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  1. my promedia 2.1 sub died on me today. Wondering if anyone knows i can use the sub from a 4.1 system with my 2.1's control pod/din? Will be using the speakers from my 2.1 also.
  2. Im sure as with many of you, you love your Promedias to death. Ive enjoy so much music and gaming through the years with this speaker set. It has outlasted all my computers that I've had it attached to over the years and has continued to make my walls shake with some great beats. Nowadays I keep a can of Deoxit close at hand to fix those crackling issues. Im thankful that my DIN hasnt gone out but recently my rear left channel went out. Going to try to fix this one if its possible and keep this dinosaur alive! However, reading around the forums, this one may be out of my sphere of knowledge and ability. Say it aint so, I dont ever want to part with this set.
  3. wow mr clean is fantastic.totally helped me throughout the process.turns out it wasnt my sound card problem or the original speaker wire problem but some deoxit fader lube f5 totally fixed all my woes and i even have a new set of awesome custom made speaker wire from mr clean to boot. i totally dont regret getting the wires! i am so happy and can finally re-enjoy my awesome speakers once again!!! anyone want my set of stock speaker wires? hehe.
  4. yesterday my rear right speaker was staticky. today its fine.<p> i just installed a creative x-fi (from my audigy2) and i can totally hear a difference in audio quality (great!) but all 3 speakers are working except the front right. jiggling the DIN doesnt help nor does jiggling the connected wires to the sub. removing and replugging the minijack to that speaker doesnt work either.<p> cant wait to get in your cables limit one more possiblity. sounds like this will get expensive. i only bought these speakers for $150! sound card and wirs are practically half the cost already haha.
  5. haha what a small world! im thinking it could be the DIN too and was going to email you on that. i will try the setup when my new sound card arrives and the cables. may need your help with the DIN if thats the issue....a whole new preamp/controlis $100 on ebay YIKES
  6. ah nevermind! theres some on ebay with custom cables! what a relief
  7. since the 4.1 kit from monster isnt avaliable anymore, does anyone have any good options? i know i can order the standard wire set from klipsch (and i did) but was wondering if there are any better alternatives out there...more durable ones i suppose. reason i ask is that my speakers are cutting in and out on different days. yesterday my front right was out. today my entire right side was out. some days it will just be one speaker and other days ill get sound from all speakers. im in the process of replacing my comuters sound card so i figure i might as well replace the entire sound hookup
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