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  1. deep3shot

    Cornscala C walnut veneer gorgeous $1500 TRADES?

    I have these Cornscala's. $ 1500.00 is an excellent deal for a buyer. Sit in front of these listening to your music and you'll wonder why you waited so long for these terrific speakers.
  2. deep3shot

    WTB ---- ALK Crossovers for My La Scalas

    That's what you call Deductive Reasoning. As you were.
  3. deep3shot

    First Impressions of The Three

    I just picked up a Three last week and I really love it. I've had zero issues with connectivity or anything else. I'm impressed by its sound and it looks terrific to boot.
  4. deep3shot

    Juicy Phono Pre-amp - ebay

    It's been a long time since I've seen a Tercel for sale. I'd love to demo one. Day dreamer, I am.
  5. deep3shot

    Klipsch KP-362/Pro version Chorus 2 - $499 (TAMPA)

    Someone's going to get a terrific deal.
  6. deep3shot

    SOLD! JWN (Jim Nicholls) Tube Power Amplifier

    Really cool amplifier. I dig that Beam Pentode doo hickey.
  7. deep3shot

    Klipsch anniversary poster- NW Chicago

    It appears that you can read.
  8. deep3shot

    Khorns Melbourne FL - $1800

    That's a pretty fair deal. The Khorns look very presentable and the ALK xo's are a considerable upgrade.
  9. deep3shot

    Klipsch Pro-ject turntable SOLD

    If still available I'll take it. PM inbound.
  10. deep3shot

    50 Years

    Clearly a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Charm School.
  11. I wish I were within driving distance. This is a steal for somebody on the east coast. GLWS.
  12. deep3shot

    This thing is awesome!

    That is a really interesting piece of history. Really cool.
  13. deep3shot

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    I completely understand that sentiment - I wouldn't let mine go under any circumstances. We have that in common. I've been looking for a second set of splits but they are elusive little bastards. Good luck with the rest of your sale.
  14. deep3shot

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    Are the LSI's Splits ?
  15. deep3shot

    Danley SH50's very good deal

    Always wanted these. Pondering
  16. deep3shot


    Someone's going to get this steal of a deal.
  17. deep3shot

    Palladium P-17B - $2295 - Brookylyn, NY

    My bad.
  18. deep3shot

    Palladium P-17B - $2295 - Brookylyn, NY

    Dumb comment was here
  19. deep3shot

    For Sale… Harman Kardon HK930

    That unit is a beauty. Just an excellent clean design. I really liked your YouTube video - very well done. If I weren't up to my ears in vintage amps I'd take a run at this. This HK won't last long. Good Luck with your sale.
  20. deep3shot

    Klipsch Klipschorn Corner Horn Speakers

    I am pretty sure this is a member who bought my Cornwall decorators for a forum member price of $ 650.00 and then posts them on CL ( after $ 200 in upgrades ) for $ 1500.00. Also offered to buy my Khorns.
  21. deep3shot

    SOLD - Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver - SOLD

    Hard to find one in great shape like this. Not surprising it sold fast. Lucky you Opus.
  22. deep3shot

    FS/FT: New Capitol Heresy III - Blonde

    No room at the Inn here but Good Luck With Your Sale. I have never had the opportunity to listen to the III's but if they are better than the II's , which many say they are, then they are worth the asking price. As you were-
  23. deep3shot

    Oak Creek WI: La Scala pair, $900

    I'd rather have that Coronet Convertible he has for sale.
  24. deep3shot

    Klipsch Cornwalls - $750 (ANTIOCH)

    You'll have to settle for a couple of drinks at Durty Nellie's