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  1. The baffle fell completely away from the rest of the cabinet. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll probably do a combination the the suggested procedures.
  2. There is an Onkyo CP 1055 turntable listed locally for $50. It is direct drive. Turntable looks like it may be fairly clean in photos displayed. Does anyone have any experience or opinion of this turntable? I would appreciate any advise given.
  3. For those of us with CF-3 speakers, is it appropriate to secure the rear baffle with wood screws along with an adhesive? I ask because one of the rear baffles has separated from the cabinet.
  4. Thanks for all the information. the deck is a 1264 belt driven table . It was a gift from our family physician. I've downloaded both the owners and service manual. Belt is supple. It has a Grado F3+ cartridge and stylus. I' m going to try any hook it up to the system and see how it goes this week.😎
  5. There might be a vintage Dual ( model # unknown) turntable in my future. It was in working order when it was boxed and put away. I do not know how long it has been out of service. Does anyone have any experience with these turntables? What should be done to service it before putting into service? I welcome any input provided.
  6. Right now it is 45 F, with heavy rains.😔
  7. Has anyone had any experience with using a Promedia 2.0 setup outside? Wife and I are hoping to have a viewing of "Rocky Horror" late next month on our patio, weather permitting. Wondering if they will be loud enough without distorting. The patio is open without a ceiling. John
  8. Thanks for all the information.
  9. My wife and I are thinking of visiting the "Watermelon Festival" taking place in Hope next month. My wife would like to give me the opportunity to visit the Klipsch museum while there. Are any members attending? If anyone has attended before, is there any information we should know before we make our traveling arrangements? If we do attend, we will be coming from NWA.
  10. Thebes, thank you for the information of this item. How many albums will these hold and still be able to have enough "slack" to thumb through them? I have 600 plus congested in a hall closet. John
  11. Firstly, condolences to you and the family. There truly are great group of people on board this forum. Everyone was most helpful in answering my questions after I acquired my Epic CF-3s many years ago. I too had a limited budget and am very pleased with the results I have had after asking questions. I also live in Springdale and there is quite a bit of good used gear around the area for when the time is right.Enjoy the gift your father left you.
  12. Well Santa delivered the PT-100 on January28. After I got it integrated into the system, all I can say is "wow". It has opened up dynamics of the entire system. There is more definition from albums and CDs . Highs through to lows are clear . Bass is a whole new "sensation". It is definitely in the house. I have a copy of Brubeck's "Time Out" and now I can here Paul Desmond's sax reed vibrating. Very cool. On Deep Purple's song "Fools", Jon Lord's Hammond is like thunder at the end. I give it two thumbs up! Til later.
  13. An email from Emotiva to my wife said they would let her know when my unit is shipped. I'll let everyone know when the unit arrives. From everyone's statements,I believe I am going to be very pleased with my very late Christmas gift.
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