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  1. nice stuff... oh you asked your dad where did he get the money for a Brand spankin new SunFire Sig. subwoofer sub? and your in a $300,000 home..? uh...
  2. anyone hear anything on klipsch's line of subs the RW8 RW10 & RW12 ? i just got the new SOUND & VISION magazine and the new RW line is out but i dont see anything on the web site yet...
  3. hi im not sure what size my friends HT is i think its 10 X 14 long you can check out step by step as we went along at my site... http://www.angelfire.com/nt/FB/dvs.html
  4. well at my house i do get vibration on the kitchen cabinets and stuff and the walls do rumble a bit , but if you build a HT from scratch from a unfinished basement you should be able to build a solid HT room like my friend has, nothing rumbles exept the subs ... you can see the construction on his basement we did step by step to the finished HT .. its amazing.. the site is .... http://www.angelfire.com/nt/FB/dvs.html this is a photo of the rear of the HT hope you can see it ..
  5. hi i got a pioneer vsx 37tx , its basicly the same i guess, but if you go to my site i have my settings there i just put up for my reciever, its under PIONEER VSX 37TX SETUP , my wep page is.... http://www.angelfire.com/nt/FB/fb.html i havent tweeked too much but mine sounds verry good , if you do any other setting let me know, ... cu frank
  6. i was wondering what klipsch has in mind for there next generation of subs, or how long will they keep the RSW line for?
  7. man, isint HT expensive if you want a decent system ... 10 g's almost doesnt cut it , wierd eh! , this is what i would do if i only had a budget of 10g's, TV - SPEND AROUND $3000 BIG SCREEN I PREFER RECIEVER - $2000 SUB - $1000 MAINS - $2000 CENTER - $600 REARS - $800 ------------------------------ TOTAL - $9400 $600 FOR WIRES AND CABLES or you can get a tv for cheaper and grab a dvd player...
  8. yes it is a volume knob , i can turn mine up or down and makes a major diffrence
  9. they probably will , right after there current line .. thats the way these companys work to scam the public...
  10. THANKS GUYS, i went out and bought some Audioquest solid core wire 15 feet both sides.. for $300 , it was priced at $1000 , it was a demo wire i guess it was on a showroom powering some $24,000 b&w's , i havent hooked up the wire yet im still looking for a house to build my HT .. i have KSP 400 mains , RSW15 SUB, RC 7 CENTER , AND 2 sets of KSP S6 FOR REARS & EX
  11. i was going to buy some new speaker wire ... now im wondering if solid core speaker wire is better than regular straned speaker wire? solid core is more costly but im just wondering which is better .......
  12. i hear you moon , i have the RSW-15 plus KSP-400'S with powered 15" woffers in them , and together they shake my house...
  13. i can relate moon, i also have a RSW-15 plus my mains are KSP 400'S with built in powered 15" subs in each , BOOOOOM !! )
  14. if i were you i'd put the rears to the sides of you and well the center rear , you can leave it out for now if its a small room i dont think you will hear a diffrence with the center rear , but if you must have a center rear try tilting it abit downwards
  15. i think the company called NUANCE for speakers, now there is a company full of **** ! i went to there store and they have no info on there speakers whatsoever , there web site is the same no info, what kinda crap is that?
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