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  1. Hi, Looking for Klipsch Cornwalls in Midwest, Im in SE Wi. Thanks for any help! 12 Spotted Cows to the finder 😁
  2. Looking for Cornwalls in Milwaukee Wi. area
  3. Don't get me wrong, I think its a fine preamp. I'm looking for a 80's-90's vintage SS non Mac pre, that's quieter than the C26 and a nice big sound stage. I was thinking of sending to DeWick... but I put $200+ in it 2 yrs ago with new caps and new volume control, and now the volume control is finicky again.
  4. What will sound as good or better than my C26? and not McIntosh. My room is good size 18x30
  5. You just made the best recreational invetment of your life. You will enjoy those for years and not lose a dime... Mom should be very proud of you right now.
  6. I'm currently running a McIintosh C26 preamp with my Chorus2's and want to move to something newer, maybe with a remote but not a must. I would like to stay with a used 80's-90's piece. Any suggestions...
  7. I have a pair Chorus1's vin #'s consecutive [all original, no boxes] beautiful condition in oil rub walnut. Want to sell how much are they worth? SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The Adcom is a little bright. I'm looking for a warm detailed sound with good bass. What model B&K woud you suggest? How about a Onkyo integra M506 or M508 for a warmer sound.
  9. I'm looking for a SS amp that would work well with my Chorus1's [front ported] At this time I'm running a C26 McIntoch preamp and Adcom amp GFA-555II. I'm looking for a amp that would match better with my speakers and want to replace the Adcom amp and if so the McIntoch pre amp. Any suggestions are welcome. I would like at least 100wpc or more. My budget on a amp is $500-$700 and $400 preamp.
  10. I bought a new pair of Forte2's in 1992, they were in a smaller room then I have now. I guess I'm going on bigger room bigger speaker, and a 1 owner mint set of Chorus1's in my area was just to good to pass up. I'll have to give the tube ports a try, anyone sell a tube for this application or do I have to rig one up? If they don't work out... I can always sell the Chorus1's if a nice pair of Cornwalls pop up.
  11. Like a kid I couldn't wait and picked up a mint set of Chorus1's.
  12. We got a Hijacker boyz what should we do with him...
  13. Thanks for the solid advice in both speaker and updating my amp. What years did klipsch built the best Cornwall, also any good buying tips for Cornwalls? I'm dropping my amp off for the updating you stated. Also is there anything I can do to update the pre amp? Would the Adcom 565 pre amp make a audible difference over the 500II? My wish would be a 750 but I haven't seen any in my price range.
  14. I play classic rock n roll and big band. My room size is 18' x 26' carpet with a 8' drop ceiling, Power will be: Amp: Adcom GFA-555II with Preamp: Adcom GTP-500II Any Klipsch speaker and amp, pre amp combo suggestions? My speaker budget $500-$700
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