair of Klipsch RF-52 II. Got them for $550 for the pair which seemed pretty good to me. They didn't have them in the store but have a shipment coming so they are supposed to call me when they arrive. Didn't have the center speaker RC-52 II and were not even shipping yet since they still had several of the old model. I could order them but they would charge shipping. They said they would see what they can do for me, so I'm waiting a little while to give them a shot for the business. If not I can always order one online since I know what I want. I'll post pics when I have everything setup. Hopefully will get the towers next week.
  5. Yes Ironsave, I agree with you. I believe I was convinced by a co-worker today to "just go ahead and get the newer ones like you really want probably." I'll let you know if/when I get them.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will keep the RF-62 in mind, but I think the 52 should be good enough for my house. I'm sure that once I get it in there, it will be rocking...especially in comparison to what I have now, which is basically not much! Right? And do you think the RF-52 will provide enough lows to play stereo music well with no subwoofer? I will need to go listen to them again I know...but just wanted some opinion. Probably will go with Reference over the Icon but just need to decide also whether the new models are that much better than the originals.
  7. Hi all, I am shopping for new speakers and I would like to get some that are modest in size so not to overpower the room (not sound necessarily, but cosmetic mostly). The priority would be stereo listening and I will first be getting front floorstanding speakers and a matching center speaker. Later on I'll get subwoofer and back speakers to have surround sound in order to enjoy movies. I am considering the Klipsch RF-52's right now. I see that Klipsch now has come out with an RF-52 II. I really like the looks of it but not sure if there will be much of a difference in sound quality. Also, Best Buy carries the Icon series VF-35's and they sounded good, especially with the movies being played in the sound room but they are a bit larger than I would like. So my questions are: 1.) Since you can probably get a better deal on the RF-52's, is it worth considering the RF-52 II? Anyone know if there is much of a difference in quality? 2.) The VF-35 has a retail price a little more than the RF-52 II (link below to comparison of specs) so is the VF-35 that much better than the RF-52? Anyone think I should reconsider my preference for the smaller speaker to go with the VF-35 instead? http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/comparison/?ids=3313%3b3829%3b Thanks,
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