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    Home Theater: Elite AcousticPro UHD 125", Optoma UDP50, Onkyo TX-RZ740, Sony UDP-X800, Roku 3, X2 Dayton Audio Sub 1500, KL-7800-THX LCR, PRO-4800-W front height, RVX-42 surround / rear surround, RB-10 rear height
    2 CH: Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, White U-turn Orbit with a Grado Prestige Blue1, Pioneer DV-45A (cd/sacd), Pioneer N-50, Forte ( Bob Crites TI diaphragms, updated crossovers)

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  1. Welcome to the forum, What a great front stage for your first system. People have different opinions but I would say that if you are using the R-41M for surround duties they will work fine.
  2. Yes, In the us. Cost me around $100 plus shipping. service@oppodigital.com.
  3. Oppo has a repair service program that I used last month when my oppo 203 stopped outputting video. Just contact oppo’s customer service.
  4. Thank you for sharing the impact that Klipsch speakers have had on you and your life. As someone that comes from a family in which music is so important this part of your story blesses me dearly. Thank you.
  5. Looks like we might be getting a 75th anniversary Jubilee!
  6. Steve Guttenberg posted this interview of Roy Delgado of Klipsch this morning. It’s a great watch.
  7. How do you like the Marantz? I am looking to power a 2ch setup that will be used for music and TV. Speakers will be Forte's.
  8. I should have updated this post. They have sold. Sorry about that.
  9. The 3500 is a good AVR. I run a Onkyo TX RZ740 with the OSD amplifier that you are considering and I really enjoy my setup. It's used for HT only powering my front three LCR speakers (KL-7800-THX IN-WALL) and front height (PRO-4800-W) in a 7.2.4 atmos configuration. In my opinion the OSD amplifier is a underrated gem.
  10. After hours of research I have decided to go with the Marantz SR6013. No to many options when looking for multi channel analog input. I would like to listen to multi channel SACD’s and DVD a from time to time.
  11. I have bought a few receivers from Accessories4less in the past. They are authorized dealers of the brands they sale so even buying refurbished gets you warranty coverage.
  12. Hello Klipsch lovers. After searching a few forums without success I decided to post my question here. I am in the process of building a room for HT. I am currently using a CXR 120 that has served me faithfully. The issue is that I would like to speakers so that I can experience Atmos / DTS X and possibly Auro-3d. Has anyone replaced their Cambridge with another AVR so that they can experience the latest audio formats? Would you mind sharing your experiences? I have a 7.2 setup with Klipsch KL-7800-THX in-wall speakers and two Dayton audio 15' subwoofers. Height channels are Klipsch Pro 4800 W.
  13. In my old theater I used the Klipsch pro 4800 W for my LCR behind an acoustic screen and I enjoyed them.. For HT there is nothing like 3 matching speakers for your LCR. I am currently remodeling my entire basement adding a "sound proof" theater room. My pro 4800's will be moved to front heights for Auro-3d, Atmos and DTS X with KL 7800 L THX handing the LCR. If you are using in wall speakers strictly for HT you will be fine as long as you have a few subs. If you are on Facebook you should post this question in the Klipsch Owners Group.
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