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  1. Not one person ever said that they had the same horn. What I said is that according to Klipsch, they are timbre matched. On 2 seperate occasions, I spoke with Klipsch Technical Support and each time I was told by different people that all centers within the same Reference series are timbre matched to all of the floorstanding and bookshelf speakers in that series, regardless of size. The reason I was asking is because I was going to buy a pair of RF-82iis and a RC-64ii and wanted to make sure before I bought. They also said that they would recommend the 64 with the 82s as it would have a better overall sound than the 62. The reason they package the 82s with the 62 instead of 64 is marketing and most people won't spend more on their center than both of their mains together, even though it makes since to. From what I understand they are not voice matched to each other. About a year ago we had a similar debate and Amy said that customer support was wrong. They all have a similar sound but not matched. This is the thing though. No one is going to watch a movie and feel it dont work well together (when I say no one I mean 99.99%). For me it ended up costing me more money because I liked the 64 so much that I wanted that look and sound everywhere. But I was really happy with it as it was. The rc-62 is a really nice center and anyone who gets one (99.99%) will be really happy. I only recommended the 64 because it sounded like he wanted one and just wanted to make sure it would sound good with his rf-82. I normally would recommend the 62 if someone just asked what to get with the rf-82. This is also what I remember.
  2. Along the same lines, the center and surrounds made to match the Reference line are much better quality than the Icons. In a large room, I would think you'd be happier in the end with some RF-82s with an RC-62 center. And yes, you'll need a sub.
  3. The simplist thing to do is to just increase the level of your center channel. You can do it by ear and get reasonably close as it is basically a volume control.
  4. In order to get the best sweet spot in an HT with multiple rows, you need to make sure that your room has plenty of space to the sides and rear of the gallery. Your sides need to be out, away from the side seating. Also, the closer the seating is to the wall, the more the subwoofers will produce bad peaks. With the Ultra II speakers, I'd highly recommend getting the widest possible accoustically transparent screen you can afford/fit and mouting the speakers behind. Also, two subs are better than one!
  5. I'm going to suggest something here: If a recording I bought 40 years ago sounded bad, would I keep it around and listen to it regularly? Probably not. After 40 years, the chances that I have every CD/Tape/Record I ever bought laying around is very slim. Only the good ones survive and THAT is what I would compare every modern recording to. Basically, you are comparing the top 10% of 40 year old stuff to the full spectrum of modern recordings. In this scenerio It will appear that the old stuff is better though that might not be the case. Go to a flea market or garage sale and buy all the $1.00 records and see how they sound.
  6. If there was a lot of sound in the 20-30 Hz range and the towers were set to large, they would have alot of movement without much sound. Not neccessarily the case, but what you would expect to see in that situation. The "Double Bass" setting or something similar would further exagerate the problem.
  7. The 5006 has a 2.2 pre-out. The 6006 has 7.1 pre-out.
  8. That sounds excellent! I would not back down on the sub.
  9. I agree 100% with this post. The Yammy, to my ears was better for music and the Onkyo for movies. I espescially prefer Audyssey to YPAO for calibration.
  10. The II is from the newer series. It has slightly different aesthetics, cross-over, and maybe some different internal components. They will sound very similar but not identical. The II series is timbre matched with the RB-62 II and vice-versa.
  11. The high end Icon Ws (WF-35s) are comparable to the RF-62/RF-82 line...roughly. The veneer/WAF is top notch! The Klipsch site has the price wrong. MSRP is $1500 per pair for WF-35s, though many of us got them for less than half that when they were discontinued and went on sale.
  12. Thanks for clarifying! I know we heard them a little different, but I don't have the exposure to the RF-5/RF-7 lines that you do.
  13. I like those Heresy's! Very modern in appearance!
  14. Here was a thread I posted about a year ago: http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/147454/1516843.aspx#1516843 I am currently using my Reference series in my dedicated HT and my Icon WF-35s in a dedicated 2-channel set-up. Both speakers will give you quality sound in both applications, but I prefer the musicallity of the WF-35s to that of the RF-82s and for HT, the Reference line has better center/surrounds and deeper bass. SubXero prefers the music from his RF-7s (no doubt it's a much better speaker than the WF-35s). If you are considering smaller Icon's, my limited experience has been that they are a little thin in the bass.
  15. I'll go the opposite. I own the WF-35s and feel that they are more refined that the Klipsch RF-82s and RF-25s I own. I very much prefer them for music, however I give a notable edge to the Reference line for HT. The WC-24 is a pretty ho-hum center.
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