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    Home Theater: Elite AcousticPro UHD 125", Optoma UDP50, Onkyo TX-RZ740, Sony UDP-X800, Roku 3, X2 Dayton Audio Sub 1500, KL-7800-THX LCR, PRO-4800-W front height, RVX-42 surround / rear surround, RB-10 rear height
    2 CH: Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, White U-turn Orbit with a Grado Prestige Blue1, Pioneer DV-45A (cd/sacd), Pioneer N-50, Forte ( Bob Crites TI diaphragms, updated crossovers)

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  1. At one time I owned a pair of 2ce and found them polite also. Not a bad sounding speaker they just lacked the excitement that my Forte's produced, IMHO.
  2. Are you still enjoying the Cambridge CX60? I own two Cambridge receivers and enjoy them greatly.
  3. Welcome to the forum, I have no doubt that you will receive plenty of good suggestions. In my setup I have tried a few different receivers with my Klipsch forte's. If this is for 2ch I suggest you look into a integrated amplifier or stereo receiver. I own your exact speakers along with a pair of updated Forte's and use a Cambridge Audio 851A. To my ears I love the sound produced. Here are a few that I would consider. Cambridge Audio CXA61, CXA81, or one of their stereo receivers. Outlaw Audio RR2160 Emotiva BasX PT100 + Emotiva BasX a300 Yamaha, Denon and Marantz also have some solid offerings also.
  4. The grills are the same color. Its is a lighting issue.
  5. Six years ago I purchased a pair of Forte 1's from an awesome forum member @Woofers and Tweeters The speakers were a little rough so I got a great deal then took some time doing my best to restore to cabinets while also replacing the crossovers and diaphragms with Bob Crites components. I have enjoyed my Forte's for over 6 years but after updating my HT I have been thinking of doing the same for 2ch. Today I had the opportunity of visiting a Heritage Dealer in Dayton, Ohio. I demoed the Heresy IV, Cornwall IV, and the Klipschorn AK6. The Heresy IV sounded good to my ear but sounded small compared to my fortes. Now the Cornwall's were great. I had an emotional experience listening to the Cornwall. It was amazing. I can't recall ever experiencing this while listening to music. I did listen to the Klipschorn which sounded even bigger than the Cornwall but lacked the "magic" of the Cornwall. The dealer did state that the Klipschorns had just arrived and were not set up properly. I just wanted to share my experience with you, Looks like I will be replacing my fortes with the Cornwall, Klipschorn, or possibly a pair of Jubilee's if I can find someone willing to let me listen.
  6. Welcome to the forum, What a great front stage for your first system. People have different opinions but I would say that if you are using the R-41M for surround duties they will work fine.
  7. Yes, In the us. Cost me around $100 plus shipping. service@oppodigital.com.
  8. Oppo has a repair service program that I used last month when my oppo 203 stopped outputting video. Just contact oppo’s customer service.
  9. Thank you for sharing the impact that Klipsch speakers have had on you and your life. As someone that comes from a family in which music is so important this part of your story blesses me dearly. Thank you.
  10. Steve Guttenberg posted this interview of Roy Delgado of Klipsch this morning. It’s a great watch.
  11. How do you like the Marantz? I am looking to power a 2ch setup that will be used for music and TV. Speakers will be Forte's.
  12. I should have updated this post. They have sold. Sorry about that.
  13. The 3500 is a good AVR. I run a Onkyo TX RZ740 with the OSD amplifier that you are considering and I really enjoy my setup. It's used for HT only powering my front three LCR speakers (KL-7800-THX IN-WALL) and front height (PRO-4800-W) in a 7.2.4 atmos configuration. In my opinion the OSD amplifier is a underrated gem.
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