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    Home Theater: Cambridge Audio CXR 120, Sony BDP-S6500, Roku 3, X2 Dayton Audio Sub 1500, Klipsch 4800W LCR, SS-2 surround LR, Klipsch KG 1.5 Rear
    2 CH: Technics SA-818, White U-turn Orbit with a Grado Prestige Blue1, Pioneer DV-45A (cd/sacd), Pioneer N-50, Forte ( Bob Crites TI diaphragms, updated crossovers)
    Living Room: Yamaha RX-v571, Vandersteen 2c .
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  1. If anyone has flirted with the thought of running RP 8000’s as your LCR speakers in a home theater I have 1 RP 8000 F. My plan was to use 3 in a home theater setup, but I have changed my mind. Looking for anything for the THX line of in-walls of $350.
  2. I would like to know the same info. I am building another HT room. My current pro 4800 in walls will be used in a different room so I need to purchase another set of speakers. My dilemma is that I cannot decide between the R-5800-W II, PRO-180RPW or the THX-502-L. I would purchase 3 for my LCR.
  3. Taken for the Sound and Vision website, "Expected availability is this January, with the BTS-133 selling for $25,000, the BTS-160 for $30,000, and the BTS-180 for $35,000. The KPT-8000M surround and height speakers are $1,000 each. Read more at https://www.soundandvision.com/content/klipsch-launches-behind-screen-pro-cinema-home#Xp6SqUfsW3YiyGqY.99
  4. I just saw THIS video on Klipsch YouTube channel. Roy Delgado is explaining the system. Has anyone listened to the Modular System?
  5. They are still available with a possible buyer. I will let you know after Sunday.
  6. It has been a while since my last post. I have a pair of original oak KG 1 speakers with consecutive serial # that served as rear surrounds in my HT. As you can see in the photos they have some minor chips and dings but looks and sounds good overall. Asking $ 100. If shipped you will have to cover the cost plus material to keep them safe and secure during transport.
  7. Price reduced to $400 + shipping until Feb 8.
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