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  1. I used the Wendell cane cloth on a pair of CS-1's. Very pleased with the look. If you do a search on "Another pair of CS-1's" you should see a couple of pictures and the process I went thru. Can't remember how much I paid for the cloth but it was very reasonable. I bought enough to re-grill my Cornwalls if I every get around to it. Hope this helps.
  2. I took the easy way out. I turned one on its side and hooked it up. I walked around in front of it. Did not notice any problems with the sound. I suspect if you have a wide room you might want to turn the horns horizontal. I have never seen one but the original design had the horns in the verticle configuration (Verticle Cornwall). The way my room is arranged, I'm almost sitting directly in front of it anyway. I ran this question past Bob Crites and he did not think the horns would need to be turned either. All that said- I like your design.
  3. I did not know these directions were out there. I did it a different way. I bought the cane style grill cloth from Wendell Fabrics. I don't think the old stuff is available anymore. I used the motor board as the basic pattern. I used masonite for the backer board. Any lumber yard has it. I cut the holes slightly larger than the speakers. I trimmed the backer approx 1/8" smaller overall than the motor board. I spray painted the backer with a couple of coates of black satin laquer. Allow the laquer to dry completely. It drys fast. I cut the cloth a few inches bigger overall than the backer. I sprayed a thin coat of 3M 77 adhesive on one side of the board. Spray this stuff outside. It sticks to everything. Carefully position the cloth on the board. You can start on one edge and sort of gently pull it and smooth it down as you go. I did this in the kitchen floor. Flip the board over cloth side down. Get a bottle of weldwood contact cement. Brush on a good coat along the perimiter (approx .50 - .75 in wide) and brush the cement on the adjacent surface of the cloth. Allow the cement to surface dry just like the directions say. Roll the cloth over the edge and onto the back of the board. It should stick instantly. You can trim off any excess cloth with a sharp exacto. I got very lucky in that with the cloth affixed to the board it fit so tight that I did not need any velcro pads to hold it to the motor board. Dumb luck happens sometimes. This method worked well for the cane cloth. It's pretty stiff. Not sure how it would work for the softer stuff. This was my first attemp at speaker construction so I kind of made it up as I went. I wanted them to match the look of my old Cornwalls so I basically copied the construction techniques that Klipsch used. The main difference was the old speakers were veneered in Oak and I just used cabinet grade Oak plywood. I bought a 3/4" Oak plank and cut 1/8" strips to closeout the front edges. I had local hardware store make me up a can of stain (turned out lighter than the old ones). After the stain dried I applied 3 coates of Deft brushable laquer. It worked much better than I expected. It looks a bit streaky at first but lays down nicely. You can lightly sand with 600 grit between coates if desired. Here is a picture with the grill off. I sprayed black satin laquer on the front up to the edges.
  4. Finished the build a few weeks ago. Hat tip to Bob Crites. I am thrilled with the way they sound. They blend in with my old Cornwalls beautifully. Could not be more pleased. Here are a couple of pics. Did not get the stain to match perfectly. Oh well.
  5. Hey Fast- I'm real interested in how the CS-1.5 sounds. I'm going to build a pair of the shorties to use as the rear surrounds. I have 3 corns across the front. Bob says they should blend quite well and I take him at his word. Would like to hear your opinion too.
  6. Thanks- That was the plan to start with. I'm going to order a new crossover from Bob mainly because I don't know the history of this speaker. The crossover looks original and the speaker is a 1977 model. Figure it needs a little freshining up.
  7. I reciently picked up a third Cornwall (1977) to use as a center speaker. Question is: If I lay it on the side, is it necessary to re-orient the horns? I did a very unscientific test and could not hear much difference using a movie as source material. It will be quite an operation to pull the face plate. Thoughts?
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