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  1. When can I come by and check out this sweet setup?? I live in Moncks Corner and work on Rivers Ave.
  2. http://charleston.craigslist.org/ele/3547348778.html
  3. The RC-80I's are a good in ceiling speaker, a friend of mine has 5 of them in the ceiling powered by a Onkyo 616 reciever, and they sound pretty good, very smooth sound with that typical dome tweeter sound that is very laid back.
  4. Of course Phil, I sent you an invoice via Paypal this morning.
  5. Thanks so much for the information Mark! I have found a buyer for the Peach and it will soon go to a home where she can be appreciated for the little jewel that she is. I in turn will use either my Heathkit or my Sansui receiver with the EQ looped through the tape monitor, i have ordered 4 acosutic panels, they are 24x48x4, that should help the acoustics of the room, then i will use the EQ and my RTA and FFT Analyzer to fine tune the system along with the 10" sony subwoofer that will be integrated into the system.
  6. I bought a pair of original Dynaco Mark III's that were on Ebay, they were bone stock and NOSValves completely restored them.
  7. It is Identical to that one, i will take some pictures when i get home and post them up.
  8. so i would hook up my SACD player to one of the inputs say Tape and then have the EQ going through the tape loop, im presuming that i have to have the tape button pressed it? My question is how does the receiver patch the SACD or whatever is on one of the inputs through the EQ? here is a picture of the front panel of my receiver that i have, it is the one on the top, not the big one on the bottom.
  9. Some very good information here! What about this idea, i have a Heathkit AR-29 stereo receiver that i was using before i wanted to do the whole new setup. Can i hook that EQ up to that vintage receiver, through the tape outs to the EQ and then loop it back to the Tape input? basically i will have the Behringer EQ hooked up to the Heathkit receiver and use that, how does that sound?
  10. Yup, its one of the early models that he was selling to board members back in 2004, Its in perfect condition, there is not one blemish on it what so ever. I used this with a couple Dynaco Mark III's that Craig (NOSValves) had completely rebuilt for me, triode boards, seperate bias for each tube, banana connectors, etc.... Man what a sweet setup that was with my RF-7's, mind you this was back in 2004 and 2005. I literally used this preamp for maybe 3 months and then i boxed it up due to moving and going into the Army, for years it sat boxed up in my closet back at home in Texas, then finally after 7 years i pulled it out over a year ago and sent it in to Mark to have him look it over and he checked it out, serviced it and sent it back to me and i never took it out of the box till just a few days ago, it is mint!
  11. You still have this? I have a Juicy Music Peach preamp, mint condition[]
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