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  1. It's about time we all understand that food critics and audio gear critics are much the same. Subjective taste is personal and a good reviewer need only give the important contextual elements within the review for it to be useful.
  2. I will speculate thus: Klipsch is a big company that struggles(as all companies do) to show sales and earnings growth. Heritage operations in Hope have added to sales and earnings growth with the improvements to the old classic products driven by the team in Hope led by RD. With the credibility gained by that success and probably some help with other non-Heritage designs RD probably had the 75th anniversary in mind quite some time ago. It's a well timed launch point for all the improvements contemplated for the Jubilee from the time RD and PWK worked together through the work the RD led Heritage team has done with the design. After watching the video interviews of RD I sense a "life's work" level of excitement from RD. And corporate probably couldn't be happier with the credibility of Heritage and the history of PWK supporting the all important financial performance of the Klipsch brand of products. Well played RD.
  3. As a previous owner of a set of Jubilee knockoffs I will be very interested in the new Jubilees. If they shore up the last half octave at the bottom this bass lover could get very excited. I had to run mine in the corners of the room to get my bass fix. Does anyone here remember the guy who had six jubillees in a media room setup with massive passive crossovers mounted on the wall? Been trying to find the old posts about his setup.
  4. Bob took my call some 12 years ago when I was refurbishing a pair of Forte IIs. I didn't know anything but he was so patient and helpful. Even after several calls where I am sure the same questions were answered again he was always gracious.
  5. Thanks to all who chimed in on this thread. I decided not to buy these as the estate was wise to what they would bring in Japan and I wasnt willing to spend that much on speakers. Brad
  6. A lot has happened since I posted this thread. My mother passed away in Memphis summer of 2016 and I got to hear the Hartsfield speakers. They were positioned in the corners of the room and had pretty good bass. I brought a jazz album I knew well to play and the mids were very pleasing to my ear. In any case the speakers are not a matched set. One is a '53 and one is a '57 but they appear identical with same crossovers and drivers. Now I have to decide whether to go down that rabbit hole of buying them as they are just now available. Brad
  7. It is with great dread that Coffee Day comes every year and I think I can do what I did in my 30s which is drink coffee all day with abandon. By 1 o'clock I was non functional with the shakes and unable to focus on anything complicated. So I then just wasted away the rest of the afternoon listening to jazz. So really it wasn't that bad a day after all. But I do so love coffee. Brad
  8. Would settle for Jack. Can't blame a guy for shooting high.
  9. Tried that. Went back to one box for better perceived results.
  10. The only criteria was they had to be Phillips head screws.
  11. I am having some difficulty visualizing what that would look like.
  12. 1812 single barrel or Pappy van Winkels
  13. I discovered something that honest to goodness really makes a difference in speaker cables. I had a box of random screws laying around and for some odd reason I decided to see what would happen if I buried my speaker cables in the screws. Well lo and behold the improvement that was perceived was real! The scattering of signal fields cancelling out radiation has changed how I perceive the music coming from my speakers. Hoping to patent soon and make available for sale by Christmas. If interested please PM me and I will look into starting a kickstarter fund to help me offset development costs that include bourbon and beer. Man who knew? I'm a convert now. Let the fun begin. Brad
  14. Maybe I am an audiofool, but his explanations make sense to me. I have learned a long time ago that in matters of politics, media and art a great deal of opinion is involved and those should be taken with a grain of salt.
  15. But do you obsess about it?
  16. Well said. It's like adjusting the contrast.
  17. LOL But I do get the point. Music first, speakers/room then equipment. Brad
  18. Thanks for the reply. Ok. I'll bite. On what basis do you think so lowly of him? I have read several of his reviews and he strikes me as well grounded. Granted he is trying to make money from his web site but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with asking for donations, especially after you have read the material. Brad
  19. http://kenrockwell.com/audio/audiophile.htm I have always suspected that being a xxxphile of anything really wasn't good. Brad
  20. At first I didn't like the noise but discovered that the Phase Linear autocorrelator NR really dampens the noise between tracks quite well.
  21. I saw that a while ago. Now that is conspicuous consumption
  22. I also had one of late B77s. Its what led me to Studer.
  23. Well I have gone off the deep end. I bought a Studer A810. It is being thoroughly checked out and serviced. Several capacitors and transistors have been identified and replaced. Since I now have almost 30 2 track 50s and 60s jazz tapes I decided to get a good deck. Always looking for 2nd to 3rd gen 2 track 15ips tapes. Anybody else as crazy as I am? Brad
  24. I agree. Except my 9 yr old grew up and now complains about my wifi setup.
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