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  1. That Klipsch walnut table is a handsome piece for certain. I was lucky to snag one from member a year ago or so. Keep looking on Epay or other sites. Good Luck!
  2. I've had a couple pairs of Cornwalls that I powered with a 6 watt +/- SEP amp. My experience was any volume more than half way up was incredibly loud. You may want to consider lower wattage as many tube amps have surprisingly high serviceable power. In any event good luck with your new amp, I hope you enjoy it. Other forum members much smarter than I will likely chime in with well reasoned advice. Cheers, -Joe
  3. That Fisher is in stunning shape. The cabinet is outstanding. All full on gear here so I can only offer my drool. Good Luck but I doubt you'll need it. As you were.
  4. It amazes me that people post a CL add with so little information and such a terrible picture that includes a bike tire pump on top of this La Scala. This ad is a glorious abandonment of effort. No pic of other dusty speaker, tags, 2nd serial number. You name it ; it isn't there. If laziness were people this dude's ad would be China.
  5. If these Khorns are yours this post belongs in the Garage Sale section.
  6. I have these Cornscala's. $ 1500.00 is an excellent deal for a buyer. Sit in front of these listening to your music and you'll wonder why you waited so long for these terrific speakers.
  7. That's what you call Deductive Reasoning. As you were.
  8. I just picked up a Three last week and I really love it. I've had zero issues with connectivity or anything else. I'm impressed by its sound and it looks terrific to boot.
  9. It's been a long time since I've seen a Tercel for sale. I'd love to demo one. Day dreamer, I am.
  10. Really cool amplifier. I dig that Beam Pentode doo hickey.
  11. That's a pretty fair deal. The Khorns look very presentable and the ALK xo's are a considerable upgrade.
  12. If still available I'll take it. PM inbound.
  13. deep3shot

    50 Years

    Clearly a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Charm School.
  14. I wish I were within driving distance. This is a steal for somebody on the east coast. GLWS.
  15. That is a really interesting piece of history. Really cool.
  16. I completely understand that sentiment - I wouldn't let mine go under any circumstances. We have that in common. I've been looking for a second set of splits but they are elusive little bastards. Good luck with the rest of your sale.
  17. Always wanted these. Pondering
  18. Someone's going to get this steal of a deal.
  19. That unit is a beauty. Just an excellent clean design. I really liked your YouTube video - very well done. If I weren't up to my ears in vintage amps I'd take a run at this. This HK won't last long. Good Luck with your sale.
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